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Don't know if this has been posted before:




This "dance" is an excellent full body and brain warm-up for children and adults and can be done in any setting. The BrainDance may be used as a warm-up for any physical or cognitive activity; before tests, performances, and presentations; after sitting for long periods of time; as a break during computer work and TV watching; and to increase energy and reduce stress. It is a centering body/brain movement tool for brain reorganization, oxygenation, and recuperation. The BrainDance prepares us for learning and helps with appropriate behavior and social skills.


The BrainDance “makes me feel awake” “I feel open” “excited” “calm” “I feel ready to learn” “my brain feels alive.”

~ Students from a K-6 residency, Pocatello ID


All of my students do the BrainDance. I have taught it to most of the staff. Sometimes during my prep I stop by various classrooms and give them a BrainDance break. At first the teachers thought this would rile the kids up but they soon realized how well it works.

~ S.J. Movement Teacher


I am using the BrainDance with my Downs Syndrome adult dancers in my Tennessee Arts Commision residency. They love the movements and are beginning to remember and verbalize the work.

~ A. S. Dance Educator


Yes, I'm having study concentration problems. Maybe a lesson in braindance could help me right now.

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