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  1. Haven't had it yet, from werewolf brewery in camden, should be 'interesting' The brewery is pretty neat
  2. hello spiral


    iirc from the AAA, this is a rob solo?
  3. Got this shirt back up on Everpress. 12 days left to cop. https://everpress.com/absolute-unit
  4. YES! Been looking forward to this all year, has not disappointed
  5. I've relaunched this Everpress campaign for those whomst missed out in 2020 https://everpress.com/absolute-unit
  6. Bored at work so I have consolidated every non-full album youtube link from this thread into a playlist etheric-ambient-glitch - YouTube With the exception of the autechre garbage track, far too familiar to me and would be jarring to come on in the middle of these
  7. https://hf.space/static/dalle-mini/dalle-mini/index.html
  8. Did anyone catch what he said in the AMA about SIGN and PLUS? They basically made these tracks just to build up some chops on some new software they were using, in the intention to use it for the Sophie remix. And by the time they were done they were sick of the software and didn't use it for the Sophie remix. I guess the next step was them ringing warp and being like "uuh, we've got some tracks here I guess?"
  9. the real chatmm is on discord, but it ain't the official watmm one...
  10. chatmm was roasting me saying the stream was just 5hr hello spiral confirmation bias stream, over stuff like Inland Empire and anti-gear etc But he trashed the ending of Lost and BR2049 Always been of the opinion BR2049 > OG BR (don't @ me)
  11. I was sat on the toilet with the door open at the time, and when he read out "what did you think of Blade Runner 2049" it then went silent for a full 30secs and I shouted to my gf "did the stream fuck up again?" her reply: "no, he's just not saying anything and shaking his head slowly"
  12. He knows me so well :^) *achievement unlocked* np: an hour of unreleased.........[nothing to see here]
  13. I am proud to be ignorant and know fuck all about twitch
  14. some very cringe guys in the chat are literally paying to have their questions highlighted, and they're all about boc
  15. Someone asked why they never used the guy that made the Plyphon vid. He said he dug the vid, but it was too derivative of Rutterford and said "It's like listening to Wisp and thinking 'yeah this is alright I guess, but I could just be listening to aphex' "
  16. see also: Pen Expers
  17. I asked him about that, I was just in chatmm saying "I hope IOS heard that"
  18. the wisp comment was so on point lol
  19. Actual new ae ovah heah https://www.instagram.com/p/CeWfkO5sesu/
  20. someone with an analord av has no business criticising another’s music.
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