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  1. As this is becoming the de facto all-purpose Tortoise subforum, this might be a good place to ask : I’ve been bothered by the drum loop in this 2007 Jérôme Minière remix, which I’ve always felt lifted from a Tortoise track — but I just can’t track it down. I might have just dreamed it... Any idea?
  2. None at my local supermarket. One wonders as to why an autechre chocolate pizza would be discontinued. (I’m kind of relieved, both from eating that and having to explain why.)
  3. Probably my favorite musician / label head?
  4. When I bought mine and my copy was missing one of the plates, I just went "ah well, asking for an exchange will be a hassle, I’ll guess I’ll buy another at some point".
  5. My SE/30 is squat in the middle of the living room and still works, but I use it rarely enough* it’s pretty much just decoration now. Most I’ve seen in other places had been turned into aquariums; is there a word for objects whose beige plastic parts age toward different colors? *(except the extended keyboard, which I’m typing this on 30 years later)
  6. I’ve got friends in Beirut, and still no news of them...
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