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  1. Highly recommended by me as well. Marco can develop an atmosphere like few others. I’d also recommend the Alphageneric three-part album set from late last year for those that may have missed them.
  2. Mortal - Deco is one of my favorite albums from that mid-90s golden era. Only discovered it a few years ago, but since then I’ve been a massive fan of Mortal/CODE. There is a new release of reworks of old tracks and some new stuff that Further Electronix brought to light, that is well worth checking out. https://code16.bandcamp.com/album/continuum
  3. If for some reason you have yet to own these classics, this is the perfect opportunity.
  4. Snagged. Really enjoying this.
  5. While you are at it, check out the other early Border Community albums from Nathan Fake and Luke Abbott. All hit that analogue melodic sweet spot.
  6. Loved his previous albums. Hyped by the preview track here. Instabought. Nice to have him back. It’s been awhile.
  7. https://christian-coiffure.bandcamp.com/track/worshipping-anthills This tune.
  8. Always been one of my favorite tracks of theirs. So nice to have it in lossless vs my vinyl rip I’ve been playing for years.
  9. Always great to hear new (and new/old) Lowfish. His first albums still get regular plays from me.
  10. FWIW - I enjoyed it. But I am a dad who just turned 40.
  11. Hyped to hear this. His recent track on the Found Sound 3 comp was stellar.
  12. So much goodness here. @Touched Music When will we be hearing some more Yimino? Love their inclusion on this comp.
  13. Humanoid track is fire. Can’t wait to hear the rest.
  14. Ok - it’s almost actual EOY. I’m not letting you off the hook @species8472, @dcom, @beerwolf, @toaoaoad, @[email protected], @Alcofribas, @dr lopez, @trying to be less rude, @[email protected], @Nebraska, @cloud capture, @hello spiral, @bronchusevenLet’s get some recs!
  15. https://phoenecia.bandcamp.com/album/solid-state-compendium All the deep cuts in one easy to find place - in HQ nonetheless. Essential.
  16. Extralife

    Baddow Moods

    Out now and sounding quite lush.
  17. 2022 was a great year for electronic music, imo. Here's my top albums/eps: 36 - Symmetry Systems An Artificial Intelligence-inspired tour de force from Dennis. Volodymyr Gnatenko - Rainalice Trance/techno/IDM hybrid from my favorite new artist discovery of the year. Check out the rest of Volodymr's Bandcamp as well. VLR Industries - Transmitter Acid/rave/techno bangers from DJ VLR aka Llovaro. Szun Waves - Earth Patterns Astral jazz from the Abbott/Pike/Wylie supergroup. Steffi - The Red Hunter Propulsive IDM that brings back memories of the golden era. Russ Gabriel - Aonia Deep, soulful space techno that pairs well with Darren Nye's recent releases. Ronan - Interdependence Ronan can do no wrong in my book. Dubby, breakbeat, acidic goodness. Priori presents RED - Nigh A bit darker than his usual output, but the quality control is A+ as always. Principles of Geometry - ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Epic ode to the sounds popularized on SKAM/Rephlex/Warp. Nothing groundbreaking, but a whole lot of fun. Poly Chain - Dogtooth Psychedelic electro from the upstart Ukrainian producer. Plaid - Feorm Falorx A lot of mixed reviews on here, but I for one, loved it. Ossa - Exit Language Translator Not usually a fan of BoC knockoffs, but this one rises to the top. Not Even Noticed - No More Waiting/NGC 7026/Celestial Patterns Track down any of these three eps and you will not be disappointed. Moire - Circuits Think SAWII meets Seefeel meets Actress. Marco Zenker - Channel Balance "Silent City" might be my track of the year but the whole album is great. Konduku - Mantis 0910 Double pack of secret rhythms from Konduku. Also check out the Konsudd ep. Kloke - Anemoia Best drum and bass/jungle I've heard in a fair while. Katatonic Silentio - Les Chemins De L'inconnu Immersive and dark. Kangding Ray - ULTRACHROMA "Prismatic sonic crystals" Placid Angles - 056 (The Lotus) Not the biggest Beltran fan, but this is EP is perfection. The Future Sound of London - A Space of Partial Illumination (E7.002) Best FSOL since Dead Cities. Downstairs J - Too Chilled-out goodness. Would love to hear more from this guy. Luis - 057 (Schwyn) Pure bliss from the DJ Python alias. dgoHn - Portus "Nots" is my jam. The Detroit Escalator Company - Soundtrack [313] + 6 (Reissue) Reissue of a timeless underappreciated classic. Davide Tonini - Rigenerazioni "100% Eurorack. No overdub." Dasdreieck - A Land of Gilded Saints Josh wrote these tunes on his recent trip through the Balkans. Hugely gifted, but relatively unknown producer who is worth digging into. Darren Nye - Voyage of Light UK techno-soul of the highest quality. ctrl+opt - mapa Made a planet again. Cousin - Second Message Dubbed out goodness on Cousin's NAFF debut. Coppice Halifax - The Flower to Disappear Brian Grainger doing what Brian Granger does best. The Comet is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam Love this tune, love this album. (Sorry for no BC embed - don't think it is on Bandcamp) Christoph de Babalon - Leaving Time "Doom laden" breaks. Birds ov Paradise - Rainmaker Lovely ambient dub-tech from the Hypnus camp. Alphageneric - Aera 178 Pts 1-3 Three-part album collaboration of synth experiments from Bigeneric (Marco Repetto) and Alphatronic (Daniel Wihler). Absolute LUSHNESS. Badun - Dreamers in the System Improvised electronic jazz from the Danish duo. Aquarian - Mutations I & II Face-melters. (edit: forgot to mention: Bot1500 - Surreal, Ceephax - Baddow Moods, the zvLd soundcloud drop + livestreams, Lnrdcroy Bandcamp singles which are now in 'private' hopefully because an album is on the way.)
  18. Just need to find some free time! I will throw something together though.
  19. Favorite @dcom rec in a while. Looking forward to hearing Departure now.
  20. Very good, as expected. Love this ambient-braindance turn he has been taking lately.
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