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Guest junior40

Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I kinda stumbled across this forum and looked very interesting. So I'm really into Bonobo and I was wondering what other artists you would recommend that is similar to Bonobo? Thanks!

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Browse through Ninja Tune's catalog, this is probably a good springboard as well. Off the top of my head - Four Tet, Amon Tobin, Yppah, Bibio, Yppah are probably good bets. I haven't listened to Bonobo in awhile though tbh.


Welcome to watmm

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Good "chillout" rooms on turntable.fm (chat + streaming site) where Bonobo is considered overplayed, i.e. he's so well-liked that they discourage playing it over and over. It's also a sign that you'll probably find similar artists. - http://www.cobc.fm/ http://acthfm.tumblr.com/dj

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tim "love" lee

up, bustle & out



drum island




animals on wheels

boozoo bajou


cinematic orchestra


thievery corporation

red snapper

fila brazillia

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