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  1. CD was available but has gone ouf of stock pretty fast. I got mine from Boomkat 2 weeks ago.
  2. https://vladislavdelay.bandcamp.com/track/514 Pushed back to the end of August.
  3. Funny how our standouts differ so much
  4. After having made my first experience through this new volume, here are a few statements: - Xerrox 4 is in the vein of volume 3 and his soundtrack for The Revenant, but there's something more touching and beautiful happening here - the 2 tracks (Voyage & Canaux) he has released as primers to the album are far from being the standouts
  5. From all the bits uploaded on Bleep, ''Xerrix île'' is probably the standout.
  6. And finally removed from everywhere. ?
  7. A few months ago I finally went through building that Apollo 11 LEM. Nice one.
  8. This looks great !
  9. Still nothing about this release of Sub Rosa website.
  10. Remixes Pt 1 is out. https://dominikeulberg.bandcamp.com/album/mannigfaltig-remixes-pt-1
  11. This looks like it's been delayed (no wordplay intended) to the end of august.
  12. Finally the CD is up for pre-ordering along all other formats on the usual suspects (Bleep, Boomkat, ...) But not on the P Mu Bleepstore ?
  13. No, just telling that hey have their own properties, and even if we loose on dynamic range for 2020 versions, it's still relevant.
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