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  1. Yeah...my own sister chucked out that there'd been no excess deaths and 'they' were just recording all deaths as c-19. She mentioned it in such an offhand way, I was completely blindsided. After more probing, turns out she's both anti vax AND anti lockdown. Fucking pick one luv, otherwise we're never gonna get out of this mess. Silly cow.
  2. Shite and always been shite. What's going on with watmm. DangermauFIVE and Eric Prydz subforums next?
  3. I googled a bit more about my bot idea and some cunt from vice has already done it exactly, down to using free tier cloud instances. https://www.vice.com/en/article/gv5xbx/i-built-a-botnet-that-could-destroy-spotify-with-fake-listens Difficult to see how their systems could distinguish it from actual peeps. I imagine they can't, but obviously can't admit that. All the articles I can see where people have got caught is because of ridiculous pisstaking behaviour like uploading exactly 30 second fake trax and then giving them a wildly unrealistic number of bot plays.
  4. My bot would (theoretically cos I haven't made it yet) appear like there were 5 or 10 people who like my trax so much they have them on 18hrs a day every day. Is that inconceivable? Yes, because my music is shit, but what if it wasnt?
  5. I have considered writing a wee bot for some light to moderate spotify playfarming on my own tracks and hosting it in a free tier aws ec2. You know, so I can earn a few extra pence per decade. Does watmm have any other sneaky cunts that have already done any thing like this? It would probably be a more useful outlet for my computer skillz than what I do at the moment, which is write custom code for our smartthings which doesn't work and sends my wife mental when the lights randomly come on bright green, or just not at all.
  6. For anyone else gutted that this legend's youtube channel disappeared recently, I stumbled on his new one here - looks like he's reupping stuff
  7. Thanks MrG, glad youre enjoying I've just found a fuckload of extra project files I thought had been lost forever in recent computor failure (I had managed to recover them and just hadn't realised it because they weren't where I was expecting to see them, which is fucking ridiculous but I'm so chuffed they still exist). So handing more stuff to acid waxa soon. Here's the 3 vols in bandcamp embedded form, which I just learned how to do. Thanks again to anyone who checked out my meagre effortz
  8. Rephlex played a blinder going defunct before they could get Cancelled imo
  9. Just wanted to say thanx, I went with this. It basically suits me right down to the ground, great suggestion. Ive ended up sending the midi out to my mks-70 via the interface and everything else is chained after the bass station 2 which is getting midi via USB from the lappy. Works perfectly woop!
  10. Oh yeah I only meant temporarily. I expect it will continue to get easier, hopefully in weeks/months rather than years. But it's chaotic at the moment, and it's direct consequence of them leaving it till Christmas Eve. Was everyone meant to digest the new rules and implement them while they were on their christmas break? De pfeffel and co are ALL fucking braindead cretins with no grasp on the reality for working people in this country whatsoever. PS I really hope your records turn up fine, I'm sure they will 😃 😃 also a big fan of kid lib
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