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Rune Grammofon


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I tend to like the less-noisy stuff they have to offer:



Susanna (and the Magical Orchestra)

The White Birch

Arve Henriksen


Opsvik and Jennings


(I think most WATMMers would especially dig the last two if you aren't familiar)

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Guest MortstoX

I think Espen Sommer Eides best work is the Alog albums "Duck Rabbit" and "Miniatures", but his Phonophani albums are also nice.

Supersilent, Detahprod, Monolight (Rune "Grammofon" Kristoffersen himself), Strønen/Storløkken, Susanna and Shining are also worth checking out.


All RG coverart are made by Norwegian technostar Kim Hiorthøy, btw.

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