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  1. wow deece. thanks for letting me know (and thanks for support!)
  2. all gone sry new release coming soon tho. keep’em peeled.
  3. irony aside it is a very good album yes I should know. This comp was started in 2017 and I have listened to it approx 500 times now :^)
  4. yeah, that + the Beyonce sample If this blows up we're getting both cancelled and sued
  5. ok here we go we about to sync in chatmm, DM if you want an invite https://memoryglands.bandcamp.com/album/youre-in-chatmms-house-now
  6. Bump because I am listening to this again for the first time since making it and it fucking rules tbh
  7. I just pre-sold a quarter of the tapes that I don't even have yet to a record shop in Japan.
  8. ikr you won't b. It's already in the works yeah it's lofi house
  9. https://memoryglands.bandcamp.com/album/youre-in-chatmms-house-now While we're waiting, here are some codes: https://salaamhelicoid.bandcamp.com/yum Future Egypt 2pwr-eyjr u9x3-hrpa xyc5-vs7b qkjf-6dpx fngl-yl3p ldkh-7jdn ejyj-56we bf28-byl3 5dly-cfqs rjpy-xp6d dbfn-j28h Face I deserve pl5f-hun8 8s6m-55vn 7656-wqne xnrt-c85u jam2-x27p f785-jcqn mwnb-kcge fpam-gxru 5ff9-uvwq b5du-59dt a7ja-78xb 8mbr-vnmw 2rvw-ge9s STTC eq8z-xnz3 grnu-je94 2xdv-kbgm dej8-6xf6 p8b2-yvek 6fke-vpt8 kw39-gr3n zjvz-3llj n9bk-hm5y mtxu-vgbr gkqa-634l 3n8r-kxje Circlejerk 3lmd-vlpw we8e-6a3s s6nb-y7dl sndm-bjxe sdq9-xka3 k7dh-34q4 u5hp-cqga x8er-wtr7 qz7w-c2hv f35c-xcm8 5x6q-ecy2 gqyf-3w2h 3ruv-cxwv dvl8-hpc8
  10. bump one of my most recent:
  11. ^lol I've found myself in a strange online relationship with an artist girl in california that I met via IG. Nudes have been exchanged. She has done drawings and paintings of mine and they are on her account. We talk via DM twice a day. When it's morning for me and evening for her and vice versa. We sync music and movies and youtube videos.
  12. I’ve not been here for like a month. whut?
  13. Bump, because Herr Jan backed up the actual stream to his youtube:
  14. Can someone please tell what that movie was that was posted in here about middle aged white women travelling to black countries (I think the west indies) to fuck young black guys? It was either German or Skandi, and part of a trilogy I think...
  15. Bump because someone commented on this video today. And I've not listened to it in 4 years. Still had me lolling
  16. hey guys, look how much this guy doesn’t care
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