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  1. Quite confidently the best band ever.
  2. That was my first incredule guess, too. But nope, preview samples on proper stores all have En phase/Hors phase sitting uncredited on a Jeff Mills cd.
  3. What the hell. I was expecting a long sample, or a cover/remake... I actually searched for different rips of the album to confirm it wasn’t a tagging error or something. (Dedans-Dehors is my favorite Parmegiani.)
  4. By my count, that’s 18 new (well, to us) tracks. Sweet.
  5. Considering who this is, I’d guess that 31 03 means March 2031.
  6. The softer tracks are fantastic, palace-like, very classy in the way they feel refined by substraction. There’s not that much going on, yet it sparkles. Blown could’ve been an instrumental opener on both Homogenic or Vespertine and nobody would have batted an eye. Meanwhile, the harder tracks just feel... clinical? In any way I don’t care about them, and skip them in the context of the album. Even Freak, which I’d argue is a pinnacle of the kind of electronic music we talk around these parts.
  7. Yup, two separate releases.
  8. Funny, for me it’s my least favorite so far.
  9. Digital reissue of the 2016 Quiet Time Tapes tape: https://brianleeds.bandcamp.com/album/qtt4
  10. Is that a Venus 17 break self-sample I spy at the coda?
  11. Finally took the time to rip this and split it into tracks. Fantastic release; the A side is nothing short of stellar.
  12. aencre

    afx nft

    Here’s some digital art, exclusive to this very topic :
  13. I wish members' profile pages would have a pull-down menu to indicate if they are vampires.
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