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  1. You’d think Björk would be powerful enough to change the weather by herself.
  2. I’m definitely a Transparent Balls man.
  3. This thread made me put on Alvin Lucier's I am sitting in a room. Which, funnily, I only have a lossy rip of.
  4. https://beatricedillon.bandcamp.com/ Out in Feb 2020 on PAN.
  5. (It occurs to me that even 8 year-old me would find that bothersome that this thread is twice longer than the actual space one.)
  6. Put the wrong barcode on a book that’s printed at 2000 copies.
  7. Out now on Bandcamp (digital) and straight from Faitiche (LP).
  8. Preorders up on his bandcamp as well. (Still no preview samples.)
  9. I can understand the feeling... I love his serialist poetry, the way he parcels down language to atoms, but I’m talking books here. Something like Décade feels like a unnerving thriller from the point of view of the all-seeing algorithms ad-tracking the characters, too zoomed in to paint a human-scale picture of the drama. But I’m in the mood to listen to it, as a music album and not a performance about data trails, about once a year. (I’m doubt I’m in the majority thinking best Noto is the hanged-mobile orbits of Aleph 1).
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