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Studio Electronic Boomstar Series


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I am looking to get a few synths for under $2k... In my search I stumbled upon the SE boomstars with all the different filter types. Does anyone on here have on or have used one? I love the sound of the CS-80 and ARP 2600 filter modules and was thinking that these may be fucking perfect to grab as a pair. I currently have a PRO-2, Modified JX-3P w/PG200 and a SH-09, these seem to be good flavors to add to that bunch


It just seems to be too good to be true. I know they are desktop modules and a bit limited, but for such features, you'd think they'd cost more. I'd really love to be able to grab a code 8, but this seems like a pretty amazing option for the price I want to spend.


Any comments from the peanut gallery before I bite the bullet?







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I've looked into these but came to the conclusion that they were too expensive for what they are and don't really achieve anything you couldn't do with a lot of other, more reasonable and more versatile synths...i mean, yeah if you absolutely have to have an arp2600 filter then maybe you'd get one, but as kakapo says, in that instance you'd be better off taking the modular route....

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