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Autumn 2010 (belated Halloween mix)

Guest Richy

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01. Mogwai - Punk Rock

02. Solo Andata - Ablation

03. Buck 65 - Square 3 [Part 3]

04. Max Richter - Interior Horses

05. Vessels - Yuki

06. Fred P. - It Is What It Is

07. Omar S. - Here With Me

08. Nite Jewel - Another Horizon

09. Ducktails - Wishes

10. Grouper - Poison Tree

11. Michael Harrison - Carillon

12. Library Tapes - The Fragile Tide

13. Ceephax - Dreamer

14. Byetone - Into Bios/Plastic Star


have some others here

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I'm gonna definitely listen to it, because I like autumn, and cause I feel sympathetic towards you for also being too late with your Halloween mix. I made one myself but just like last year, I barely got it done for my party with so much stuff to prepare so I didn't have time to post it. I'm probably gonna keep it hidden until next Halloween cause I hate being late.


Feedback will follow

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I had a listen last night and today, but today was a little interrupted as I had to pour boiling water over my basement stairs cause the cat always pisses there for some reason, and then the water was loud and I didn't hear it so well. You know, normal stuff.


Anyway, so I heard a little less of the middle part than I should have, but I liked it mostly. As an autumn mix rather than a Halloween mix, it doesn't really have any of that forbidden-fun-factor that all Halloween-related things have for me. My favourite track was the 2nd one. I never look at tracklistings when I first listen to something so I don't know who it was by, but it was good. The whole mix didn't really have transitions so it felt more like a playlist and less like a mix for me. But still nice, I will listen again.

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