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  1. My wedding went great, only v minimal regrets that I couldn't be there on sat. Looking forward to tucking into the vid of the stream while on honeymoon ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Lol. Gov now have to release all docs and communications on prorogation and no deal plans. There's gonna be a ton of juicy shit very soon. Think the aim is to prove de pfeffel misled the queen on his reason for suspending parliament. Full blown constitutional crisis incoming.
  3. I think is his Irish border plan is still the unspecified mystery technology solution that exists only in his head
  4. 'well done Boris for standing up for us commoners' Christ.
  5. Amen Warrior

    Brexit :(

    My mp (justine greening) announced that she won't be standing at next GE, whenever that will be, and it's a marginalish seat. For the first time ever my vote might actually count
  6. I genuinely thought you'd just killed the site after the shame of autismgate
  7. The site wouldn't load for me for a few days, it went into a loop of reloading the rules page that I couldn't get out of. Did anyone else get that? Still didn't read them
  8. Amen Warrior

    Brexit :(

    Unlikely that De pfeffel's plan is going to work... massively pissing off the majority of the HOC before a completely inevitable confidence vote? Whether corbz chooses before or after the suspension is anyone's guess.
  9. Amen Warrior

    Brexit :(

    The queens political power is purely theoretical, the moment she wields it would signal the end of the monarchy. The best she can do is wear a sassy hat or broach. Wish she did though. 2 birds 1 stone
  10. This is a community that has collectively agreed, for no apparent reason, that Clark, one of the featured artists, is confined to a wheelchair. Joyrex is cancelled for hosting a disablist electronic music forum imo
  11. This is going to sound like a stupid question, but how do you all know eachother so well/ remember who is cool and funny and who isn't? Is it from being on chatmm/discord/whatever? Or is it cos I only visit this website when I'm taking a shit, like right now
  12. I actually thought watmm WAS an autism charity. What does the A stand for?!
  13. Can someone please clarify which Intelligent Dance Musicians we are allowed to publically slag off on this website please? Is flashbulb still ok?
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