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some dick is trying to steal my bike


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Step 1. Lock tire of crappy stolen bike to nice expensive bike.

Step 2. Come back at midnight.

Step 3. Unlock, cut other locks.


So, I've been here 3 hours now, waiting for security to show up and cut this asshole's lock off my bike. It's raining. :\

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Yay android phone.



hmmm... not certain why he'd want to steal yours tho, he's is better. it has suspension and a stand.

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Guest Babar

definetly, take your wheel and get your bike, take his wheel and take his bike, you'll get 2 bikes missing 1 wheel in each, i think you come out a winner!!!


after that sell YOUR bike and buy a new wheel for your NEW bike ;)



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i really thought i had this figured out, but there was one possibility i didn't see coming.


management finally showed up to cut the lock. "clearly intentional" they said. i agreed.


they have bolt cutters, but they're not big enough to cut the lock. so they went off to get a gas powered cutter.


i went inside to use the bathroom. when i came out, there's this guy unlocking his bike from mine. he looks stunned. no, I realize... he IS stunned! mentally. fucking. retarded.


:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:


i try to explain the situation to him, that i'd been waiting there 5 hours for him, and these guys were about to come and power cut his lock off, but i don't think he really got it...


what a waste of 5 hours.

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Guest analogue wings

He saw you taking pix so he aborted the theft and executed his backup plan "Operation Corky" and you fell for it. You are dealing with a master.

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Guest ms-dos

seconding operation corky. severely mentally challenged people don't ride bikes. this is like the time my cousin pretended to be retarded when he got caught cutting in line at disneyland.

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