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  1. I've been saying for years that it kinda reminds me of today's '4real' punk scenes, like the camden punk bands. About 100 bands all making 5 albums a year of identikit tracks. Constrained by the narrow parameters within which you will only be taken seriously by the 'scene'. Creatively, it is salted earth.
  2. hello spiral

    elseq 1-5

    probably my fave track on this whole release
  3. It is straight hot garbage. I cringed 37 times in the first 25mins.
  4. Didn't know any of this existed until Max Tundra posted about it on IG as he's on the new one. Will be czeching it out.
  5. Can't help but imagine Pokk saying all this excitedly in the open doorway of a bar. And this is the watmm bar:
  6. Here's some relatively obscure ones, both lovely.
  7. saw The Thing as a cinema matinee this week with new lady. was her first time seeing. Was a good time.
  8. My current lady is seeth efrican. She bought over some seeth efrican Ostrich Bubgers (pictured) edit: they tasted like meat, in a bun, with vegetables
  9. yeah I do all my business mainly by IG DM. You can DM me here though too :^)
  10. oh lord that was so on the nose I love radiohead still (since the 90s) but that was embarrassing to watch
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