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DJ :trashbear: presents the WATMM players

Guest placidburp

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Guest placidburp

Thanks for having us mate!


Track list -


1. Anflec - Backyard Rain

2. Beak - Sea pen meets angler fish

3. William S Braintree - for my electric sheep

4. BCM - 3cdn Acid

5. Sint - Cassette end

6. Dan Smeth- duckeggs

7. Mitch Murder - the heat is on

8. Adjective - Animator

9. Purity Device - Rivers of Enkephalin

10. Trills - Flavia

11. Hautlle - If You Were Me (And I Was Someone Else)

12. Mesh Gear Fox - Fractal

13. Root5 - What is Love? (feat. Gluten Girl)

14. Soma - Good God

15. Maskine - Robert Dub

16. Jonas The Plugexpert- errumm

17. Pselodux – Penguivman

18. Idiron Soundtrack - Turbol

19. th'idiot - ursprung

20. LSN - a bed of clouds

21. Acidburp - Sick Puppy(Lucid Rhythms remix)

22. Candlestickmaker - unclog

23. Erothyme - Portal Puzzle



I actually listen to this a lot, every track is a winner!!

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Guest placidburp

Haha, hopefully! Didn't know that yet thanks for the heads up :D Need to get in touch with them.

Can't wait mate, from the tracks I've heard on your soundcloud its most likely going to be one of my favourite releases this year by far!


Please tell me cassette end will be on it? <3

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Guest Calx Sherbet

checked out the first nine tracks i missed, just as good as the rest! well done everybody

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