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  1. fuck yeah! tysk is a master machine tamer!
  2. the b side is fucking lovley but to be honest the a side got a bit annoying after a minute and a half. really like the more rave-y exploration but it just got a bit irritating. cool to see burial is still experimenting with different areas of the style though, got me more excited for future releases for sure.
  3. its kinda crazy just how many people are after FE stuff. Considering Orbit is like..6 tracks(?) 21.99 is not too bad.. Bewplum was like 23.99 and that was just 2 tracks! I wish FE pressed more, but yeah gotta respect the guy for the reach his labels got.
  4. I've been working a load with breaks again, same kind of vibe as thark but pushing the samples even furthur...
  5. actually there was only about 80 out of the hundred on that bandcamp for sale. i think the other 20 were reserved for those in the labels circles. that preorder window was the fastest of anything on FE yet, only just managed to grab a copy myself!
  6. thanks for all the kind words! got a lot of music on the go atm so keep an eye out! -m
  7. i gotta say, that made me chuckle
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