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  1. An comic book that had little reason being promoted at a comic-con, which is a place to cosplay and buy merch of your favorite franchises, not discover artsy graphic novels. "Tabling" would've been more accurate since I thankfully didn't sing. She would've shot first.
  2. Once sat a long, awkward weekend at a comic-con singing next to her. She was courteous, and (thankfully) got more visitors dressed in space nazis than me.
  3. Mister Booth posted pictures of Montréal's Expo 67, and I had the terrible realisation that the track "Montreal" came out closer to 1967 than today.
  4. It does indeed sounds like licking fossils.
  5. Got a lot of mileage out of his previous Hallow Ground outing. Pretty bummed I managed to miss his show when he was in town. Edit: was not expecting Inuit-style throat singing!
  6. Do Lizards Really Have ‘Mite Pockets’?
  7. Experiencing this in a dark room full of screaming and cheering people cemented to me the importance of both cinema theaters and aspirin.
  8. Edit: sorry for starting page 909 with a track that doesn't have a 909.
  9. lol at the idea, and that completely uneven eq made me repeatedly check there wasn't something else playing in another tab.
  10. Yeah, me neither : with that the entry-level site looks like with the ads and the overbloat, I wouldn't have joined; I probably wouldn't have even browsed unless in search of specific information . If this site wasn't indexed I'd be contributing more personally, sharing art and such, but I know it's not a common concern. Opting out of the google crawl is (probably?) cutting off a main entrypoint for newcomers. @Joyrex, would you agree to share with us some numbers? How much money is coming in from members? How much from ads? Do you have access to stats on how many users have elapsed subscriptions? It is possible to set up automated reminders? Thanks!
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