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Anti-Ghost Moon Ray - Annual General Meeting Record (vol.1)


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New compilation out from Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, home of Gazelle Twin, Bernholz, Great Pagans and more. I'm very happy to have submitted a track to this - the people behind AGMR are absolutely lovely. The compilation generally is really great and has a nice flow to it, and all proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres. Here's the blurb:


Annual General Meeting Record (Volume I) is the first of our new annual release series, with all profits going to a different charity on every release.

Profits from Volume I will go to Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors without Borders (MSF).
Featured on this compilation are exclusive tracks from friends and new discoveries, as well as previously unreleased music by the four AGMR curators - Acquaintance, Bernholz, Gazelle Twin and Great Pagans.
The result is a generous and contemplative collection of diverse electronic music, ranging from dreamy, crystalline ambience to overdriven tape canons and experimental dance.
More about MSF: youtu.be/ffErRfj72XQ


Purchase here!

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