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  1. Wow. Was not expecting new Photodementia. Welcome back, Dave.
  2. Giving this a listen now. Two thumbs up.
  3. Collab between Dialectic Sines (who I really dig) and Paul Fleetwood (who I've never heard of). Dark, dank electro trax. Real nice.
  4. I’m a huge fan of Doo Doo Bug. Great call.
  5. Great thread, great recs. Music is Rotted has always been my favorite Squarepusher album.
  6. Huge hype. I’m also reliving my 15 year old glory days with these releases as well lol.
  7. Don’t sleep on Syra people. The best of the TM404 albums imo.
  8. Fresh offering from him - much more upbeat stuff that nods to Detroit masters such as Stacy Pullen, Carl Craig, and the like.
  9. Pure lushness, as expected. Definitely more immediate than his latest album.
  10. Wow - cool to see Mercury Rev fandom on here. See You on the Other Side might be my favorite of the bunch, but Boces is still such a noisy wild ride. Their latest album of Bobby Gentry covers is well worth a listen. I really enjoyed it. https://www.loudandquiet.com/reviews/mercury-rev-bobbie-gentrys-the-delta-sweete-revisited/amp/
  11. Lol - you beat me to it. Love Gacha and looking forward to listening to this when I get home from work today.
  12. Oh wow. Me too - Freeform and Chris de Luca….and a While ep to boot. This is upper echelon IDM, people.
  13. Great rec - never listened to any of this SCNTST stuff.
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