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Hello Spiral - Laser Guided Atonalities

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Mostly made (according to the metadata on the files) near the end of 2011. Except for Purge which was finished in 2010 but the sample collage goes back to 2005 dictaphone stuff. 
The grouping together of these tracks was inspired by the laser foot photo (which for some reason reminded me of the track trust_rust) t I took 2 weeks ago which has ended up as the cover. 

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heh, I'm not sure I've ever listened to that album tbh. Used to love Ladies & Gentlemen and the Royal Albert Hall albums in the late 90s though.

The (non) thought process was that I thought that photo would make a cool album cover, what would I call it? What's that album with 'laser' in the title? Oh yeah that one. Hmm, that reminds me of that atonal midi instruments track I made years ago....etc

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Trust rust is great




This music makes me think you have psychiatric problems and need assistance from a psychologist , maybe psychiatrist



Foot Laser!



On my wishlist at Bandcamp. First I need cash. Also some others I need to buy. And love the cover :)



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