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  1. This is a remix by them right? Oh, it is ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. I like it. Some of these interludes sound very much like them.
  3. Flol if Sean and Rob were seperate entities that would sometime do a collab and watmm be like "meh, it's fine"
  4. A comment on Youtube: The bassline and melody of The Devil Is In The Details are an octave and a major sixth apart. The bassline/melody repeats the first note three times, yielding three consecutive "sixths" in a row, i.e. 6-6-6. Furthermore, the bassline and melody are approximately 1.618 seconds apart - the golden ratio. Pretty cool :)
  5. Haven't listened to this in full yet, but those vocals are very off-putting indeed. Track 1 was promising though... The only truly great stuff Jimmy ever did was My Mines I and Seual Dual (imo). Don't know Machinedrum.
  6. Just kidding ๐Ÿ˜ Clearly, they don't need to repeat themselves. There's still so much to be uncovered.
  7. Autechre have always been trying to get back to basics and are failing with every release.
  8. Some of those tracks are different from the digital version of this album.
  9. This is a serious plot twist.
  10. I think the relative silence in here says something about what this last part does to people... Personally, I find everything flowing into a sort of logical progression of what I could have expected. Tense, frightening and claustrophobic atmospheres alternating with those blissful peace-at-last parts. It works, it really works, especially when you consider this project grew organically. Part 4 now sounds rich and almost oversaturated compared to the later parts, whereas it first sounded empty compared to the preconscious states. The last track really stands out, because it is absolute bliss, free of all that earthbound hiss and those pops and clicks... Peace at last, not minding to be there any more. But then that last part bursts through... I don't know what to make of that... is that heaven? Or did we just get pulled back down? Is that a requiem for ourselves, or is it one for our life-long loved one that we are forced to witness, in an absolute last moment of consciousness? And then nothing... Fuck... I'll have to get back to you on that... Thank you, mr. Kirby. I think...
  11. t yst r


    Aye, and the 11 minute Kalpol Introl..... lovely stuffThey are both very awesome, as are the Bike, Liccflii, Basscadet and Flutter live versions...I don't know if there's more, but I'd pounce on a collection of live/extended edits of previously released album tracks that they've played live or included in their promo mixes throughout the years. ... Then again, I'd probably pounce on a collection of fart sounds if they thought to officially release them... <shrug> I don't doubt that AE make more interesting sounds while sitting on the toilets for 10 minutes than most musicians will ever wind up releasing throughout their entire careers. Can hear Sean beat boxing while droppin a load in my head right now... And it's pure bliss. Mira Calix is one fucking lucky human being. =P Especially during holidays... Rob totally spends holidays with the Booth family, right? <eyes rolling into the back of my head with ecstacy> Rob in the downstairs bathroom while Sean is upstairs after feasting on a Christmas ham... Calix could sample the shit out of the chorus echoes reverberating throughout the flat and wind up with a masterpiece. Aren't they divorced? Hoping they're not, ofcourse.
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