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  1. It's reminiscent of what's on Barker & Baumecker ''Turns'', especially the second part of the opening track: (this album comes highly recommended, and the previous one too)
  2. He's featured on Bandcamp's daily: https://bandcamp.com/article/136998/136998
  3. Can we hope the LP will be named ''Stargreat'? In regard of your pharaonic patience and abilities to build such amazing sound structures.
  4. I totally agree with that. ''Signs Under Test'' had me totally convinced at the time. I've listened again to "Parabolas" and "The Predicting Machine" and finally tought they were nearly as good. But his latest and this newly announced release (following the bits on Kompakt website) sound average, no?
  5. I would like to add: Rian Treanor - "Filer Under UK Metaplasm" Nathan Fake - "Blizzards" (probably his best)
  6. Here's my top 20: Atom tm - "-3" Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids - "Shaman!" clipping. - "Visions of Bodies Being Burned" Upsammy - "Zoom" Jam City - "Pillowland" Monolake - "Archeopteryx" Andrea - "Ritorno" Alva Noto - "Xerrox Vol. 4" Krust - "The Edge of Everything" Róisín Murphy - "Róisín Machine" The Flaming Lips - "American Head" Hum - "Inlet" Pole - "Fading" Vladislav Delay / Sly Dunbar / Robbie Shakespeare - ''500-push-up'' Seltene Erden - "Scorched Erden" Fiona Apple - "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" Jessie
  7. Maybe I'm a bit hard, but in comparison the stuff on Galactic Halo sounds like some kind of draft.
  8. That track with Shara Nelson is beautiful.
  9. The last run of tracks is truly something special.
  10. Yes and I didn't find it impressive in any way. I have higher expectations for FtFF.
  11. ''Tresor Records proudly announces From The Far Future Pt. 3, a new album from Terrence Dixon. Continuing the story of his previous two iterations on this title, spanning 3 vinyl discs, it is a serene undertaking of unrivalled Motor City rhythms and sound. It finds the Detroit producer oscillating, from excursions in paradises of synth pointillism to husky storytelling and Dixon’s peculiar beat work. A master in letting shapes find their form, Dixon allows the listener to wallow in recurring scenes. Lost Communication Procedure, Found In Space and Remarkable Wanderer etch a sound world of chor
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