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  1. This is some pretty superb Gescom-flavoured SKAM. Back catalog time.
  2. Legitimately thought the synthesized "copyright protection" was part of the music until like the fourth track I sampled.
  3. Unf... Dead Head is relentless. Loved Bodied, looking forward to this.
  4. 6 is a properly great album. 5 quite solid too. None of 'em are duds really. I am choosing to rename FI3AC2034060 "Colundi Bubblebath".
  5. Nice pair o' Lorny bangers. Made my morning. https://lorn.bandcamp.com/album/guardian
  6. Oh my sweetness, so much good ambient in the ASC discography.
  7. Store Detective sounds like an MBM release on Analogical Force, which is an *excellent* thing.
  8. Bump for low-key greatness. Any other ASC recommendations? Seriously deep back catalog.
  9. I find very many on his songs to be excellent, don't demand absolute uncompromising originality as a prerequisite to enjoyment, couldn't care less about what he says on the internet, and simply ignore the songs that veer too far into easy listening territory for my own tastes.
  10. Love his output both under his name and Vaetxh. Sample track sounding promising. See you in March.
  11. Just here to applaud the goodness of this thread. Need more brothomhits.
  12. I have to wonder if all of these recent single-track releases will be collected into an album at some point. I honestly hate the trend of posting single tracks as albums because I always feel like I'm getting suckered into paying twice. (And yes, I realize that some of them are name-your-price. Still just annoying to me somehow – go ahead and throw tracks up on soundcloud or whatever, but I like knowing what are actual releases and what are "hey check out the latest thing I did". Necrodroid is grumpy this morning.)
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