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  1. I started writing a longish post seriously trying to analyse what this guy is trying to say, and then just decided to delete and just call the guy a fucking dickhead.
  2. If only as a society we could envisioned that making literally all disposal one-time-use items out of material that lasts forever could be a shit idea
  3. Pickard-facepalming this post just earned me the 'Reacting Well' badge, cheers
  4. Have his braces been drawn on with ms paint or is it just my eyes
  5. My point is why would he have started a thread called 'coronavirus covid-19' in January 2020 if he didn't believe covid was an issue. BCM was the original watmm coranavirus-issue-believing-person. He was into covid before it was cool.
  6. BCM started this fucking thread you helmet
  7. Im not sure if I think trump's funny per se, but I found the whole situation deeply, darkly funny and still do. I would argue that he's probably one of the most unsuitable people in the entire country to lead, on basically every metric that you can think of, so it's absurdly funny to me that muricans made him president. Then again we've got de pfeffel johnson and I'm not finding that funny, so I think a bit of distance helps
  8. While we're still nominating things that aren't actually viruses as viruses, I'd like to put forth consumer capitalism. Also indie rock
  9. Someone on a work call just referred to southgate as gareth gates and no-one was arsed to correct them. The spark is gone. Football is dead
  10. Don't knock Zizzis, where else are teenage lads in regional towns meant to take girls that think they're classy?
  11. I actually can't believe England fans are being racist about saka and rashford and not about the Italians like I am
  12. Going out and smashing up the nearest fiat 500
  13. Jewels remain still gleaming (dont mansplain to me the actual lyrics)
  14. Baddiel & Skinner must be raking it in
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