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  1. If someone is being a twat and/or annoying, lots of people will call them a twat and/or annoying. That's not 'ganging up'.
  2. flol holy shit, he was totally describing you
  3. As much nostalgia as I have for old rickety chatmm. Don't knock new un-chatmm till you've tried it :^)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSHSMZ0_nOk I agree with you. You're far more eligable for banhammering
  5. I miss ragnar. I think he was onto something with his Prime Minister of Japan is a homosexual furry hologram theory
  6. Rare footage of chatmm discord (colourised)
  7. Have you seen me address you directly since I said that? Will you please stfu now, nobody cares. Least of all me.
  8. It's all about house music and what constitutes 'real' house music, if you can fucking believe that. I don't think this happened. This man is clearly unstable.
  9. Christ he just keeps going
  10. Ok. Enjoy ur martyr status. Seek help. There’s no talking sense to you. I’m out
  11. Glutton for punishment that I am I just scanned the cod-pynchon-with-a-mild-concussion that is your latest sikk burn opus. Tbh I don't believe a word of the 'death threat' story. I think it's something you made up in an attempt to make us feel bad for taking the piss out of you and now it's a story you have to stick to. Perhaps you've even convinced yourself it happened by now. The caricature you paint of me is pretty funny, considering what the reality is. Such insecure projection. And that's what all this blather boils down to doesn't it? Insecurity and fear. You realise I'm not some king/Idol with faithful accolytes in chat right? I get it in the neck way worse than you manage. People who actually know how to press your buttons. You have to be pretty thick skinned, though it's all in fun and games. #classicbantz Unfortunately judging by the way you react to even the slightest ribbing, I suspect you resemble an Alex Grey painting irl. I've sent you an invite many times. So has Herr Jan. You went from making excuses "I've got mates around" to just ignoring us now. The aim was just to sort out this misundrstanding in an honest conversation in realtime. But I suspect you're too scared if you can't consult a theasaurus and pre-plan paragraphs of awful sub-literary wank first.
  12. Yes, You get notified when you're quoted you know? Do I have to explain the internet to you Grandad? Time for one of those phones with the giant numbers methinks :^)
  13. how many words have you written so far because I dared to post a gif of people laughing? I didn't even read the last lot of pretentious word salad, I gots shit to do mang
  14. Hey who's that handsome fella in the thumbnail? now playing
  15. Yeah my passport on is horrific. Serial killer mugshot
  16. I'm working 8 days straight mah man. Bills ain't gonna pay themselves 💸
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