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90's hipsters - what did they look like


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it didn;t exist like

it doesn't


forget abaot it plz


mods cloze thraed


hah!! Too many bad memories ay ludd. (plus i get a pass cause I NEVER START THREADS EVER and when i do they usually die pretty quickly so you've got nothing to worry about, no one will uncover your candy raver days.) ;-]




so some say hipster was




grunge, but that doesn't quite compute for me. ^^ lolz 3/4 shorts, i did that ;-] (but i come from somewhere hot *becomes worried*)

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it really wasn't that bad. now it's all about look like a douchebag. back then it was kind of like, throw on whatever cause i don't give a fuck.


well we're not looking hard enough then. + the modern kids are by and large just throwing on whatever as well, unfortunately, everywhere that they shop has these nouvellenewwave faux 80's clothes, and every video they watch directs them with example of how to form that newly purchased wardrobe into an outfit, that will haunt their photoalbums for ever.

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