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  1. bet i already posted this b4 but like..if anyone has a decent vinyl rip of this absolute monster hmu, i need it baaad
  2. what a lineup of remixers, huge stuff
  3. synopsising my chat with AF about it and posting it here. do you really not see the difference between that and someone sending you something privately in confidence. https://artificialintelligencercrds.bandcamp.com/album/artificial-intelligence-vol-i-vvaa
  4. oh, and just so you know. i never said anything to AI about AF, he didnt share conversations. you did.
  5. you really arent seeing the irony here, are you. theres nothing to "prove", i dont know why you're so surprised that he shared demos, its a pretty common thing. Its done on trusting that people dont go and blurt out that information online. if someone shares something between just you and them, regardless of if they send it to anyone else, keep it to yourself.
  6. firstly thats a private conversation between me and sergio, the fact that you know about it is weird enough without you posting about my private conversations online. cheers. but secondly, you call this guy out for sharing private information about demos and stuff but then post a list of names and tracks and stuff here alongside information about MY private conversations. im sure i dont have to spell it out for you.
  7. gunna need some proof to back up these claims, chief
  8. braindance schmaindance, its all just ripply air. i think this was the last track i made with my ms20 b4 i sold it 🤷‍♂️
  9. Thats the importance of leaving headroom for the master, keep like..6db headroom then the processing doesnt totally dilloute the dynamic range
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