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  1. Love his output both under his name and Vaetxh. Sample track sounding promising. See you in March.
  2. Just here to applaud the goodness of this thread. Need more brothomhits.
  3. I have to wonder if all of these recent single-track releases will be collected into an album at some point. I honestly hate the trend of posting single tracks as albums because I always feel like I'm getting suckered into paying twice. (And yes, I realize that some of them are name-your-price. Still just annoying to me somehow – go ahead and throw tracks up on soundcloud or whatever, but I like knowing what are actual releases and what are "hey check out the latest thing I did". Necrodroid is grumpy this morning.)
  4. The more I listen to this, the more it's a top AF release for me. All four tracks play this trick of starting out as solid acid choons and then halfway through suddenly going transcendent.
  5. Colourform was the gateway drug for me, and I still enjoy it regularly. Absolute classic. Great range of feels from warm rave afterglow to creeping sci-fi paranoia. Definitely rooted in that early-90s ambient sound, but hasn't aged awfully. And I still use Conoid Tone as a speaker frequency range test track.
  6. Out on bandcamp. Datassette always manages to push the right buttons for me. Tidy little release, this one, I dig greatly. https://futuremassive.bandcamp.com/album/existenzmaximum-ep
  7. Soon Aleksi's output will transition to an unending livestream as his consciousness fully merges with the colundi panmind. The Sequence will become a continuous function, revealed as rising subharmonics.
  8. Still mad that somebody stole my FLA shirt that I bought from just such a merch table. I guiltily kind of want an instrumental release of Caustic Grip.
  9. Dang, it couldn't at least be all-new artwork for the calendar?
  10. Bump. Anybody who has not done so should get these digitals. Such an outstanding collection of tracks. RIP Rhys.
  11. Fundamental's physical releases look wonderful, but are they seriously still not doing digital releases of this stuff?
  12. Digimals for those who need 'em: https://bochumwelt.bandcamp.com/album/april
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