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Been on a bit of a Curve bender lately.


Downloads for Rare and UnReleased Collection,

Superblasters: A Best of Collection,

and the two "unreleased" Curve Albums

Open Day at the Hate Fest and

The New Adventures of Curve


all avail in full quality



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I love Pubic Fruit (acollection of their early eps) and Cuckoo

or their Best of Comp via the site up above or "the way of curve"

also a best of and rarities comp (includes the aphex remix of falling free)

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Maybe it's just me being a grumpy swine but that Rare And Unreleased seems very steep for a digitial download. Just a quick glance and it seems like there isn't too much you couldn't get for a good deal cheaper on a physical format. The information is pretty non-existent so I'm wondering what the unreleased stuff is... if it was pre-Cuckoo then that'd be cool but if it was post-Come Clean I'd probably not care too much at all. I guess I'm thinking that it feels like a lazy cash-grab.

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1. Arms Out - 1992 - Fait Accompli b-side



2. Black Delilah - 1996 - Pink Girl with the Blues B-side



3. Cherry - 1991 - Also on "Pubic Fruit"



4. Chinese Burn [Lunatic Calm Mix] - 1997 - Remix from "Chinese Burn" Single



5. Cold Comfort - 2002 - Alt/Original Mix- not included on "The New Adventures of Curve"



6. Coming Up Roses [Red Star Yellow Star Mix] - 1998 - Remix by Dean Garcia Alias "Headcase"



7. Coming Up Roses [Kevin Shields Mix] - 1998 - My Bloddy Valentine's Kevin Shields Remixes here



8. Coming Up Roses [Talvin Singh Mix] - 1998 - A little bounce from Talvin Singh



9. Down In The Park - 2004 - A Gary Numan track produced by Curve



10. Falling Free [Aphex Twin Remix] - 1992 - No intro needed here (other than that it has been remastered)



11. Get Me Through This - 2003 - Only released as a promo



12. Gift [Alt Instrumental Remix] - 2001



13. Habit - 1998 - Coming Up Roses B-side



14. Hell Above Water [Alt Instrumental Remix] - 2001



15. I Feel Love - 1992 - Cover of Donna Summer & Georgio Moroder originally Released on NME's Ruby Trax comp



16. Killer Baby [Alt Version] - 1998 - Intro-less Alt version of track on "Come Clean"



17. Let It Go - 2001 - Out-take from "Gift"



18. Low And Behold - 1993 - Superblaster b-side



19. Midnight and Royal - 1998 - Coming Up Roses b-side



20. Mission From God - 1992 - Horror Head b-side



21. Cuckoo [My Brain My Choice Remix] - 1993 - Drum-n-bass remix of the Cuckoo title track



22. Overground - 2000 - Rare Siouxsie and The Banshees cover



23. Perish [XFM Mix] - 2003 - From the XFM radio session



24. Pink Girl With The Blues - 1996 - Introless version of Ep only track



25. Recovery [Ambient Mix] - 2003 - B-side on Perish Single - Ambient remix of the "Come Clean" track



26. Sigh - 1992 - Fait Accompli B-side



27. Some Good Some Bad - 2003 - Released internet only from the Curve site at the time



28. Star [Alt Mix] - 2002 - Alt Mix to the "The New Adventures of Curve" track



29. Superblaster [Ambient Mix] - 1993 - Rare Ambient Mix of Superblaster



30. Test - 1996 - From the Volume 17 compilation



31. Today Is Not The Day - 1992 - Horror Head b-side



32. Triumph - 1993 - From the Blackerthreetracker 1 ep



33. Turnaround [Original Mix] - 2001 - Alt version to track on Open Day at the Hate Fest



34. Unreadable Communication [Ambient Mix] - 1993 - Ambient Version of the Cuckoo Track



35. Want More Need Less [XFM Mix] - 2002 - From the XFM radio session



36. Weekend - 2004 - From the Mysterious Skin Soundtrack



37. What A Waste (Feat Ian Dury) - 1993 - Re-recording/Cover of the Ian Dury and the Blockheads track from the "Peace Together" compilation



38. Worst Mistake [Trash Mix] - 2001 - From the PlayStation 2 game "Frequency"



39. Missing Link [screaming Bird Mix] - 1993 - Remix by Trent Reznor

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They have recently posted a bunch of the early eps for DL as well:


Blindfold EP


Frozen EP


Cherry EP


Horror Head (remix) Single


Superblaster single


Perish Single


couple of good b-sides in there.

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