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  1. yeah but they dont care enough to catch everyone doing it, infact its kind of in their best interests to let it happen to an extent. more traffic through spotify, regardless of real or farmed, raises their value and provides more interest from advertising providers. however, the day Ek tries to change the company (either away from the royalty pool model OR stricter TOS enforcement) is the day he gets kicked out. it would jeopardize the whole Ponzi scheme which is the biggest draw to investors.
  2. imagine a utopia where spotify payouts were proportionate to the listener's actual listening habits. the monthly £9.99 get split across the music the user actually listens to, rather than into the clown's pocket and spread a few fractions of pence in disproportionate flat rates across the board. even if spotify were to hoover up a 60/40 split or something, that 40% shared equally over a user's monthly listening would be leagues above what we have now, and it would probably make spamming/farming on spotify really fuckin unviable too (as if thats a priority for Ek tho, the more the merrier)
  3. unfortunately, the pressing plant is delaying the record..estimated by approx 20 days 😞 in the mean time, 2 more tracks have gone public for you to put in your ears, im as frustrated by the delay as you are..
  4. maaan lipid funk rocks. highly doubt this record is from the same person though.
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