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  1. I've been trying to find the original songs that were used by the Caretaker. Apart from what I found on whosampled.com and a Youtube channel there isn't much more. I'm the most interested in the ones on 'Everywhere at the end of time stage 2'. I would love to know what that last track is. I did find the first one, which is 'Love's old sweet song' by James Molloy. Discovered it while watching the movie Awakenings. Anyone else know something?
  2. Cool that you caught that. It's gone in a flash, but a connoisseur wouldn't miss it. Why though do filmmakers think Autechre and the like is psycho music? Remember Machines' den in '8mm'? Pussies...
  3. Lol at daytime aurora borealis in the tropics 😄
  4. It's Chris Cunningham, long overdue. Edit: collab soundwise, not visual.
  5. I've been planning to make something similar for the last ten years, but all practical effects, based on Richard Devine's Cautella. It'll be smashing when it's done. Catch me back in ten years :P
  6. t yst r


    Thanks for the heads up. Would've missed it for sure. Scored three albums so far from tuesday on. I'll buy some more afterwards just out of gratitude. Such a nice guy...
  7. Anyone got an Ipad Pro and if so how do you rate its performance for apps etc?
  8. Next up: "music for asteroids"
  9. This is a remix by them right? Oh, it is 😄
  10. I like it. Some of these interludes sound very much like them.
  11. Flol if Sean and Rob were seperate entities that would sometime do a collab and watmm be like "meh, it's fine"
  12. A comment on Youtube: The bassline and melody of The Devil Is In The Details are an octave and a major sixth apart. The bassline/melody repeats the first note three times, yielding three consecutive "sixths" in a row, i.e. 6-6-6. Furthermore, the bassline and melody are approximately 1.618 seconds apart - the golden ratio. Pretty cool :)
  13. Haven't listened to this in full yet, but those vocals are very off-putting indeed. Track 1 was promising though... The only truly great stuff Jimmy ever did was My Mines I and Seual Dual (imo). Don't know Machinedrum.
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