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Hi all...


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Hi all.

I have been without my PC for a couple or three weeks, and more importantly, without my beloved Reason.  It's been.....shit.  But on the bright side, not only do I have my PC again, I have bought a new keyboard - finally.  I have been doing everything by programming or using the PC keyboard, now I can actually play parts...awesome.  And I am working my way through the Piano Grades, so I can pick up that again - I'm so chuffed!!

Anyway, just thought I would say a quick hello to y'all - hope everyone is well...


PS I have a problem I can't solve regarding my  new keyboard and Reason, is there somewhere here I could post it for some help??

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Greets Davidoff Kool Water, welcome abourd the SS Sausagefest aka General Banter, doot doot

If it's music/tech protips ye seek, Expert Knob Twidlers is the hallway for your hot dog dawg.

And those fucking rules aren't gonna read themselves, are they?

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14 hours ago, BobDobalina said:

.And those fucking rules aren't gonna read themselves, are they?

Ah, I am wise to that one BobDob....someone clued me up to that little jest..... ?

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1 hour ago, BCM said:

hello right back, imma bout to head out or I'd have a go at helping with the keyboard issue, sounds annoying...

Thanks anyway BCM, but here I am god knows how many hours later, and I have sorted it.  But more by just trying so many different options and combinations it all finally fell into place by accident.  It was perseverance and patience that got me to the answer, not from any manual help. Oh, and drugs of course..........?? Just messing of course just say no kids.......

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16 hours ago, producer snafu said:

sup, dude!

I am listening to your track above, and I don't quite know what to say apart from - it's, strangely....awesome. I don't know what you are smoking, but it's a fucking mental tune.  Originality always counts for a lot, and this sure is original.  And there is original, and there is original - I could sample myself scratching my balls, loop it and ta-da, a new track.  Original - but shit.  Your track is just, just...I really can't find the words!!  Nice work snafu........ 

I'm here....  https://clyp.it/user/b4s0eyas#    ?

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