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  1. Think you're mixing that up with A1-D1 IIRC.
  2. what's the deal with all this guitar music them kids are listening to these days
  3. Get Kaycee's Mod. It's in beta but it's essentially a roguelike mode of Act 1. It's breathed a lot of longevity into the game for me.
  4. I think before you can get people to wrap their head arounds the machinations of power you need to start them off with baby steps. But to be honest we can't get most people to sit in a cinema without chatting or twiddling about on their phone for two hours so what hope is there really. Give up hope I think.
  5. Bit boring innit I've tried a few times with this Colundi shit but it's a massive shrug every time. Do people rate it or what?
  6. Thank god covid was totally eradicated after freedom day and the previous covid thread was rendered redundant.
  7. I agree. The production sounds pretty neat but the vocals are nails on a chalkboard for me. Utterly dreadful.
  8. You know he's only a doctor in chiropracty, right
  9. I came across really miserly there, which I didn't intend. It's good to have someone on top of what is happening but when there's a lot of that going on it becomes a blur to someone like me who only occasionally visits. I feel lucky I spotted this thread before it dropped off the first page, otherwise I might have missed a gem of an album. Don't mind me.
  10. This is fucking brilliant, to be honest. Took a couple of listens to properly lock into it but I absolutely love what they're doing here. Might be my AOTY. Shame it's already getting buried under the excessive amount of threads dcom makes.
  11. On first listen I'd say it's alright but I wasn't desperate to give it a relisten right away. Maybe it's a grower.
  12. I misread your comment and listened to the music in the video at 1.5x speed. Was cracking up for the first three minutes
  13. Just came across this myself and did a little search. Needs a bit more attention! It's a proper tasty little morsel.
  14. Thanks for the bump, I'm loving this. Inconsistency is such a great track.
  15. For some places in the states that makes for a good job application video.
  16. I fucking love Rausch what are you mad cunts talking about
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