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  1. 2nd listen through (minus expectations)....loving the creepy/funky vibe (as someone mentioned previously). Going back to the Old Tunes tapes, I’m finding a lot in common. Many of the looped samples on these tapes clearly come from the same lineage as Societas. Pitched down Trapped being the most obvious example, but most of the others also pull from similar weird pop tunes. The influence is clear on the Warp releases as well obviously — but Societas +Old Tunes makes so much sense.
  2. Yeah I’m excited for this too....but not that excited.
  3. Yes. Den Sorte Skole also came to mind. https://densorteskole.bandcamp.com/
  4. Extralife


    Yeah thanks, man! Very old school hip hop in places...I dig.
  5. Societas Y and Societas Z tapes, anyone?
  6. Extralife

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Dang really digging pt 2. Thanks AE!
  7. God I love Autechre. So good of them to give these away in high quality. In their Bleep store, btw.
  8. Yes sir. Especially love Co-pilot. (Now will we we ever get that Flow Coma remix?)
  9. WELL worth the wait. Brian rewriting the acid playbook. Many more listens to soak it all in needed...but easily an AOTY contender so far.
  10. Bonus ep includes JAMS I have been waiting for since the Food mix. Thx, Brian!
  11. Autechre will never let us down. Never.
  12. Ae and Pusher crushed it. But...yeah
  13. Blech tape on channel 2. Miss those days
  14. Were they just telling me to get a swine flu shot?
  15. I think the new album is being played backwards and at a low volume alongside this.
  16. Why is my screen still telling me this is Warp Works?
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