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  1. Upcoming album too, which wasn't supposed to land on Planet Mu. But finally...
  2. Finally it has appeared on https://noton.info/product/n-056/
  3. Now that I've seen the film, I felt this was some of the best music Hans Zimmer has ever done.
  4. I was wondering what he was becoming after his releases on Token. I'll give this a play of course! Is the EP released 2 months ago worth a listen?
  5. ''Hey'' is so great, but the whole album stands out.
  6. With this release, we can say lo-fi is not a specific aspect in his sound anymore.
  7. Relief for the heart. Wonderful album.
  8. There's a new P.A.S. album coming. 1. Labstract 2. One for rhe Groove 3. Bang Wap 4. Say It Loud 5. Give In 6. If I Die 7. Coal 8. Run 9. The Drag Train 10. Nano Chameleon Sky Scraping by Planetary Assault Systems
  9. Overall the release is pretty solid, but this is probably the best cut. And I though this is most DM that the last bunch of DM releases...
  10. The remixes are out. Howler (ANNA Remix) Mandrill (Barker Remix) Capuchin (Wehbba Remix) Vervet (JakoJako Remix) Howler (The Exaltics Remix) Mandrill (Rrose Remix) Capuchin (Jlin Remix) Vervet (Chris Liebing Remix) Howler (Kangding Ray Remix) Mandrill (MoReVoX remix)
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