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  1. For some places in the states that makes for a good job application video.
  2. I fucking love Rausch what are you mad cunts talking about
  3. Blir

    Brexit :(

    Couldn't happen to a bigger cunt.
  4. Love it. Sounds great. Proper abandoned deep space research facility vibes.
  5. Yeah man it's an absolute 10/10 track. Love it.
  6. Yeah I agree with this 100%. Really lush and builds nicely but I did want it to spill over to the next level a bit. Sorta builds to nothing. Still would kill to listen to it live. Would be a great palate cleanser on a heavier night.
  7. There was some healthy discussion happening before but you really pushed it too far with alco's autechre reviews tbh. Mods pls ban.
  8. Spinning this banger atm
  9. Surely he could have shown Z as being the 26th letter and deriving the third 6 that way. If Pfizer were going for a satanic conspiracy angle they would surely want the 6's next to each other. What a dummy.
  10. Yeah I 2nd that. There's literally no good reason not to merge the threads aside from BCM being an unbelievable fanny.
  11. Good for you, man. I was supposed to be having mine on Sunday but I just caught covid last week so have to put it off for a month.
  12. I hope the vaccine does kill me so I don't have to share the planet with these fucking cretins anymore.
  13. What of it? Just because you start a thread doesn't mean you have to read it for eternity. If this thread gets closed another one is inevitably going to be started anyway. lmao, alright 'ard.
  14. Yeah stop reading the fucking thing. Log off. Go outside and hang out. You don't believe covid is an issue anyway so go do something else.
  15. It's just weird that Sasu would put out an album of footwork shit when that trend has already come and gone so long ago and saying it's the kind of 'bad ass' shit he wishes was in clubs. And he's not really doing anything interesting with it either. It's the musical equivalent of this meme
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