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  1. Yeah, 'get brexit done' is a total lie (quelle surprise). The withdrawal agreement is the easy bit, and it's still not been done after 3 years... If they get this shit through parliament the best part of the next decade will be Brexit Brexit Brexit. It's gonna be Shit.
  2. Lol..I'm still on the fence, does anyone know if the sleeves are Italian Cardboard?
  3. Nice, are you also gutted the new ceo isn't as rich-guy-handsome as the old one, or is it just my wife?
  4. My wife works for BT so I already get it free, but I don't want the rest of you cunts getting it as well. Switching my vote to tory
  5. Insta-order, it's apparently called 'dgohn ep' rather than sporks (which is one of the tracks)
  6. What's the celestial stuff, not heard that I don't think and google isn't turning up anything? Last aleksi I picked up was sunshine 3
  7. Jeff Goldblum is currently cancelled but that didn't stop him playing jazz piano live on BBC 1 last night at the festival of remembrance (wtf)
  8. No wozzas (I would vote snp if I did live in scotland)
  9. I'm on board with this Cancellation. I too hope to be Cancelled one day. It's the only reliable guage of whether or not you've Made It.
  10. Living in a marginal seat for the first time ever. 1500 votes in it last time and the tory incumbent isnt standing again. Looking forward to voting labour
  11. I saw the film. It was alright. Is jeuoquian pheoauniex returning for future batman films?
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