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  1. What mix is this track on? Sorry to have to ask...
  2. I heard just a bit and it sounded really nice. Such a bummer the broadcast constantly stopped. I'm hoping for a re-broadcast.
  3. https://www.discogs.com/artist/2326924-Bhatoptics
  4. If grunge wasn't already a thing, this could be it...
  5. Sign + æ = Sinai Sinai desert is hot This thread is hot Hot threads are marked with orange It all meshes...
  6. Yes, halfway through it becomes pretty much all Phoenecia.
  7. Was wondering the same thing. I think it's because of the cilindrical shape of the silos. The side facing the blast took all the damage and perhaps the remaining force was absorbed by the grain. Just guessing, really.
  8. In 2000 the Dutch town of Enschede was blown up after a fireworks factory caught fire. People just stood around because they thought it was a paper factory. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_etfXcbguZw
  9. Dat flare tho... 💥
  10. t yst r


    I haven't had a drink of JWB before, but it's supposed to be a pretty solid blend. The Double Black even more so. My main issue with blended whiskies -as far as I've tasted any- is that they're a little too balanced and rounded. That makes it super tasty the first few sips, but soon becomes pretty boring. Finlaggan is probably the best cheap malt scotch you can get. And it's good! Supposedly, it's either a Laphroaig or a Lagavulin. My favourite Islay whiskies are the ones from Bruichladdich. If you want to go all the way peaty, get a Port Charlotte and an Octomore. Not cheap, but wor
  11. Quite a way to contribute to a resurrected thread. That's some deep cold shit right there, you sick puppy Just remember not to leave your infant child laying around, cause you know, famine and all... My time is definitely end of the nineteenth century and onward. Introduction at 1880, exit at around 1913 (fuck war). Age at intro; 25. Financial situation; mildly rich. Location; Brussels (plus the occasional excursion to Paris). Keeping a keen eye on the arts, watching as the belle epoque unfurls. Ah, the last age of the true decorative arts... Gay! ? But so good...
  12. Could be pretty cool. Sadly, I'm not a big fan of his artwork. I like the design, but not the style. I would really love a whole book of this if Tekkoman did it. The guy now works at Pixar. http://tekkoman.blogspot.com/2008/02/drexciya.html?m=1
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