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  1. Hype. The first comp is one of my most played albums of the past couple years.
  2. Deep, hypnotic minimal ambient soundscapes. Highly recommended.
  3. Raw, unbridled acidic-jungle-whatever tunes. Includes a Dattasette remix. Bleep album of the week - up to the hype!
  4. I think so. I actually listened to this without hearing the Locked Groove collab yet. Need to check this out!
  5. New Purelink ep with some remixes by some other up-in-comers.
  6. "Interbeing is a dance-theater piece highlighting a cast of seven mature dancers from the Berlin scene. They embark on questions around the aging body as well as our social conditioning and the belief of separateness. The piece unfolds in a series of narrative stories of isolation which weave personal and collective patterns into highly visceral movement evolutions. In this space between stories, the dancers invite the audience to reflect on their own layers of being, challenging them to re-examine polarising concepts, habits, desires and fears. Connectivity emerges from the friction, exposing the limiting beliefs of ego and the reality of our interdependencies."
  7. Milieu doing what Milieu does best - floaty, dreamy ambient techno braindance. Lovely set.
  8. New Priori album under his RED alias. Supposedly on a darker tip. Looking forward to digging into this.
  9. No one does ominous quite like Christoph. He really raised the bar with his last ep on AD93. Big hopes for this one - especially after hearing the preview track.
  10. 3rd of the 3-ep series released today. Get on it.
  11. Super solid set of jungle tunes from Andy Donnelly, aka Colours of Infinity/Travancore/Kloke. One of my favorite modern music makers going full Guy Called Gerald meets Plug. Somehow this is considered an EP, but over an hour of head-spinning tunes provided.
  12. Been craving some new EOD - YES!
  13. Was going to post about this but hadn’t got around to it yet. Really nice set of summer jams.
  14. Python does BoC…really nice actually.
  15. First listen - this is a VERY strong album. Need to go back and check some of his older stuff now. What’s essential?
  16. Would highly recommend you check out Sam McQueen’s other stuff of you like this. He is a great, underrated producer.
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