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Tusken Raiders Inchstar Static EP


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thx for the heads up!

Yeah! Got mine in the basket + that brainwaltzerra bewplum( that sounds like straight up mu-ziq too btw)U manage to get one?


Nah, not a BW fan at all.

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Wasn't gonna buy this as it seemed waaayy too expensive for an EP (and I'm not the biggest uziq fan), but listened to the tracks and that B side just sounded far too fantastic to miss.

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Arived today, pretty sweet stuff, U where right about that B-side aswel. Love that B1!

Anyone else have realy cool looking black smuges in their transparent vinyl too?

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50 more copies of Inchstar should show up on Bleep eventually. Also,



This is getting put out on vinyl by Furthur Electronix for their VA release coming up.  They are distributing through subwax now for most releases, so it won't be as hard to find a copy. 


edit - discogs link https://www.discogs.com/Various-Furthur-Journeys-Into-Electronix-1/release/12430825 , there are some great tracks on it. 

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