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  1. (Sorry, your opinion on this doesn't really do much for me :/) 🤭 But seriously; doesn't it?
  2. Gaspard Ulliel 🥺 He died after a ski accident. Only 37 years old... https://variety.com/2022/film/news/gaspard-ulliel-dead-moon-knight-marvel-1235157242/
  3. Ok, I just found out about this wonderful piece, 'The Grand Canyon Suite' by Ferde Grofé. It's been sourced for three tracks in stage 2 of EATEOT (C4, D1 and D5). I'm not very familiar with American composers and their work. This makes me want to find out more about them. Apparently, Grofé also played a major part in making Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue a success by adapting the score for orchestra. Original 1932 recording, conducted by Paul Whiteman. Later recordings with better sound quality are also worth checking out.
  4. Ovals & Emeralds on vinyl, finally! Bit of a pity it's not an emerald green record, as it was originally intended to be on Mush Records.
  5. From the description of the tracks in the 5.3.11 thread I think it's the one that's known as Live Jam Session Vol. 1. Not sure, but pretty sure.
  6. Ice to Goe is an especially satisfying transition 😆
  7. I liked Aphex up until the SC dump. Then I loved him.
  8. Open Bandcamp app > Account > Settings > Notifications > "Notify me when artists I follow don't release new music"
  9. This one I didn't get and then surprised me when I scrolled back up from the posts below. #whitebalance
  10. t yst r


    Absolutely agree! Moreover, I (unfoundedly) suspect that Cap.IV may have been the original closer for Confield. The similarity of both tracks and also the nearly identical runtimes (so it could also fit on the CD?). Maybe the boys deemed it a bit too wild for the album, but didn't want to ditch the idea. Hence, a similar track, but somewhat more in line with the general atmosphere of the album. Too good a track to let go to waste, it was perfect for an EP. I believe I've read somewhere on WATMM that Gantz Graf (the track) was made in 1997 or so and was something they didn't know what to do with. So together with this and Dial. it made a smashing EP. Perhaps Dial. is the only track specifically written for that release? Could be total bollocks though...
  11. https://www.livescience.com/ipcc-climate-report-2021.html?utm_source=notification No doubt the sceptics will scept again and prove their point with gutfeel.
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