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  1. Edit both your links already mentioned super monkeyball
  2. There's a batty woman that periodically stood outside my office (when I used to go to an office) with a placard that said Robin Lives Matter. Edit
  3. This track has been stuck in my head on a permanent loop since I first heard it. Over 10 yrs now. My wife knows it purely from me humming it
  4. Amen Warrior

    Brexit :(

    Silly fucking prick. No-ones laughing. Losing cheap deece european wines and cheeses and cured meats for some fuckin shit ozzie biscuit, get fucked you cretin
  5. I have been offered a £26k voluntary redundancy package. Would that be enough to secure this release?
  6. I've always thought he looks like he smells of men sleeping. Know what I mean? Get the same vibe from russell crow
  7. Yes lots of the classics (funky drummer, apache, think, hotpants etc) with some notable exceptions, but also quite a few that I only recognise from vibert tracks. Including one I've been hunting for years mentioned on previous page. All in all a great tool
  8. Woops, yeah I also didn't get around to buying this. It's on slsk in flac form. Mods pls delete if that's not ok to mention
  9. Thank you polytrix ❤️ that really sounds like a nightmare. You're amazing and brave for sticking it out, you should be proud of yourself.
  10. Yeah...because of these cretins Ive stopped commuting by bike unless most of my journey can be done on river or canal paths. Straw that broke the camel's back was when some random fucking lycra cunt threatened to punch me when stopped at the lights because I'd apparently been 'slipstreaming' him for ages...I need to stop thinking about this, it gets me too angry. I hope hes been crushed to death by a lorry, stupid fucking self centred agro wanker.
  11. Macc has a blog, could be somewhere on there? https://bobmaccsblog.wordpress.com/
  12. 120 rim clix is the break, or at least a variation of the break, from aphex - mt1 t29r2. Only other track I've heard it in is astronaut by plug (vibert). Been hunting for it for yonks. Thanks luke!!!
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