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  1. https://bleep.com/release/165780-bot1500-darcangelo-mause-jessica-walrus-fxbip-velum-break-1 Stoked to see it hit the distro! This is a great comp, you dont want to miss it!
  2. it did make me want to buy a tom bass https://reverb.com/item/25234850-industrial-radio-pro-4-midi-bass-with-many-extras-ex-squarepusher SEB is a lovely record, really nice for listening on flights, whats not to like about it? 😉
  3. sounds pretty lame to me 😉 wish they'd go back to breakcore tbh, where are the amens?? 😄
  4. the aforementioned bleep is one of the best https://boomkat.com/ https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/home/ https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?format=Vinyl
  5. warp are really missing a trick with this seemingly reluctance to repress much of their catalogue. with a back catalogue as extensive and influential as theirs surely it should be a no brainer??
  6. its the best i can do..if you squint hard enough they look like cats..
  7. legit stuck about what to do with my spare london..I hate flipping records so bad but trading scares me. if I could personally asses the quality of rephlex vinyl clone.nl found in their warehouse, i'd be tempted to flip for some of that but fuck paying 300eur for a mouldy analord binder 🙄..or a waterdamaged Rushup Edge My copy of D'arch - Shipwreck came with what looks like one of the corners chewed off by a rat, I dont mind as its really small but still. some of the prices on there are..phenomenally bad
  8. fuckin ay, pretty dope lp. reward is still the best track under RTR. nice work
  9. watmm needs more thumpers I had a cat years ago, OSCar (har har) but that was a long time ago and hes no longer with us 😞. Wouldnt mind a studio cat hovering about, cant have the buns in anywhere near electronics as they would chew everything to shit.. 🐇
  10. its a huge, huge game..cranked the setting to max and it looks like a dream. Enjoy!! the online is kinda fun too
  11. damn..i'd kill for the tuss 3x to be in stock on the store again..
  12. mine shipped today, no digis..messaged Ochre's zendesk think on the afx store about it..will post what they say when i get a reply here. cant wait to get those tracks spinning wax!!!
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