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  1. Which aeheads don’t rate this album? They need a good talking to…
  2. Gordon is awesome, we’ve had him on at Emotion Wave nights. Top bloke Also. He’s not new really, he’s been releasing stuff for years under his Dublock alias 👍 worth checking out
  3. I do gotta say — I can't ever imagine trying to play Quake on a controller, but I'm a boomer, so…
  4. It has a flash animation on it that plays a Lego Feet track. It also has a couple of other things on it. just a curiosity that some people might wanna have a look at.
  5. Got hold of a forensic floppy disk imager, so did the thing with this and put it up on archive.org As this was a "flyer" for the 10th anniversary, there shouldn't be any issues with making this available however if I receive instruction to remove it, I shall comply https://archive.org/details/skam-0_1-century-celebrations
  6. Yeah they've done a good job with it; modernising it enough (better shadows, fog effects, etc) but nothing looks out of place or makes it look weird. Some Quake source ports can push things too far and it detracts from the old school feel. I think this gets the balance right.
  7. This has been done by Nightdive Studios (same people who did the DOOM 64 PC port) and it's extremely well done. I'm very impressed with this reissue, so far.
  8. oscillik


    That was only for the "weeeeeeOOOOOWwooooooo SPONG" bit at the beginning, tho
  9. Playing through DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 1 — damn, the loss of Mick Gordon from the soundtrack has really hit this game.
  10. That's likely more to do with the more realistic physics in the game. If it actually existed in real life, and you used the longjump module whilst trying to run up a hill, they'd probably be picking out bits of your skull from the uphill incline.
  11. I've only just been able to play Control, due to waiting for it to come out on Steam + not being able to get my computer down to London until last week Fucking awesome game
  12. oscillik


    I'm sure there'll be a post made here about any releases. Also there'll be stuff on the social medias
  13. oscillik


    Just look at that fucking logo. Brilliant.
  14. You guise might be seeing my work around some places soon...
  15. Apparently it's all a big load of old bollocks anyway
  16. Oh, I agree — this shit shouldn't be happening. I also just found out that apparently under 13s are disallowed from using the software too, which is in relation to the data collection (due to GDPR) so it's pretty clear that Muse are intending to do questionable things with whatever data it hoovers up. At the end of the day, if you absolutely positively got to use Audacity in every project then you will block it in your firewall and carry on as usual. If you're not okay with it, you'll jump ship.
  17. Whilst I agree that it's a shit situation to put users in, you can always stop the application from having internet access with the built-in firewall in your operating system. Last I knew, there wasn't any legitimate reason for Audacity to connect to anything online, so just block all incoming and outgoing traffic for the application. The writing was on the wall the moment that the project was taken over by Muse,
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