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  1. aencre

    Aphex Not?

    Surely that’s from the two promo mixes? https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-Drukqs-2-Track-Promo/release/24484
  2. This brings back very dear memories of Presstube’s net.art, which was often soundtracked by K-Rad. Some of my favorite pieces are still archived online.
  3. Or maybe, and that´s why the last ten minutes are borked :
  4. Will Spectral Musicians, that project with Chris Cunningham that never really got released, will be on there? (No.)
  5. I know you’re expecting this : but it feels like it would be wasting the potential of :
  6. Sweet to see this updated. (How long before this goes into the twitch stream wood cutter?)
  7. Looks like it can only be done admin-side?
  8. What’s missing from this discussion is the indisputable fact that this is also his best album art.
  9. I open up my wallet, and it’s full of blood.
  10. Honestly, only friends. Even for (other) favorite artists I’ll give the tunes a spin beforehand. I also don’t really buy physical copies anymore (except, again, for friends’).
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