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MHz - MHz Legacy


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MHz = Copywrite + Camu Tao + Jakki Da Motamouth + Tage + RJD2



01. Accidentally On Purpose (Producer: Rob Stern)

02. Hindsight (1998) (featuring Playdough) (Producer: RJD2)

03. Four Player Mode (Producer: RJD2)

04. Out Of Room (Producer: RJD2)

05. Spaceship (featuring Danny Brown) (Producer: Harry Fraud)

06. Soul Train (Of Thought) (featuring Oh No) (Producer: Illmind)

07. Addictionary (Ill Bill Vinnie Paz Heavy Metal Kings Ill Bill (of Non Phixion + La Coka Nostra); Slaine (of La Coka Nostra)) (Producer: Stu Bangas)

08. Gone! (Producer: Surock)

09. Obituaries (Producer: Marco Polo)

10. Columbus Diss Patch (featuring Dom) (Producer: J Rawls)

11. Mass Temple (featuring Steve (of Middle Distance Runner)) (Producer: Jason Rose)

12. Y'all Don't Know D1) (Producer: D1)

13. Yellow & Blue (featuring Blu) (Producer: Surock)

14. Satisfaction (featuring Slug (of Atmosphere)) (Producer: RJD2)

15. Tero Smith (featuring Aaron Livingston (of Icebird)) (Producer: RJD2)

16. Somewhere (2099) (Producer: RJD2)

17. Mechanical Me (Producer: Jason Rose)



I like it, so posting it here...

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