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  1. Seeing a lady on the reg now it seems Pretty smitten, the both of us :feelsgoodman:
  2. yup I just smashed too She's asleep behind me and I am sitting here sippin some whisky and watching Rate My Takeaway it is 03:33am
  3. Yeah enjoyed but totally fell apart in the last quarter. Had no idea that was Reece Shearsmith until I saw his name in the end credits either.
  4. Go outside and touch some grass my man
  5. I got a second date with her on the basis that I told her a sharted this morning. No lie.
  6. think my room smells of cat piss. Am unsure if it is the patch on the bed from when she got lonely when I was on nights, which I have sprayed liberally with industrial urine enzyme breakdown shit. Or if she's gone somewhere else yet undiscovered. Also dingformung needs to stfu
  7. got some feedback from the date I went on last weekend
  8. last night at work a prisoner asked me to pass an empty vape box to the cell opposite "they asked for it earlier, I don't think they've got one to put their vapes in" Then he gave it to me:
  9. we better not win. Moron sport cunts will be absolutely insufferable here for a long time.
  10. I forget how many people never go beyond the tastes they developed in their 20s. Anyway this bangs 🔥
  11. I just got a warning email for 'flame baiting' in 2019 Helpfully it also lets me know my warning point will expire on 08/30/19 06:02 PM
  12. There's a zine too, waiting on that. Will keep yall updated.
  13. bingo Most excellent digital colour job by @patternoverlaphere
  14. I was a downhill skater, can confirm
  15. we had the builders over the other day to fix something in the flat, two large Jamaican men. I've known them for like 3 years now, they came knocking on my door for some BANTZ. Anyway when I hobbled out on my cane they lost their shit and more or less accused me of cultural appropriation "yo wass da pimp cane for?"
  16. Memory Glands has been going for a while man :^)
  17. In The Earth. Good fun, kinda fell apart by the end. Also every character except Shearsmith (whomst I didn't recognise until I saw his name in the closing credits) was a cardboard cutout. Relic. Enjoyed this. Especially when it went all House of Leaves. The Invisible Man Way too long and dumb af
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