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  1. yeah I do all my business mainly by IG DM. You can DM me here though too :^)
  2. oh lord that was so on the nose I love radiohead still (since the 90s) but that was embarrassing to watch
  3. thanks man. Prints are something I've not got around to yet. Atm just have shirts n tote bags n stickers n shit
  4. For cringe stakes, /r/aphextwin and the watmm aphex subreddit are neck and neck tbh. /r/aphextwin wins by a nose. CHATMM goes there once a fortnight or so for some cringelols.
  5. I'm still reading Lucy Ellman's Ducks, Newburyport. It ain't half a fucking slog. It's 1000 pages of near-puncuation-less and completely-paragraph-less stream of consciousness prose of all the thoughts flying around inside an Ohio housewife's head as she makes pies in her kitchen. Every now and then the action switches up (to give you a break mostly) to a nearby female mountain lion who has just had some kittens. These parts are barely 2 pages long though, before switching back to another 100-200 pages of 'the fact that' Oh I forgot to mention that. Every single sentence in the Ohio housewife's parts of the book are punctuated with 'the fact that'. To be fair if you dive in and read it at breakneck speed, it acts as a kind of rhythmic device/anchor. I have 200 pages left, pray for me.
  6. back on this inktober bullshit https://www.instagram.com/p/CUhmaY_oikc/
  7. Went to the Paddington Brewdog with my lady yesterday for a Sunday drink/lunch. There was a fat, metal lookin' neckbeard behind the bar and I assumed he was playing the music. I gave live updates in chatmm: nb: on review of this conversation I realise 'bad raprock' is a tautology, for which I apologise.
  8. Coffee, water and fish and chip flavoured crisps (or, to americans, fish and fries flavoured chips)
  9. I've got one ticket, and a week ago a pal gave me another two as he can't make it. So it'll be me, m'lady and probably @oscillik
  10. I saw him in a tiny pub in either Nottingham or Derby back in....04 or 05? Fuck me it was good.
  11. 'Prohibited by a law' is pretty chucklesome
  12. very aware lol, old hand at this.
  13. I sold all the CDs but I still got everything on vinyl I still have the steel quaristice CD and the hafler trio collabs tho I would quite like the LP5 CD back because I plan to trip with my lady soon and I remember what a profound effect holding that casing had on me when I was listening, and I would like to recreate for her...
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