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  1. t yst r


    Hoping for a surprise Brad Dourif cameo or something.
  2. Yes!!! https://www.space.com/hubble-space-telescope-revived-from-safe-mode?utm_source=notification
  3. That's because it's in the west. West is best. We fear the east. We romantisize the sunset and not the sunrise, because it's in the west. Think about that.
  4. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/1-billion-years-of-tectonic-plate-movement/
  5. We named our baby girl of two weeks Eres. Not at all a common name here in Belgium, so locally it's pretty IDM, I guess. Also, congrats to all the other parentinos here!
  6. Yes, and the other tracknames refer to locations on the old circuit. Likemind #06 has a track called Eau Rouge, which is a location just past La Source.
  7. Starlink satellites drifting apart shortly after launch maybe? The vanishing could be that they moved into earth's shadow.
  8. Thanks for keeping this up!
  9. Michael Collins https://www.space.com/michael-collins-apollo-11-astronaut-dies-at-90
  10. Ok, so ³oæh is the title of the boxset, I hadn't seen that before. Thanks! Disregard that Soundohm page, it's a mess 😄
  11. These sound like bits from one of the first two albums (I'm guessing the second). I listened to those plenty, but not the third. The pitchfork review printed here is also from when the second album was released. Pretty confusing...
  12. Just for a second imagine what an all acoustic Autechre album would sound like... (Non-native English, so bear with me below) (also slightly drunk post, so bear with me belowow) I've been thinking about this for a while now. Does Autechre do what it does best within its current practice, or is it still searching for an ultimate framework to work in? Is it digital (however it still may evolve), or will they eventually steer away from it? Does the digital platform allow them to actually make music that would otherwise be impossible to make and thus surpass reality, or are we just kidding ourselves and is reality still stranger than fiction? After all, anything digital (fiction) is still made real via a paper cone and is therefore 'downplayed' into the real world to hear. Anything digital is channeled through that and may therefore forever be less real than anything actually real. Ofcourse, any recording played through that same paper cone, regardless of the instruments originally used will be similarly downplayed, but a digital sound can't come from anything but that paper cone (unless I'm wrong about that ofcourse). I consider Autechre to be really pushing things forward, even more so than Aphex Twin does (though Aphex actually does do acoustic things). I think they have yet to show their best. What that will sound like is anyone's guess. I don't think even they can imagine that just yet. What is their final album going to be like? And when will that be? Not anytime soon if you ask me. They're simply not done yet. Their motto may be more "how much music haven't we made?" than "how much have we made?". The first is infinite for sure, and that is what I believe drives them.
  13. One of the bro's' daytime job is writing code for Youtube that identifies warped and buried samples.
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