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  1. It may not be monumental, but you can't argue with a nice little LP of Orbvs Terrarvm style chillout from half of The Orb.
  2. If it's BoC, it's a bit disappointing to my ears. The best tracks sound like weaker uses of old BoC tropes, and the tracks that deviate from those tropes don't have a lot going on for me. If it's not BoC, even worse that they're trying so hard to give that impression.
  3. The more I listen to this, the more I appreciate it, especially at highest practical volume and/or with headphones as suggested. It's way more of a "journey" album than his previous output, with so much satisfaction to be had.
  4. Digitals out. Quality work. Digging this track:
  5. I was about to be raw about a £7 4-track remix EP, but then my continuing need for more OG B12 was satisfied fully.
  6. I think is one of my favorite Colundis in a while. Getting SAW / Higher Intelligence Agency vibes.
  7. This came out a little while back, but didn't see any mention here. Wonderfully lush set of tracks. https://oenrec.bandcamp.com/album/death-tapes-vol-2-en016
  8. Actually, odd mix of experimental, BoC-like tunes, straight dancefloor jams.... quite varied.
  9. This is quite a bit more experimental than past Datassette. Rachel Whiteread Acid making me very happy at the moment.
  10. Special pressings aside, I somehow completely missed this back in the day and am greatly enjoying getting Poled for the first time via digitals. Much depth in minimalism.
  11. Anybody who hasn't heard this one should go back and do so. Absolutely lovely electro throughout.
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