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Tell you all what, the next challenge will happen soon apparently. I say we invade and create the most forward-thinking music possible. 

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On 5/14/2020 at 5:32 PM, Tim_J said:

hey dude, what are you using to do those stutter/repeating fx in the piano at the start of the song?


leaves odyssey is such a banger!!!

Buffer override plugin, I dont have access to my pc atm so can't remember exactly which.. I do remember I got it from the mosca free plugin list thread  :)

The coolest sounding synth sounds are from Xhip which I also got from that thread!

The leaves odyssey track took waay too long to make, doing breaks is fun but takes 2 long! 


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Yo all these songs are super tight. You seem to really have a style that youre going for and I think its really well executed. The video aspect of recipe_01 was super cool. Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more stuff!

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