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  1. I really hope it’s a live rendition of all end
  2. It's actually so that they can be in the awards for 2 years running.
  3. Why don't you guys get with the times and watch TikyToks?
  4. I think this is taking things a bit too far.
  5. You should speak to someone about your detachment issues
  6. The audio doesn’t warp when the footage warps. why? Because it’s fake.
  7. 3OP clearly needs to be dowsed with liquid nitrogen because it's too damn hot
  8. I ate the membership cost, so I could be the hero that chatmm needed, but doesn’t necessarily deserve
  9. Last time I saw em was BLOC 2010
  10. sounds like a good'un, I think there's some of the chatmm peeps gonna see if there can be a gathering at some point. I've booked the whole day off work, so I can get into London pretty early etc
  11. We shall meet in the place where there is darkness. And ae. At The Barbican. See you there.
  12. I'm not too massively great at recognising samples like this! I have heard my fair share of rare VHS Head stuff though, so I probably have heard the track you're referring to
  13. Great compilation of rare stuff, to tide us over whilst we wait for the new stuff
  14. That's amazing. I'm definitely getting some vague nostalgia from this, wonder if I saw it as a kid
  15. After having seen spi's instagram stories and having been in his flat since September, "getting strong grower vibes" is a massive understatement.
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