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  1. Yeah, «classic IDM» and its surrounding discourse feels pointedly apolitical compared to, say, the industrial music it partly came from, or today’s tape labels. Stuff like the Anti EP or, I dunno, One Very Important Thought really feel like rare, almost polite exceptions to the norm.
  2. Calimero (that track with Brigitte Fontaine) is a favorite.
  3. Genuine lol at the orch5 stab at the very start. Otherwise I concur :
  4. Only in dreams. That being said, I could really go for un éclair au chocolat or two right now.
  5. Wait a minute... have I been listening to the CvJ/Freescha split at the wrong speed all this time?
  6. That’s the last time I schedule my dentist appointment during an magnetic storm.
  7. Some titles not previously mentioned that alleviated this hellish year: Hiele — Mélodie 2020 Maria Teriaeva — Conservatory of Flowers Sam Mendel's dump YlangYlang — Interplay that Deerhoof covers/mashup thing of half of my favorite songs ever Klô Pelgag — Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs (that one isn’t very watmm-like) Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman — YEK 2 and some timely reissues: Stephen Mallinder — Pow Wow Beatriz Ferreyra — Échos
  8. I’m firmly in the fuck google camp, even if as a paying member I get spared the billboards. But that doesn’t mean I expect someone else to pay for that. One thing I’d love to be part of the discussion is ways to actually lower the hosting costs. How much of the bandwidth is "downloads" vs actual forum? And of that, how much of the database callups could be shedded off with a stripped down theme, one that doesn’t contain all the gizmos, stats and such a non-suscriber (and even more so a bot) couldn’t care about? Set as a default, wouldn’t it alleviate the load somewhat?
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