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  1. Yeah kind of shitty. But a lot of Gerard’s stuff is limited - sadly the reason I’ve missed some. That being said...this is a phenomenal album worth the $$. Also have tracked down digis for regular listening...
  2. Straight up 90s ambient-techno vibes. Unabashedly nostalgic. I love.
  3. Ok. Way late arriver to this.....but this one is luuuuuuuuhsh.
  4. Just popped back in to say that I love this ep (and Twisted Soul). That is all.
  5. Sosta Mam sounds like Birdwatch-era Vulva. That is a good thing.
  6. Digital out now. Sounds like an ode to Analogue Bubblebath. I like.
  7. How good is “Diehards...”? Could do we h a whole ‘nother album in that style.
  8. If any of you haven’t yet downloaded his FACT mix, do it now.
  9. Holy shit this is badass.
  10. On it. To be honest, most "braindance" style artists have been wearing a bit thin on me lately, but Fluctuosa is one of the very few who have real staying power in my playlists. Pumped for this.
  11. I realize why I love Barker now. He is channeling mid-90s Sun Electric ambient-trance vibes. Listen 2: Mind spinning
  12. I figured that it must have been something rough like this. Sad to hear that he has been so down on his luck the past couple years. Here's hoping it was just a bump in the road for him.
  13. Vinyl about to be posted on Detroit Underground Bandcamp. Stay tuned.
  14. Any new HOLOVR is reason to celebrate.
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