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Good Music Similar To AB3, Ventolin EP/Remixes ICBYD

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Hmm there are some tracks on Lego Feet LP which should fit, you may already know it but especially this one on the A side (at 4:26), I find it incredible




It's hard to find something really matching those releases I think (that's why they're good also ;) )

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The Black Dog - Spanners

Great for the ICBYD sound. I think there was a WARP promo with a bunch of tracks from both albums. Check out other Black Dog albums for more.


Oval - Systemisch

Sound design is similar to AB3, but it's wayyyy more abstract. It's more focused on mood than catchy melodies, take it or leave it.


Bradley Strider - Bradley's Robot

This is AFX, but even the most hardcore fans haven't heard of Bradley Strider. This EP is taken from the same sessions as "Windowsill" from SAW2.


Locust Toybox - Scribble Beats

This guy is heavily inspired by Aphex, and is crazy about manic melodies and scribbley beats. Check out Felt Crayons and Inkbrush for more. It's all released for free on his website, so check it out!


Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air

This is a crazy suggestion, but hey, it's an amazing album. It's electronic jazz from the 70's, with amazing melodies and a similar sound to AB3.

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Gridlock maybe? I'm at work at the moment so can't check youtube for examples but Further is a great album. Big distorted industrial beats over ambience.

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Nice, thanks for the recommendations everybody! That's a good handful of stuff to check out.. Can't believe i havent heard Bradley Strider yet, esp. considering it comes from Richard's SAW II sessions...


Love the Cylob mix of Ventolin, I'm sure he has some awesome material as you guys mention, i'll check him and the other artists mentioned too. (:

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Ah I remembered Mark Clifford aka Disjecta, both two releases on warp are worth it :




Otherwise yes I thought hard to find but outside of Warp/Rephlex, there's also µ-Ziq of course, the 3 first albums + ep's.


A totally unknown swedish project was Aprilheights who released a promo 2x12" in 1995, you can hear samples on their site : http://www.aprilheights.com/


Sounding as what you expect I guess ;) Sadly it didn't reach a proper release and there were also EPs ready, never seen the light of day.


Aural Expansion has some similar stuff, small finnish project from early 90's, released a super promo mini album : http://www.discogs.c...n/release/65297


An obscure belgian LP from 93 sounding as good everything stated above : http://www.discogs.c...pe/master/19573


If I remember right Mazdaratti had one or two track following this path.


I'd recommend early Marco Passarani things, "22nd century" album, ep's...




And for an ambient track here's one who eat several from SAW II :




There were loads of other tracks in mid 90's sampling early AFX elements (kicks, melodies) but nothing really interesting.


Have fun digging ;)

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Wow. Great digging guys. I checked out that jega track.. Fantastic stuff. I'm dug The Black Dog so much that I had to buy their album off itunes. I actually picked up one of their recent ones "Further Vexations".. Phenomenal stuff.

I've yet to check out Spanners, but looking forward.


Anyone a fan cevin key's music for cats album? I almost forgot about that one. A friend burned me the cd a while back.. Pretty sweet stuff. Hard to describe.. Minimal, weird, smooth, glassy, funky, and hypnotic all at once. What it might sound like if windowlicker was turned into a saw 2 peice.

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