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  1. brilliant stuff, ive got a pretty strong hunch whos involved and they deserve a lot of lovin' for their amazing talent. Theres an FE/Touched(?) wax coming for sure.
  2. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/roy-of-the-ravers-melchester-acid-ep/784645-01/ 19 Oct 20 Good to see emotinium on a wax again, hopefully be able to catch this one when it drops!
  3. what happened to tactfulness or subtlety when tackling political topics in music?
  4. From Acid Waxa's FB been diggin rotr's stuff a lot, should be good!
  5. hah love those pics! shoulda brought some rephlex sleeves along myself..if only i'd known i'd be carrying around a fucking carrier bag all day ahead of time lmao. always wanted to have a pint and a chat bout chunes with rdj, seems like an interesting chat. same with mike p and the jenkinsons..maybe one day eh
  6. sweet, really excited for this one, Uf0 is such a talent. @Uf0 congrats bud!
  7. From Uf0's FB: "Hey guys, the Gated album is on the way!Gated Recordings ‎– GTD009Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition, Numbered2020, UK Pre-order start on July 3: https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/ (Out on Friday with preorders for purple marbled (100 copies) on bandcamp. There will be 200 black vinyl in the usual stores.) released around August 14."
  8. yeah i have tried limiting to one process but ive found doing incremental processing works quite well for me personally. I think aswell it depends on what processor your using, ableton's compressors tend to get out of control if you go too heavy on them hence having a couple in the chain to gradually build up with like that but with something like ozone or those real nice waves ones you could defo do it with just one. compression > eq is good sometimes too, ive done it on a couple tracks but as a producer ive got more experience using the eq first so its more comfortable, what is music production without comfort zones 😉 interesting stuff about saturation there, i'll give it a go..i usually just ad tiny amounts of saturation to beef up the sound not usually to affect the compressor in that way..to control peaks ive always just ued the attack on the comp personally, lots of good bits to try in there tho will give em a go! -12 seems to be a pretty good standard for streaming, i think its close to what sc uses but they change it every now and then i think..im sure theres a detailed specs on sc's algorithm somewhere..never really looked for it just made sure my tracks are somewhat consistently dynamic so they dont go super quiet
  9. this is the kind of process i'll do to a track before uploading to soundcloud, its not a pro master by any means but gets the whole track sitting around -12dB LUFs. i think i mightve overcooked the eq a bit there too.. usually, you'll just send a single bounce with a bit of headroom..i think some engineers might do it with stems but that would probably cost so much more to get letter_mauster.wav
  10. yeah it wouldve been ultra old skool to buss the drums like that, but with the amount of different channels going on it would be an absolute nightmare to keep them all under control 😄 i'll have to have a look at the project again to give a proper answer to the saturation question but i think it was just a lot of units applying very slight software saturation in the chain, maybe on a parallel buss with some gating so the transients weren't totally smushed out 🤔 yeah was super lucky to have access to it, did a lot of mixdowns on it fuckin lovely console. only regret is not using the bus comp more, that things a beaut!
  11. Its about time! This record needs to be in every collection, given how ludicrous the second hand prices have gotten it was only a matter of time. Keep eyes open over at AF bandcamp and social media, should be later this year(?) 😄
  12. it all checked out mate, its very interesting to hear what a different engineer would do on the track. I think also having that feedback from the engineer is really constructive too, music's a learning game and it fuckin rewarding to learn another perspective on something you just spent so long exclusively hearing and deafening yourself to. Fresh ears and all that! god i suck at watmm formatting posts, didnt mean to double post there
  13. a lot of that made perfect sense, i think its not entirely useful to have such a short clip to reference as that whole track is like..6 mins long with a fair bit of dynamic range between the sections. plus, the rest of the ep was taken into consideration when mastering this no doubt, so all in all it was more for demonstration about dynamic range control between that quieter section and that loud bit which is probably the loudest part of the whole record. (whole track is here). (and it was mastered for vinyl so im sure there were some limitations goin on there too) also, about the mix, yeah it wasnt great. the way the track was produced was a bit stupid, each drum sample hit had its own channel in ableton and there was a messy web of groups and sends. mixed down on an SSL AWS desk got it much tighter but still, yeah needed a proper sort out and frankly i didnt feel like putting another string of hours into what was a overwhelming project. some would say "it had that old skool charm of rough mixed" ..or something like that 😄 the track has some really quiet moments, as did the EP as a whole, so I do think the engineer did a really good job finding a middleground between making it more punchy and controlled without destroying the quieter, more gentle sections. Would be really interested to hear what a different engineer wouldve done to it. maybe in the future when i got the cash to burn it would be interesting sending one track to a bunch of different engineers and seein what they all do different. no probs! I could have a dig thru my shit and post another if you guys are interested 🤔 maybe a full track this time
  14. sound like something off Samurai Math Beats ..its gotta be bogdan iirc, rdj didnt upload much, if any, drill and bass stuff to the sc dump..or even much pacy breaks neither. would rule out rdj for the time being..only option would be an unreleased from RDJ album era with those percs 🤷‍♂️
  15. heres a snippet from the premaster and the master for the track by koschitsky. might work on a quick and dirty home master version but wont promise anythin..if anyone wants to have a pop at it feel free fx22_master_1-fx22.wav fx22_master_2-B1._fx22_KoschitzkyM.wav
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