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I did a humble mix this afternoon


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My first mix done in Traktor, I enjoyed doing this. I'm not sure about the quality of this one yet though - hope you like it heh.


Unfortunately the headphones output of my laptop is rather fucked, so when I sat down after quickly getting myself a cup of coffee, Traktor stopped working, as the headphone plug moved, probably. So the mix is about 17 minutes, but maybe that's adequate.





1. First Project - Right Before

2. Luke Vibert - New York

3. Taana Gardner - Heartbeat

4. Tim Hecker - Ghost Writing

5. Drexciya - Neon Falls

6. Dazz Band - Let It Whip

7. Mr. Fingers - Children at Play

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I deleted the first one because I didn't like it, sorry hehe.


new one's still loading.....





1. D'Arcangelo - All that J

2. Bochum Welt - 8221 SB

3. Transllusion - Dimensional Glide

4. Squarepusher - Paradise Garage

5. AFX - VBS.Redlof.B

6. Bochum Welt - Blue Atmosphere

7. Newcleus - Let's Jam

8. The Tuss - Synthacon 9

9. William Basinski - 92982.3

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