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Unknown Saw II Promo


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I have the cd version that has this. I bought a copy of saw II on amazon when I was first getting into aphex twin, and it turned out to be this even though it was advertized as a normal (like new) copy

like joyrex said, same old release but with the cover ruined lol

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Guest recycle

records and cds, not sure about tapes, were pressed with these, given to radio stations, DJs, record stores for in-store play use.

I think they are a bit more fun, cause the average Joe doesnt have it.

Where did you find it? ebays. garage sale?

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Guest The Caustic Window

i've never fucking posted ever but i love this place i just had to say i have the cd version of ICBYD with this same gold text on the front cover, i was a little disappointed when i found it but it had that on it.

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