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  1. One of my favorite techno artists on one of my favorite labels. Deep, psychedelic, hypnotic....mmmm. I'd also recommend his album Systhema, for those who are new to his sounds. Still one of my most played albums from the past 10 years.
  2. Great recommendation. Never heard these guys before. Love these classic sounds.
  3. The “14 Songs” version is easily the best acid house/techno/whatever album I have heard in years. And I’ve heard a few. I’ve been replaying this almost daily since it came out. Great to also see Brian getting more recognition for this side of his sound. Dude is super-talented.
  4. Looking forward to hearing this. Also curious to see what is upcoming in the Virtual Dreams series - didn't realize they would keep going beyond the comp. ...oh. And I just noticed three collabs with Spacetime Continuum. Would love to hear more from Jonah's archives as well.
  5. Full-length versions of all the mixtape tracks? Yes, pls.
  6. Another stunner from 36. Can't stop playing this one.
  7. Gotta listen to the 7 Songs expanded release. You won’t be disappointed if you like this sound.
  8. Wasn't blown away by the album on Touched, but really like the sounds on this preview track. Is that more the vibe of the entire album?
  9. Out now and sounding fantastic to my ears.
  10. That was bad. 1 listen was enough.
  11. This is up there with Helva for my AOTY at the moment.
  12. I think you're right. I don't know that I properly gave this track a chance before. It's a goodun.
  13. Also: I think Tower is a specific nod to RDJs remix of Flow Coma - as in he just one upped a classic remix of a classic acid house tune.
  14. This is a massive album. Heavy heavy shit. @purlieu Is it me or has Tower been remixed into a new track? Sounds different than the previously released one.
  15. Dig the visuals and the tunes.
  16. Cover art is almost as sick as the tunage. Well done fellas.
  17. Way late arrival to this. Really enjoying all three volumes of this. I never really got into Black Dog much after Ed and Andy left, but between Fragments and these recent eps, I am re-hooked.
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