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  1. Our newest housemate, some startup techbro, had some kind of weird breakdown when I was away at the weekend and put weird signs all over the flat. Came to a head last night when he threw another housemate down a corridor against a door (dude is ripped and possibly 'roided) and I had to drag drunk angry frenchman (who had gone all scrappy doo) into my room to stop techbro guy from killing him. Then the police attended. On a FWS side tho, this one sign he put up is the funniest thing I've read in a while
  2. I'm in Den Helder (literally 'The Gates of Hell') with @Herr Jan and some other fucking freaks, hi.
  3. sprained my knee by sleeping wrong. Two nights ago. Still sprained. Definitely nearly 40.
  4. Well they are all the same guy. He's seen his own butt loads of times, as have we all.
  5. I have no idea who those two singers are and I decline to find out
  6. bit late for that now :^) I donate most the the revenue to a cum theft charity. The 'Screen Printer Laborers' (all female) said they're fine with that.
  7. PM if interested. I haven’t ordered many. They’re being screen printed in C O R N W A L L
  8. I'm told it's full of Americans calling each other wankers, twats and nonces
  9. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/e4af52745856ca74436c6845cfaed35a20191014022822/1885d1
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