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  1. I don't mind releases of single tracks, but I really wish the artists would just say if they're intended to show up on a later album or not.
  2. Chroma Vale is good stuff too. https://sim80.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. Remains my favorite AF release, and that's saying something.
  4. Kind of feels like an extension to Rarities. Good stuff, but more good thoughts than complete tracks. But anyway, can't argue with new Lorn at name-your-price at all. Big thanks. Hoping this is the warm-up for more.
  5. https://lorn.bandcamp.com/album/drown-the-traitor-within So ready for more after the excellence of Remnant.
  6. sherkaner

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Just me, or is the first track of Part 2 a subtle remix of Lego Feet - Keyop?
  7. Surprised this hasn't gotten any attention. Prime electro/acid sounds, consistent quality. Would fit right in as an Analogical Force release, but with that Detroit edge. https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/kinetic-origins
  8. Good stuff, very glad to be plugged into Mause. Love how varied all this is. Session Trax1 is quite nice indeed. I would do well with an album of Tharksithe FM style though...
  9. Modulus at £4 now and well worth it – good stuff. Thanks for the tip.
  10. God, that track specifically. It's like the GOAT deep remix of Moments in Love.
  11. That is some remarkably fresh liquid dnb.
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