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  1. aencre


    The first use of that effect that I know were Emmanuel Carrier's short "Temps mort" installations in Lyon in 1995. Here's a potato version: I guess Michel Gondry saw those too, because later that year he does «Temthe video for Like a Rolling Stone, in which he adds morphing between the different still images : He uses it again in 1997 for a (rather silly) Smirnoff ad, with a bullet stopped in mid-air: Principal photography on the Matrix started in 1998; once it came out in spring 1999 everyone and their mother did rip-off and parodies. The connection between that film and MBM I'm most curious about is the fact that Dangers said he was supposed to do the whole soundtrack... My favorite use of that Temps mort / bullet time method remains Chris Cunningham's advert for Orange, in which he uses long exposures to fantastic effect :
  2. Yeah, same rapid surprise-to-excitement-to-disappointment here.
  3. There sadly isn't much more to this little story (or maybe I've forgotten the saltier bits since): Tim Hecker (the human) essentially sent a cease-and-desist to the owner of Tim Hecker (the cat) to stop using his name. Tim Hecker (the cat) was pretty chill about it. I don't believe this would've been an issue if the cat was named Florian Hecker.
  4. Is this the right thread to tell you about the time Tim Hecker sent a mean email to a friend who had named his cat Tim Hecker?
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I had totally missed that previous De Leon LP, and I'm a sucker for those galeman tinkerings. (Paging @species8472 re: Topdown-adjacent stuff.)
  6. To me the simplicity of Whities 004 is still where it's at.
  7. Just tried a few, most (but not all) indeed don't work and just fetch an empty file.
  8. Love the last three tracks, esp. Major Miner.
  9. If you can afford it and you know it's coming, to put your pet to sleep I hearthily recommend asking your vet for a house call. It really makes a difference having it happen quietly at home, at your own pace, instead of the stress of the clinic.
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