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  1. Childhood me was told that this was real music, which explains so much. (Pershaps I was also lied about those «vegetables» growing under the lights in the basement?)
  2. Anticlines is probably a good starting point.
  3. Meant to start a thread about this one! Those two are a great match; they have a way to wedge sounds open (in Dalt’s case, it’s something very mineral, like splitting a magnetic geode, while Dilloway’s more about diving in a rotten tree trunk to dig out nesting bugs. And getting pulled in). Fantastic covert art too.
  4. Am I the only one who think the addition of those ranks and badges isn't a good idea?
  5. aencre


    As a general rule, I am against cars.
  6. Just shooed away a dude that was flying a drone by our windows.
  7. Thread belatedly delivers!
  8. Nonsense, Sinoms is great from the start.
  9. Was informed that there was a debate on a prominent comics criticism website on whether I was dead. I’m not exactly sure what to do with this information.
  10. I miss boomkat_ebooks, which was a twitter account that simply quoted nuggets from their puffy write-ups.
  11. Love how we’re sharing youtube links that aren’t cued to the pelicular moment we’re pointing out, so we listen to them in full. Here’s mine : the stereo effects in the segment 2:55 on in this 493 years old track.
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