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Finally finished some tracks over the Christmas break - getting back into software-hardware integration in a big way and building systems in software for composition, etc. etc. etc.



Plenty of Mutable Shruthi + Madrona Aalto for those who are interested

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Second track isn't showing for me (Soundcloud has been wonky all day though...). DFXD is pretty cool. Like the melodies you've got working around one another, and the drums keep the track moving well. I'm not big on that snare in particular, it grates on me after a bit. Good track. Wasabi Masochist didn't do much for me. There was some cool stuff going on with the synths freaking out, but the track just didn't catch me on the first listen.

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Nice hiphop vibe in spite of the synth freakage in wasabi, I like it.


First half of windrush made me feel too anxious :) so I skipped, nice change up in style with the melodic bleepblop's, found some of the synth sounds mixed in a tad too loud near the very end, but I guess this is a live recording, you didn't adjust levels after the fact?


Same anxious vibes in dxfd, I think playing around, augmenting, changing the order/dynamics of notes, changing the volume over time of that repeating bell melody would make this track better. Right now it stays in your ears all throughout.

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Thanks guys!

I'm approaching mixing in a few different ways at the minute, so still trying to find a balance between what works and what doesn't haha. All of this is "composed", none of it's live. Towards the end of Windrush/Sunpush I'm trying to get that one synth line to pretty much consume everything underneath it, but in a way that isn't annoying to the listener. I might go back and have another tinker around ;)

Re. the bell patch in DXFD - I totally see what you mean Djeroek, had quite a lot of trouble with that in the mixdown and still not 100% happy with the levels. As above, I'll keep playing with it and see where it goes.

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