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  1. I buy into "fucking idiot who does way too much coke and needs to be tossed down one of his dad's old apartheid emerald mines" theory
  2. Completely. This person should never be in a position where he has employees. He seems to have assumed, without any understanding of the technology underpinning the product, that they're all a bunch of lazy cretins that have spent the last ten years doing fuck all? Rather than a massive resource of extremely talented people that he just bought?
  3. Ackshually the journalist DOESNT know their stuff because it's the faraday MEMORIAL on e&c roundabout, NOT a faraday cage, he'd know that if he looked at the centre label of analord 11 a-side chucklesnort
  4. Yeah sorry I shouldve said 'inadvertently exposed, and not noticed'
  5. He's exposed that corporations and brands treated his anti black stuff as internal black community squabbles that they don't need to get involved with or care about. Not that The Jews Control Everything
  6. Agreed, I just can't wait to hear more of his excellent music and also thoughts on The Jewish Question ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Just let us slag off kanye you massive fucking weirdo. This is watm dot com, only people making electronic music in the UK in the early 90s get a free pass on saying weird shit in public
  8. Wouldnt jungle generally have been a bigger inspiration, and line up more timeline wise, than bogdan? 94-95 there were so many fucking insane jungle tracks coming out, almost all done with trackers, I always assumed that piqued afx interest and he did hangable auto bulb around that time (which I've assumed was an experiment to see if he could make jungle style tracks using single drum hits rather than a full cut up break)
  9. Not really though, what you're saying is largely a confection of people that need the "culture wars" to exist (aka fascists and large media organisations), and then spread by utter fucking spastics in things like threads about kanye west on idm forums etc
  10. I agree, but he was still Shit
  11. No confidence motion introduced by labour would require a significant number of Tory rebels to vote for it, and probably themselves out of the job. The alternative is sit tight, guaranteed cushy number for the next couple of years hiding from constituents and getting their ducks in a row for when they're shitcanned at the next GE. They're just going to do that. Also corbyn had 0 political nous, he was thick as pigshit, and also essentially another useless public schoolboy cunt. Also completely spent force, will never be on the front benches again. Not relevant anymore
  12. We don't get a choice m8. The system is fukt. They could carry on like this till Jan 2025 and there are currently no legal ways to prevent it. Just an endless cycle of fat arsed public schoolboys taking turns at being Mr Prime Minister for a month, if they want
  13. - Former Prime Ministers are entitled to a pension based on half of their annual salary at the time of leaving office - They can also obtain a Public Duties Cost Allowance, which allows them to 'meet the continuing additional costs because of their special position in public life'. This is not obtainable if they are the Leader of the Opposition. The limit is currently set at a maximum of ยฃ115,000. We need total constitutional and electoral reform, and a few hundred key people put up against the wall and shot. Only half joking about the second part.
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