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  1. That new artwork? Haven't seen it before.
  2. I came across these two videos about Sónar '96 that were broadcast on Catalonian TV at that time. Both have short bits about Autechre that I hadn't seen before. Sadly, there's no audio from the set like in the OP video. Autechre at 13:40 and here at 26:48 this video that I don't know how to embed :)
  3. But these were released on Rephlex. Weren't all rights returned to the artists when Rephlex shut down?
  4. Perhaps he's too preoccupied with his job to focus on new music? The only reason anything gets released at all is because the labels can do it for him, using tracks that are already out there and with an occasional 'new' one.
  5. Lol, split into three tracks for our convenience, one for each stage. Track 1: Rumble Track 2: Rage Track 3: Recovery
  6. I want a recording of that show in Barcelona they show in the Universal Techno documentary. That track playing right there is sooo good. Very reminiscent of the Psy-Onyx remix, but more upbeat.
  7. He started reading my question about whether or not they used a gamelan on Confield and stopped halfway in and just said "yeh"... 😄
  8. I hope one of the recordings will have the "I wish you wouldn't do that" tech guy say something new.
  9. This visualization presents 22 X-ray binary systems that host confirmed black holes at the same scale, with their orbits sped up by about 22,000 times. The view of each system reflects how we see it from Earth. Star colors ranging from blue-white to reddish represent temperatures from 5 times hotter to 45% cooler than our Sun. In most of these systems, a stream of matter from the star forms an accretion disk around the black hole. In others, like the famous system called Cygnus X-1, the star produces a hefty outflow that is partly swept up by the black hole’s gravity to form the disk. The accretion disks use a different color scheme because they sport even higher temperatures than the stars. The largest disk shown, belonging to a binary called GRS 1915, spans a distance greater than that separating Mercury from our Sun. The black holes themselves are shown larger than in reality using spheres scaled to reflect their masses.
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