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  1. True words - this is good! Many thanks for the vibes, Rbrmyofr.
  2. Whoa, I haven't listened to Strange or Funny-Haha? in like... a decade or two.
  3. Oh duh. Literally on same bandcamp page. This is pretty cool! Dare I call it dub space post rock?
  4. Helva is really pretty superb innit. Some Global Communication vibes at times.
  5. "This Is A CD Only Release **NO DIGITAL** Like The Good Old Days" Message from FSOLdigital: NO DIGITAL Come on, guys.
  6. Bump for justice, deserves more attention. Who is this guy and more please?
  7. Dis is nice: https://erik-wollo.bandcamp.com/album/sources Ahead of its time even. Fav track: https://erik-wollo.bandcamp.com/track/soft-journey
  8. Waking Up on 76 is the secret bonus track for Hard Normal Daddy.
  9. I searched and searched, simply refusing to accept that nobody had posted about this bit of electro sweetness. But in the end, I must accept - there has been an oversight. https://chaindata.bandcamp.com/album/shift-register-lp
  10. Tidy little EP of very lovely electro that seems to have been overlooked here. https://plant43.bandcamp.com/album/storm-control-plant43004
  11. Preview track here: https://blanckmass.bandcamp.com/album/in-ferneaux Feels like he's been absorbing that John Carpenter / Stranger Things energy. I think I kinda like BM through the filter of retro paranoia.
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