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Hurricane Irene

Soloman Tump

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so no hd vids of widespread destruction then? :(

braved the storm to assess the damage on my porch!!!





oh no that's terrible turrible :sad:

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I had a bit of concern for those in the northeast until I turned on the TV to see what was going on and they said it was a Cat 1. Weak indeed, except for those areas that got some nasty flooding.


Maybe it's just because I live on Long Island but it hit pretty hard here. No damage to homes as far as I know but a few cars have been totaled, and power lines are down everywhere. I haven't had electricity for two days, and I have no idea which neighbor's internet I'm leeching right now. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a natural disaster, but it was worse than expected for sure.

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the flooding in north jersey is stunning. I have never seen anything like this. giant sections of highway have collapsed. it's pretty sick.


287 is a major artery in nj and goes through ny as well. this section is actually right by my exit ramp when coming from south:









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Guest hahathhat

we lost power sunday morning and didn't get it back until last night. didn't get internets back until tonight. the hot water heater needs electricity, so there were no (hot) showers. most of my clothes were dirty, too. we lost lots of food in the fridge. i was really bored and cobbled together a battery-powered rave framework (the results of which will show up eventually).


most annoying hurricane ever. glad i don't live in vermont -- but i know people that do.

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I'm glad my favoritest of watmmers are still alive.


You guys should see some of the flooding that happens in Ohio every year. Whole houses swept down a river that wasn't there two days prior. It's so intense.

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