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  1. Quite the lineup of braindance/electro goodness and yes, that is THE David Firth (Locust Toybox)
  2. yooo this track's insaaane. JASSS is dope, need to give the whities one a proper listen
  3. https://colorsquadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/magnetic-attraction-live-tape-takes-ep All live cassette takes, nice lineup of cool people and some belting tracks. "From heart to mixerfrom mixer to tapefrom tape to oblivion" Live tape recording project from:Human Behind Pluto, Anitta, entrave, Bot Fa-7, Dollarstore Keyboard, Cassilda & Carcosa, mause, je1ku, ambicumber
  4. I know its like..4 years late or some shit but I finally got round to doing a sans front track. Midi wouldn't open on Bleton 10, super annoying but the sheet music saved me....
  5. Sounds bloody solid from the bits ive heard, cant wait to spin it!
  6. Very interested to see whos remixing..
  7. bagged. missed ALL the other TOPP stuff so far, gonna wait till the wax arrives to hear it
  8. ahhh yesss, i remember watching that ages ago, will give it another watch. I love these kindsa docs about nothing in particular
  9. it is a proper belter after all. it'd be super interesting to dig though his record collection, i reckon there would be some curious stuff in there..
  10. its one of the greatest things ever, right? more people need to see it
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