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  1. https://x4records.bandcamp.com/album/- WE MADE A COMPILATION!! 😱 and its pretty good we think. we would appreciate it if you took a peep! starring such braindance people as; Love Horses, Lee, Utopia Cloak, Dollarstore Keyboard, Greystar and many more!! put this lot in yer ears why not.
  2. yeh it seems hke has had enuf and is starting a new label or somethin 🤔 BOAND is a crackin album tho, i hope it gets another reissue that isnt so limited..i got lucky and nabed one from bleep but..they should really do another run..a last hurrah before DC dies.
  3. wait. whats this Surfing On Sine Waves [Complete Edition] * Domestic Edition all about? is it a reissue or? im very confused.
  4. thats kinda the point of it i guess. mashup or whatever. kinda impressive you can distinguish the sound of a millennial pressing play vs any other generation
  5. fucking love this release, so funky and fat. one of the highlights of the year so far imo
  6. Hey guys, does anyone know if theres a service (pref based in the UK) that could replace the pots on a tt303 v1 with something more sturdy. I love the thing to the end of the world but the knobs arent quite the most confidence boosting. after a few years of pretty heavy studio use and planning on using it live, id love to feel a bit more secure on those knobs. Appreciate any pointers, watmm. Cheers!
  7. https://purpledaughter.bandcamp.com/album/purpledaughter Purps made an album and it's luuuuuush
  8. i want a goddamn akai vx600 clone so bad. brb guna dm him on gearslutz. monopoly looks cool tho i guess
  9. went to Montezuma's and bought some mint dark chocolate. thats wot.
  10. Okay so i have competition the one i posted earlier..now that this has released hehe https://elmc.bandcamp.com/album/dopodomani The bit at 3:30 made me feel fuzzy inside when i made it. Did the whole track more or less in one long, 14hr sitting and the sun was rising as i started putting those bright saw pads in. It works best in context to the rest of the track. And also go support the guys on this comp, they all wonderful an talented. 🏌️‍
  11. got back into anno1800 after the DLCs were all on sale on steam..holy fuck it such a good game. the dlcs are really good too, just not for the asking price really..any rts dweebs in here needin the ultimate period theme timesink?
  12. Breakbeat compilation from MCM, should be up on bandcamp tommorow
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