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  1. This one I didn't get and then surprised me when I scrolled back up from the posts below. #whitebalance
  2. t yst r


    Absolutely agree! Moreover, I (unfoundedly) suspect that Cap.IV may have been the original closer for Confield. The similarity of both tracks and also the nearly identical runtimes (so it could also fit on the CD?). Maybe the boys deemed it a bit too wild for the album, but didn't want to ditch the idea. Hence, a similar track, but somewhat more in line with the general atmosphere of the album. Too good a track to let go to waste, it was perfect for an EP. I believe I've read somewhere on WATMM that Gantz Graf (the track) was made in 1997 or so and was something they didn't know what to do with. So together with this and Dial. it made a smashing EP. Perhaps Dial. is the only track specifically written for that release? Could be total bollocks though...
  3. Don't worry. OCD will eventually take charge.
  4. https://www.livescience.com/ipcc-climate-report-2021.html?utm_source=notification No doubt the sceptics will scept again and prove their point with gutfeel.
  5. Ring and all. Could have used some shiny icing on the hands though...
  6. Nuts... Very excited for when this launches. https://www.space.com/elon-musk-thrilled-spacex-starship-worlds-tallest-rocket?utm_source=notification
  7. t yst r


    Hoping for a surprise Brad Dourif cameo or something.
  8. Yes!!! https://www.space.com/hubble-space-telescope-revived-from-safe-mode?utm_source=notification
  9. That's because it's in the west. West is best. We fear the east. We romantisize the sunset and not the sunrise, because it's in the west. Think about that.
  10. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/1-billion-years-of-tectonic-plate-movement/
  11. We named our baby girl of two weeks Eres. Not at all a common name here in Belgium, so locally it's pretty IDM, I guess. Also, congrats to all the other parentinos here!
  12. Yes, and the other tracknames refer to locations on the old circuit. Likemind #06 has a track called Eau Rouge, which is a location just past La Source.
  13. Starlink satellites drifting apart shortly after launch maybe? The vanishing could be that they moved into earth's shadow.
  14. Thanks for keeping this up!
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