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  1. Just wanted to say I liked your galleries and good luck with the job hunt 🙂
  2. Ok, they're cunts unfortunately but i still don't get the link between political dissidence and organ harvesting. Why do you get your organs harvested in Chinese jail?! Where do all these organs go? Is it the case that people the regime deem fit and proper never have to go on a organ donor list for years because they can just pluck em out of a jailed dissident? Or is 'organ harvesting' a weird synonym for torture? Maybe a bit of both?
  3. What is with the organ harvesting thing? So grim. I used to walk past the Chinese embassy in London most days, some Falun Gong peeps had set up a permanent peaceful protest opposite (been there for years now) Apparently if they practice Falun Gong in China they get renditioned and their organs harvested. Just for doing some light Buddhist/ Taoist meditation which was all kosher up till some point in the 90s, when The Party decided actually it's not ok and they're gonna harvest some muhfuckin organs. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falun_Gong
  4. Slovenian prostitutes don't usually tend to also be skilled arborists or renovators of historic gardens. They have other skills though, like marrying punters for money and inexplicably becoming first lady of the united states
  5. I hear ya brother, fuck shoes. I have sat around in my fluffy dressing gown so much this lock down the arse is looking distinctly less fluffy than the rest of it
  6. I just looked that up. This is exactly what I mean. It's obviously a completely shit pointless exercise and the people making it just need to fucking go outside, or stick to the autechre subforum
  7. I haven't worn anything that isnt loungewear since march. The thought of having to put on actual clothes makes me anxious. I'm comfy as fuck 24/7, I never want to wear another belt or collared shirt in my life. It's not people getting on my nerves, it's more that I have to wear clothes that don't have elasticated waistbands to meet them, fuck that
  8. Turn off all social media, ban btl comments, get rid of share buttons etc. It's all been spoiled by shithead grifters gaming the system and weird botnet psy ops. It was fun for a bit but we've fucked it. Turn it all off. Tbh now we've seen how something as simple and harmless as twitter can be weaponised we should immediately call off all r&d in AI. The benefits won't be worth it, we'll fuck that too. In fact get rid of all websites except watmm dot cum IMO
  9. I told work I had it fairly early on into lockdown so I didn't have to log on for a few days, I reckon that counts. Completed god of war and the next day told them I was all better
  10. I've never used spotify or any music streaming service. Just wanted to show off about that. Vinilz and bandcamp only. Soulseek for when the artist doesn't deserve money (for example they've been Cancelled eg wiley) or for music my wife wants (invariably made by cunts)
  11. Someone just held a fart in too long imo Sorry Those videos are insane, feel awful for all the casualties.
  12. +1 for underfloor heating. I find my traditional radiators horrible to look at and a waste of space. I've been toying with the idea of replacing them with vertical rads because vertical = more idm but taking the whole floor up and putting in an underfloor system would be lush and the ultimate idm heating solution. Thanks for the idea that I will realistically never bother to realise.
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