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  1. This exact thing happened with brahma, which used to be lush, now bottled piss licensed to inbev
  2. Genuinely- a sleeve and loads of walking every day with the sleeve on if you've not already tried. I had the same symptoms and it worked for me (completely fine again after a few months). This was 13 yrs ago and it's been fine ever since. Good luck.
  3. Cycles is my fave aleksi series. Been listening to each one with my sweet little 8 month old who is captivated by it. It's all extremely lush and I will remember my time with it for the rest of my life
  4. I would also like to throw my hat in the ring and declare myself Not Steinvord
  5. Who memba when it was just flahblub doing pusha knockoffs
  6. We also cancelled our sub recently, after watching a netflix original film that was so atrociously, offensively shit we had no other choice but to shitcan the entire service
  7. Set up a speaker group in google home but it didn't work how I thought it would and now I can't delete it.
  8. May the April 14th be with you 🖖
  9. I imagine it has a fair bit to do with internal power structures in Russia. Botched foreign policy may be the play if it allows him to strengthen or consolidate power at home. There's a whole generation of young russian adults that have only known Putin as their leader, who will be eligible to "vote" for the first time in 2024. Dangerous territory for an autocrat
  10. Ah cool, aleksi's daily album just dropped
  11. The lushest reverbs I've ever heard have been in reggae. Can we change this to reggaeton please fellow whities
  12. I completely agree with you, however it's fucking stupid to believe "denazification" justifies a full on land invasion of a sovereign nation when the "nazis" in question could basically also be described as "football fans" or "subjects of a louis theroux/vice documentary"
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