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  1. I saw Midsommar this week. Absolutely loved it.
  2. I can only see SoundCloud, psn, Xbox, steam and Nintendo in my profile bit, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. I only watmm on mobile. I have 247 utterly shit 80s pop 7" records I want to flog for 99p each, and one aphex field day lp for £600. Lol
  3. Poster and a couple of stickers here. No defects 🙂
  4. It's mental. Everything I wanted and more
  5. Every time this thread gets posted in I'm in here hoping for more Juicy IDM Goss. On my IDM Gossometer im currently ranking this above the time venetian snares revealed himself to be a massive homophobe on an online forum, but below the time mu-ziqs old wife ran off with another Intelligent Dance Musician and he did a weird album about it
  6. It was this waiting for me at the post office 🙂 🙂 never had a record sent requiring a signature before, weird. Not had the chance to listen yet
  7. There's a signed for parcel for me waiting at the post office..feel like it must be this as I'm not expecting anything else. Although fuq knows why it would require a signature. Anyone got theirs yet?
  8. I was only joking, I've said on here many times that autechre are my own personal crown princes of idm. These tape tracks r fookin excellent though
  9. Wish Autechre had carried on making tunes like this, and not switched to making ones that sound like someone trying to fix a broken clock while having an MRI scan
  10. Giving it a listen now. This is fucking great. I just brought my hi fi set up into the 21st century with a £20 smart power strip and a Chromecast audio. This is getting the inaugural rinse. I can now shout at my 80s amp to turn on and play some 80s autechre and it just fucking does it. IDM IDM IDM af
  11. Thank u 'chre brothers
  12. 33 years...9 of them with her... But about 20 with aphex
  13. I'm getting married on 14th September. What the fuck :(
  14. Didn't you have it on discogs for bit? I bought 3 at field day...ones for me obviously, stuck one on eBay recently cos I needed the cash and have one on discogs at the mo for an extremely speculative £599, because I'm an utter utter cunt. Btw the mint one I put on eBay went for £250
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