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Terekke - Plant Age


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This came early today! I always thought this guy was aping burial (in a good way) but I guess I never really listened. this album is 33 minutes of some ethereal, pleasant beats. emphasis on ethereal.


have already spun it twice and its just incredibly pleasant music. post-19925-0-16625300-1510347150_thumb.jpg



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definitely. I was in the same boat looking around the web for a sample... that’s why I was so surprised that this was at my door today. I think it’s actually out in stores on November 17.


It’s really pretty and at 8 tracks it is kind of a perfect amount of time to dip in and out. It’s very addictive. I don’t remember appreciating YYYYYYY or any others this much so quickly. Hope you find some of the tunes soon!

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