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  1. t yst r


    I haven't had a drink of JWB before, but it's supposed to be a pretty solid blend. The Double Black even more so. My main issue with blended whiskies -as far as I've tasted any- is that they're a little too balanced and rounded. That makes it super tasty the first few sips, but soon becomes pretty boring. Finlaggan is probably the best cheap malt scotch you can get. And it's good! Supposedly, it's either a Laphroaig or a Lagavulin. My favourite Islay whiskies are the ones from Bruichladdich. If you want to go all the way peaty, get a Port Charlotte and an Octomore. Not cheap, but worth every penny. The Octomore is mindblowing... A really nice blended malt from Islay is Big Peat. Not very cheap either, but also worth the price. Another cheap Islay malt is the Ileach. Comparable to Finlaggan, although I prefer the latter. For cheap(ish) non-peated scotch, get a bottle of Glenfarclas 105. Heavy sherry cask influence and cask strength too ? The only single malt that I didn't like so far is the Cardhu 12 yo. Very plain, no aftertaste. Simply dull.
  2. Quite a way to contribute to a resurrected thread. That's some deep cold shit right there, you sick puppy Just remember not to leave your infant child laying around, cause you know, famine and all... My time is definitely end of the nineteenth century and onward. Introduction at 1880, exit at around 1913 (fuck war). Age at intro; 25. Financial situation; mildly rich. Location; Brussels (plus the occasional excursion to Paris). Keeping a keen eye on the arts, watching as the belle epoque unfurls. Ah, the last age of the true decorative arts... Gay! ? But so good...
  3. t yst r


    Could be pretty cool. Sadly, I'm not a big fan of his artwork. I like the design, but not the style. I would really love a whole book of this if Tekkoman did it. The guy now works at Pixar. http://tekkoman.blogspot.com/2008/02/drexciya.html?m=1
  4. Aye, and all those Andy's, Ed's, Chris's, Luke's, Tom's and Rob's. It's a madhouse
  5. You have to admit, the idm's are confusing. The Twin, the 'boys', the 'brothers'... no wonder people mix them up.
  6. Yep, I knew it was that, but I meant that it's hard to make out if you don't know what you're looking for.
  7. That takes some foreknowledge to be able to see it ?
  8. t yst r


    Is that a polaroid? Coz that would be so cool ?
  9. This is 100% Autechre sound with imagery, right? New album material?
  10. t yst r


    A few of his older releases on Strange Life Records under various aliases are 'name your price' over at Viewlexx https://shop.hott.mx/ Takes a little digging.
  11. I went to see them in 2017 as they performed during a commemoration of the battle of Messines called 'Kraterfront'. The stage was set up in a field in Heuvelland ("hillland") where a row of giant spotlights stood on top of and behind the hills a kilometer or so away, illuminating the beautiful landscape and sky. They started playing when the sun was setting behind the audience. Brilliantly, as the music progressed a full moon was slowly rising over the hills in front of us. Powerful stuff... A short video of the event
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