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Clark Ends It All


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1. Superstar Destroyer (Produced by Ade Firth)

2. Deathsweater (Produced by DJ Nobody)

3. Glue Traps (Produced by Four Tet)

4. Electric Eliminator (Produced by Bumps/members of Tortoise)

5. Electric Bitch (Produced by Sam Fog of Interpol)

6. Glass Coffins (Produced by Tobacco)

7. Blue Movie (Produced by Son Lux)

8. Mellow You Out ft. Tunde Adebimpe (Produced by In Flagranti)

9. Air Is Free (Produced by In Flagranti)

10. Forever Living Fresh (Produced by That Kid Prolific)

11. Anvil Falling (Produced by Four Tet)

12. Hardliner (Produced by Fred Bigot)

13. Hunter (Produced by Clark)

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hopefully this and clark producing last years 'nothing else' will influence future work's. hip-hop's

mangled, twisted, blown to smithereens or delicately destroyed dance improvisation bits, makes no difference to me

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