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  1. Found this on pop market for like 30 shipped. I love actress and am looking forward to new tunes but its like 50 shipped from bleep and boomkat to the states. I'll still get a bag but will miss out on the fuchsia unless I get wild over the next couple weeks.
  2. I bit on this - great soundtrack. Brings back memories of dark basements for me. Finally has been released alongside the Social Network OST. Both are really killer tunes but its like 95 dollars shipped for both in the US grosss.
  3. Yeah bumping this one again. Any needs of a follow up LP? This one is still great.
  4. Really appreciating this one. Keep coming back to it. The NTS download pushed me over the edge to buy it from bleep. It's chaotic but has an undercurrent of positively and fun that damogen avoided altogether. Different and less dark mood but in the same ballpark as most of his releases. A step in a nice direction.
  5. Dig it. This is the one. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like this about a Squarepusher LP. V solid ~45 mins of tunes.
  6. Everyone just wait til that true sequel to Untrue drops to see what he’s really been up to...
  7. This LP is delayed in the states - has anyone received it overseas yet? Really digging this record.
  8. I just can’t stop listening to it all the time since April - all of them 1-4! 4 is good for sleeping 1-3 are great any other time . I feel like this album is extremely special and doesn’t really have any filler. That’s a feat for an 8 hour long beast! Also, April was magical checking out these new tunes on NTS.
  9. So, this thing is limited to 500 copies? Is that accurate? Seems low to me. Are all copies coming with notes by Tsutomu Noda? Who is that? Haven’t seen these details anywhere so curious about what’s up With them. BODY IS RDY.
  10. end of june Thank you. Looking forward to nabbing this. Can't stop listening to it on iTunes ND excited to get it physical.
  11. Yo anyone got the inside when this will be repressed?
  12. Ordered this from grooves.land. Has anyone ordered from there? It's in Berlin and they do free delivery to the states. $36 US shipped from Germany to Ohio sounds insane but if this works then I'll be pumped. Been awaiting this one for years. Hopefully Dead Cities gets reissued next!
  13. Actually right there with you. I couldn't stop streaming it and I just bought the 2LP. Its very nice package and - just feels super solid throughout the tunes, the package and the LPs.
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