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Pukemaster Gehm aka Elec PT.1 - 303 Degrees 12" - pink Vinyl Edition


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Andreas Gehm aka Elec PT.1 aka The Manager aka Lausward aka Trajical Bitch is back on Solar One Music with a new moniker. Pukemaster Gehm kicks four uncompromising and banging Acid tracks where you can feel his pure love for his partner in crime, the 303. Stomping basslines, twirling and chirping 303 sounds, jerking hihats and hypnotic claps all over here. Pukemaster Gehm know what the crowd wants.... DANCING, SWEATING, SCREAMING. The EP comes on juicy pink vinyl!!!
DJ Feedback

Laurent Garnier (Puyvert)
AHA of course !!!!!!!!!

Gingy (Clone) (Toronto)
all killer but i particularly like how insane aha is

Nuno Dos Santos (Something Happening Somewhere) (Utrecht)
rave2021 !! boom!

J. Tijn (Pennyroyal) (London)
Acid mastery

Bambounou (50Weapons / ClekClekBoom)
gonna play that rave2021 track, thanks

Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808) (Zagreb)
mental acid shit, love the whole record! radio and club

Bleak (c/o DRB Produktion) (Stockholm)
Rave!!! Yes please

Josh Wink (Ovum) (Philadelphia)
Some good old school sounding acid-ness here. LIke 303 and Rave 2021!

Giles Armstrong
Sick Release!

Chille jr. (Night Moves@Fnoob radio) (Koprivnica)
303 & Rave2021 are !!

Paul Mac (Stimulus Records) (Essex)
I'm always a sucker for the Acid vibes and Mr Gehm delivers them in spades once again.

Jean Pierre Enfant (Les Enfants Terribles/Trouw) (Amsterdam)
this ep is acid to the bone

Surgeon (Dynamic Tension) (Somewhere, out there...)
Can't resist it with an artist name like Pukemaster Gehm.

Zadig (Construct Re-Form) (ROUEN)
Cool old school acid stuff. Very good release. Love it. thanks

Marcel Heese (Tresor, Finitude)
great oldschool vibes!!!

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show) (Rijeka)
Aha for me.

Roger Gerressen (OGUN/LLN/FOF/SuddenDrop/FDF/ESHU) (Nijmegen)
1,3 & 4 are really great..
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