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Laurel Halo - Hour Logic


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I posted about her first EP King Felix at the end of last year, it really blew me away and was one of my favorite EPs of 2010.


This EP is a much different affair but I love it just as much. Less vocals and lots of great melodies, check it out if you like Games/Ford & Lopatin but with the 80s vibes more toned down. The title track is 9 minutes of bliss.


Hippos In Tanks are KILLING it, probably my new favorite label.

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Guest Lucy Faringold

Totally agree. Took me a little longer to get into than King Felix but there's a whole lot of depth to this release that I'm enjoying sinking into.


Should be getting her new ambient techno cassette release through the letterbox in a few days too. :emotawesomepm9:

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Guest primusluta

One of my top releases for the year. IMO it is a perfect execution of an EP length release, where while there may be standout tracks the only way to 'hear' it really is front to back.

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