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  1. How much longer do you think he's got? Shall we do a watmm sweepstake? Tenner says he'll be dead by the end of the week
  2. Earl Grey https://inperspectiverecords.bandcamp.com/album/inp022-headwinds-lp
  3. Same strain of flu did the rounds again end of 2017/beginning of 2018 rebranded as Aussie flu. I got it. It sucked. Bozza got the 'ronas
  4. This is exactly me. Moved the PS4 out of my office/mancave so she can use the desk while I play 8hrs of battlefield 1 a day in my pants in the lounge. I had a bath at 11am today, fuck it. All rules out the window.
  5. A decade ago I used to manage a pub (a fancy one). I noticed one chef was constantly playing with his balls. Had to literally shout at him to get him to wash his hands, which I did every time I caught him with his hands down his pants.
  6. Im treating this as a massive jolly now I don't have to go into the office, but feeling immensely bad for everyone it's gonna fuck over. Wondering how I can help peeps in the community
  7. That's me officially working from home for the foreseeable lads.
  8. Genuine sympathy, that sounds total shit. Btw I used to have a mate who was cruise ship crew, he said it was a massive fuckfest and the crew just bang eachother all the time. He was an extremely odd bloke though...was he telling the truth?
  9. Went to panic buy essentials at asda earlier today. Bedlam. Wife bought a bunch of candles and hollandaise sauce??? There was a guy shuffling around with an open bottle of white wine, vomit down his trackies and a fresh shit in his pants. Day one of delay phase... (this might be what shopping in Asda is always like, the ocado site and app have both been down since yesterday)
  10. He's an arsehole then. I wouldn't worry too much about getting a bad review. Sellers have an option to automatically decline transactions with anyone below a certain percentage of positive feedback but I doubt many sellers use that function. I've found you can usually tell who is a prick if you click into their seller terms and they've used the word timewaster, something about how all sales are final, and maybe some anecdote about being messed about. No point in buying anything off those cunts. PS here's my store if anyone wants to buy some complete shite from the 80s from me https://www.discogs.com/seller/NHF/profile
  11. Yeah these CDs are ultimately gonna end up in some poor beached whale's belly. Flahblub cancelled
  12. Good - potential long period of working from home (which = playing video games, wanking, generally not having to listen to my colleagues talk at me about boring rubbish) Whack - risk of death
  13. Yourself, to the convicted paedos on this site (large part of the watmm demographic)
  14. I've sold around 300 records they discogs, the only annoying thing buyers do is place an order and then not pay OR cancel OR reply to you if you send them a polite message asking them to pay or cancel... As long as you didn't do that one annoying thing you're all good and he's just a prick
  15. Are we setting up a gofundme or taking him to small claims court
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