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  1. The latter I think. I grew up with them, I had an Atari at the age of 6 or 7, followed by a Commodore64, an Amiga 500, Megadrive, PS1 & PS2 and N64. Then the Gamecube, which was the last console I bought. I still find some games interesting, I think because my 'peers' (people in chatmm) discuss them. I'll do a bit of research, find out what the setting and storyline is, watch a little bit of gameplay on youtube, just to satisfy my curiousity. But sinking hours and hours into a videogame now would give me existential dread, like I'm wasting time I could be spending on music and art stuff. And as far as escapism goes, I have a shitload of books I still haven't read.
  2. lol not a chance. Inspired Vs Derivative, how to tell the difference.
  3. ye. Was in the korean place to get root beer on the way to work and picked these up too, as well as my fave, DING DONG
  4. Yeah it's firefox at work and it works fine. At home I'll just abstain from watmm until it's fixed
  5. Finding out an artist I have been listening to for 10+ years is a legit fascist and *then* autistically doing even more research on this artist and listening to more of their music in the last 24hrs than I've done in years
  6. Yeah I did. But you have to do that with every page and I still couldn't reply to threads. >fuck this Our calling him out on the bootleg paywall has pushed him to extreme measures :^)
  7. Yeah last night shift tonight so I will be going straight home at 7am, dloading it and working my way through 2 different brewdog stouts (11% & 14%) while watching. Like I said, cunted.
  8. Yeah this is great. Got that 90s Warp vibe but with more up2date production. Which is usually what I hate/am underwhelmed by with BWE or Bjarki etc. For some reason this works, for me.
  9. Hmm ok, I dunno that 2016 album, will check it out cheers
  10. Yeah I've been trying to post about it here for hours at home but I can't even make posts on Chrome. For some reason I can at work though, despite the North Korean level security filters lol.
  11. ^his Love is a Stream is an all time classic for me. I have it on LP. Not sure if this was covered earlier in the thread but Matthew Bower aka Skullflower aka Sunroof! aka Hototogisu has been outed as a fascist https://thequietus.com/articles/26024-skullflower-matthew-bower-fascism-racism Been listening to his stuff for over ten years so kind've a bummer. Also proving the old adage All Publicity = Good Publicity, I've listened to nothing but his stuff since I read that Quietus piece yesterday. Catching up on unheard releases. And it's all as good as I remember it being. Ugh.
  12. One thing is certain, I shall be cunted
  13. ^ yeah I saw that in the cinema when it came out. Love it. Watch it at least once a year.
  14. Last videogame I played was Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube
  15. ^Back on topic Nightmare Jet Set Willy Ghostbusters cartoon Trap Door Stoppit and Tidyup Art Attack
  16. The Aggression Scale was pretty boring BUT had a bunch of unexpected familiar faces, Ray Wise, the arm wrestling guy from TP3 and Jacob Reynolds from Gummo
  17. I found myself thinking, browsing this 'life in pictures' article, that that cat possibly had a very stressful life which may have contributed to the shortening of its lifespan. Then realised I was being a typical know-the-full-story-after-browsing-one-article cunt and told myself to stfu. anyway RIP tardar sauce
  18. Resident Advisor: Not All Electronic Music is Aphex Twin Shocker
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