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  1. I'm in Thailand at the mo, lots of Chinese turned up on Friday for new year celebrations. I noticed a few Thai bar and restaurant staff slipping on surgical masks before serving them lol. Lots of shifty eyed european boomers trying to put as much distance between themselves and the chinese parties as possible, but in a "subtle" way. Great people watching opportunities. 10/10
  2. His sirens. Like wee woo wee woo sirens. Most cunts just sample sirens off dj gunshot or the film Babylon or some random dub records. Our Tom as the most diverse array of home made sirens. NTS mix trax at 13:10, or 24:45, or 33 mins See also Venus no17. Get ya sirens. I would buy Siren Selekta vol 1 by pusha in a heartbeat. Nothing but sirens. I've said sirens too much and now the word is meaningless.
  3. Also Tom does the very best in home made dub sirens, I feel he doesn't get enough credit for his world leading siren work.
  4. Yeah despite my negativity about the album the NTS mix is the absolute tits and I will be rinsing the shit out of it for months
  5. Trying to order from bleep to deliver to UK but the price is showing in USD. Any way to flip it to £ to avoid non sterling transaction fee? In Thailand at the mo which is probably why it's being weird
  6. "I broke my arm so dug out all my 90s gear, cos I couldn't play bass, even though there wasn't any bass on the last two albums anyway, which were done 100% on software which is presumably a lot easier to use than digging out all my 90s gear and trying to use that all with one hand. My mate from school died. Anyway here's the album that sounds a lot like the last one but was definitely definitely made using all my old 90s gear, even though it doesn't sound like my albums that were actually made in the 90s with my actual old 90s gear, and just sounds like the last one."
  7. Both the music and the mastering, loads of tracks are basically interchangeable with damogen furies imo. Nervelevers could easily swap with kwang bass etc. Dunno why he/warp has to pretend he rewrote the rulebook every time he releases an album.
  8. Who knows, other than pusher is clearly intending for it to sound this way if he's signing off on the masters. What is weird to me is we've got 2 albums back to back - first the marketing hype is "tom spent 15 years developing his own bespoke software so he can make these entire tracks in the box", second is "tom digs out his bewildering array of analogue and digital hardware that defined his sound in the 90s". What is even the point of making that distinction if functionally they sound exactly the same?
  9. This is what I mean, it sounds awful compared to pretty much any music I usually listen to, including vs older squarepusher. Difficult to define, and it's been discussed over and over with ufab and damogen, but it's just overwhelmingly fatiguing and unpleasant to listen to for me. I am really gutted, all the talk of returning to the old school and digging all his old kit out of the loft or whatever seems like pure marketing shite to me, it sounds IDENTICAL to the last two? Like tracks like the metallurgist or kwang bass could easily be on this album? 😞
  10. Didn't really feel like any of the tracks really went anywhere. I don't know how I'm ever going to remember them. It's mixed like the last few albums (harsh noisy upper end, compressed to fuck, massive ducking). I'm happy other peeps are enjoying it though. Maybe I wanted to like it too much.
  11. To counter all this disgusting positivity I listened to the leak and im not really into it. Sorry. Feel free to delete my account.
  12. 4 xtra cuts left off the album https://greenbaywax.bandcamp.com/album/gbw-009-phineus-ii-the-xtra-response-ep-12-vinyl-limited-pre-order Mine turned up today, fuckin killer tunes
  13. I actually think you're right. Specifically 1:15-1:18 in 54 cymru beatz
  14. Name something Mary Anne Hobbes isnt excited about
  15. Well we managed to flip to labour here in putney, pity about the rest of the entire fucking cuntry
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