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i have a spot on my anus


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i liked the detail that was put into the panning, that made these pretty satisfying to listen to even though i'm more typically drawn to things with a traditional sense of melody



The second one is really something

I love these musical sound experiments that lack a traditional sense of melody

Good job


Cheers dude, just trying to make something that is less conventional, has more 'freedom' and trying to find new sounds. 

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Amazing atmosphere on that third track, incredible work on all of them! More please?

Thanks, actually that last track put me off a bit. Didn't enjoy working on it and fucked my head up a bit. Back on piano for now. 


agreed: moar plz

Thanks for sharing dude. 


Topic title: 0/10


Topic tracks: 10/10!

I'll put more thought into titles from now on, gotta up my average. 


disagree: moar ass & feces plz


I like to give the people what they want. 

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