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Amen Warrior tracks

Amen Warrior

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Hello all.

I used to post tracks on here years ago, due to hard drive failures ive lost most of them. I wasnt particularly bothered until i found a few on cd, now i want to hear them all purely for nostalgia reasons.

Specifically, the track that sampled larry david talking about a nice big penis, and a sort of techy jungle/dubstep tune that sampled sophie ellis bextor's murder on the dancefloor (im not joking).


Cheers if you can help :)

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amen warrior Nice_Big_Penis.mp3


I have more of these btw :wink:


Haha there we go. Thanks mate :) what other ones do you have? I can only remember some by name, i really cant remember what the sophie ellis bextor one was called but i assume it was some combination of dancefloor and murder :wink:


Thanks to the others too :beer:

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Polsloe Dancefloor I think? have four or five more, I will stick them in a .zip up here over the weekend


good to hear you're still making good stuff :emb:

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