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  1. Ah mate it bothered me loads, I was a pretty big fan up to that point and it killed that stone dead, and I reckon I've been a bit iffy about planet mu in general ever since. I personally #cancelled him long before cancellations were popular.
  2. Proof that I remember snares abusing you on the mu board. What a cunt. Solidarity ✊
  3. Hey, yep I was there, In fact I remembered the v snares incident and brought it up on here recently, so that's a really weird coincidence. Did you play the trombone or was that someone else??
  4. Theres some top notch bants n memes to be found on twitter if you follow the right people. All the other platforms are just different levels of shite.
  5. I haven't listened to any rock music since the lost prophets guy was caught shagging babies. It's just not worth the risk.
  6. https://www.rubadub.co.uk/records/acidebout-w-roy-of-the-ravers-remix Taking in sultry synth-pop gemz, cryptic house numbers and tropical trouser-movers sung in French & Japanese, Marseille based producer/performer Musique Chienne is one of the most colourful & charismatic new artists to join the Acid Waxa stables and her latest EP Acidebout (a clever doggo-related play on words en Francais) sees 4 of her greatest hits to date pressed onto loud-cut vinyl and given the techno/d&b/rave treatment from fellow label dons Roy of The Ravers, Lesinge & Aftawerks
  7. I'm p jealous of everyone who has been vaxxed. I really thought I would've been done by now, given how important I am. I've even got a letter that says I'm a key worker, which I used once in april 2020 to skip the queue outside m&s so I could buy crisps quicker
  8. Is this what he planted to offset the carbon impact of the non fungus tolkien?
  9. I also have the original wax and plays...don't think I'm gonna double dip. Warp20 trax tho pls plz plz pls
  10. Amen Warrior

    afx nft

    But then you'd be guilty of funging the cards. We're only talking about stuff that CAN'T be funged in this thread. Imagine thinking fungey GIFs are idm lol ew
  11. One of my gay colleagues once looked me up and down and told me I must have an arsehole like a baby mouse's ear. Honestly the best compliment I've ever received.
  12. Amen Warrior

    afx nft

    How on earth has this gotten 2000 likes? And how do I non-funge the original?
  13. Amen Warrior

    afx nft

    I forgot to include, where I said 'check it out' I bothered to mock up this field day lp bowl and send it to him. How much crypto could I get for this
  14. Amen Warrior

    afx nft

    Talking of scams, I had a bit of aphex related fun with someone on eBay recently, this as good a place as any to share it
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