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  1. Agreed. I followed your signpost to plant43 over in that morphology thread and ended up getting this and From Deep Streams. Neither really "ambient" so much as top-notch late night music.
  2. There has to be some way to at least optionally disable the pointless right-side bar.
  3. https://architecturalrecs.bandcamp.com/album/future-was-disco An cool, diverse little EP. Worth checking out in general, but b'gawd this track:
  4. A timely bump. Just been listening through older Morphology EPs when I saw this. Utopia is an absolute electro bubblebath.
  5. Exidy Tours for me, but UAE is pretty damn choice.
  6. That does seem like an incredibly cylob thing to do.
  7. ready for midrange to be cut, and bass dropped.
  8. Dang, no quality download of this anywhere?
  9. I kept having to double check that I wasn't listening to a new Lorn EP. (This is a good thing.)
  10. It may not be monumental, but you can't argue with a nice little LP of Orbvs Terrarvm style chillout from half of The Orb.
  11. If it's BoC, it's a bit disappointing to my ears. The best tracks sound like weaker uses of old BoC tropes, and the tracks that deviate from those tropes don't have a lot going on for me. If it's not BoC, even worse that they're trying so hard to give that impression.
  12. The more I listen to this, the more I appreciate it, especially at highest practical volume and/or with headphones as suggested. It's way more of a "journey" album than his previous output, with so much satisfaction to be had.
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