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  1. WWW.AMKS.LIVE ______ 06D__03M__2021Y______1800H__GMT_____360M__ THE_FEAR__RATIO______ SDEM DWELLINGS______ AD_VANZ LEGOLAB__ MDX_____________ VULJ_____________ !__SUBJECTTOFLUX_____|
  2. This has a Chris Cunningham aesthetic to it. Nice!
  3. https://www.logosfoundation.org/instrum_gwr/HAT.html
  4. Godfried-Willem Raes Godfried is like Geoffrey in english, but is an unusual name nowadays.
  5. Did they ask you to change the name? Looks nice.
  6. Thank you so very much! Again!
  7. In binary a kilobyte contains 1024 bytes, in decimal only 1000. It depends on how it's displayed. It's one of those pesky artefacts from the early days of computers... https://blogs.gnome.org/cneumair/2008/09/30/1-kb-1024-bytes-no-1-kb-1000-bytes/comment-page-1/#:~:text=Unfortunately%2C Microsoft decided to use,1 MB %3D 1024 * 1024 Bytes
  8. It's probably the same file though. That 9.72 Mb is probably in binary and does correspond with 10,014 kb. https://www.gbmb.org/kb-to-mb Don't mean to kill the buzz...
  9. Nothing concrete, but it sounds like early Tied & Tickled Trio to me. Maybe something off their first album?
  10. I went to see them on their 2016 tour in Antwerp, Belgium. It was a good show, but so straaange... John Herndon was on something that night. Probably he was super drunk, cause he was waddling all over the stage. At some point he nearly fell down with his synth and all, but recovered just in time. At the end of the show he bolted out backstage, probably to puke his guts out... He did however manage to do an encore. Throughout their performance his fellow musicians looked somewhat vicariously ashamed, though they did keep their stoic cool. The audience must have felt the cringe (I know I di
  11. I wish I could ask them again about this. I always wondered if those bell-like sounds are gamelan, and if they borrowed them from Squarepusher who brought them from Asia. Could they be the same as the ones used in 'Gong acid'?
  12. WWW.AMKS.LIVE ________ 06D__02M__2021Y________1800H__GMT_____360M____ CYGNUS__________________ AD__VANZ_________ HANAL EDV3CTOR LD__RUNNERS_____ RE__ENGAGE_______ !__SUBJECTTOFLUX______|
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