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  1. Well, it already turned up, and I absolutely love it lol. No regrets. Anyone in here want to buy my 202 before I stick it on ebay?!
  2. I have no opinions on the bs2, never used one. Just find the 202 is getting a bit annoying and time consuming to use in my current set up, and looks like the bs2 can do a decent 101/202 impression with fuck loads of extra features and modern workflow I would definitely use. Plus I'm the exact kind of rube this has been marketed at, despite all my guff about jamie oliver earlier in the thread. Embarrassing
  3. Did anyone get one? Looks like these are now available (rather than pre-orderable) for £400. Considering selling an mc202 and replacing it with one of these.
  4. Nope! Can't find it on the interwebs either... apparently he did it for a film called The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta? Why do you ask?
  5. If that's the best the stupid fucking alt-right dweeb cunt that cut this video can come up with, then that's a big win for america. If you did the same for Trump it would last 6 hours + your brain would be dribbling out your ears by the end.
  6. Cheers for the support, lots of other cool stuff on the label too
  7. Thanks Mr Mughnus, yeah I'd totally forgot about that one! It's here https://hyperchambermusic.bandcamp.com/album/uncool-fill-ep I really need to sort out my own bandcamp but I'm generally a lazy bastard when it comes to the admin side of doing choons.
  8. Hallo everybody peeps. Got some more tunes coming out on Acid Waxa, tape & digital vols 1-3, first vol out today Teaser ad: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHK0HwJAKn7/ Vol 1: https://acidwaxa.bandcamp.com/album/superjovian-tracks-vol-1 Longer teaser
  9. The trumps are excellent free advertising for their lucrative adult escort industry
  10. It's called Intelligent Dance Music, not Stupid Fuckwit Dance Music
  11. I was listening to some trump supporters being interviewed on radio4 last night while stuck in traffic. Those dickheads are all deliciously unhinged. I have a theory explains trump supporters, Facebook conspiracy theories, brexit voters etc, not sure if I've ever posted it before: Lead poisoning That shit was in everything until what, mid late 80s? A decent proportion of todays 50+yr olds spent the majority of their early years completely saturated by lead and now their brains are mush. We just have to wait for them all to die. This is why rona is actually a good thing.
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