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tortoise - why waste time? ep

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Guest tht tne



Tortoise - Why Waste Time?



Format:CD, Enhanced



Released:05 May 2010

Genre:Electronic, Rock

Style:Post Rock


1 Ruba'iyat 4:03

2 Passerine 6:24

3 Gigantes (Mark Ernestus Version) 6:36

Remix - Mark Ernestus

4 Ice Ice Gravy 12:57

Video1 Charteroak Foundation (Live In Japan, 2009) 5:15

Video2 Seneca (Live In Japan, 2009) 6:45

Video3 Prepare Your Coffin 3:37

Film Director - Andrew Paynter , Juice*

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Guest bigs

YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. just saw them a few weeks ago (my third time) and they blew me away... again! cover looks shit, but who the fuck cares!

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Just got this last night and played it now...pretty good and more experimental than I expected. What's up with Ice Ice Gravy though, sounds like a medley.


Anyone know a different source (other than discogs) for the info above? I want to add the release to Rateyourmusic.com but they don't allow other catalog sites (ie discogs) as sources.

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