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    I'm sure there'll be a post made here about any releases. Also there'll be stuff on the social medias
  2. oscillik


    Just look at that fucking logo. Brilliant.
  3. You guise might be seeing my work around some places soon...
  4. Apparently it's all a big load of old bollocks anyway
  5. Oh, I agree — this shit shouldn't be happening. I also just found out that apparently under 13s are disallowed from using the software too, which is in relation to the data collection (due to GDPR) so it's pretty clear that Muse are intending to do questionable things with whatever data it hoovers up. At the end of the day, if you absolutely positively got to use Audacity in every project then you will block it in your firewall and carry on as usual. If you're not okay with it, you'll jump ship.
  6. Whilst I agree that it's a shit situation to put users in, you can always stop the application from having internet access with the built-in firewall in your operating system. Last I knew, there wasn't any legitimate reason for Audacity to connect to anything online, so just block all incoming and outgoing traffic for the application. The writing was on the wall the moment that the project was taken over by Muse,
  7. I hope whoever bought it takes a hammer to it, and videos the whole thing
  8. That's the station I have to walk to from Archway, to get to work
  9. Number 10 needs to be corrected: I'm sorry. It's a bad rank. I do like that it's Number 10 though, the number of completion
  10. @Joyrex with the login credential change, will this mean that email addresses will be viewable by everyone? Or will they remain private.
  11. 14. I'm sorry. It's a bad rank.
  12. I am just conjecturing here, but it could be 3x12 pressed at 45rpm... (and that is absolutely conjecture btw)
  13. I mean, I know opinions are subjective and all, but you do realise that both albums have been double 12s right?
  14. Thanks! I think I'm gonna try and get out after dark to get some more
  15. Enjoying doing some monochrome work again
  16. Yeah — Bad Witch, and the collaboration with HEALTH for Isn't Everyone are some of the best NIN material I've heard in ages. I might try to revisit this album soon, but I dunno if my opinion will change much. I could be wrong, but yeah it wasn't for me when it came out.
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