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  1. A few times ago, I picked all the cuts which for me are the best, and made a compilation. Here's the result: Anyway, this not includes any track from the album yet.
  2. I had the chance to listen to it, and it's a solid effort. Really ''Detroit techno''-minded, in its elements, composition and moods , but doing it differently.
  3. "Slacker" was selected for the Fuse: Fifteen Years compilation, always thought it was really good without digging into their discography.
  4. Not more to say than others about experiencing this on Switch, but it's one of the best games I've played in recent years (along Dishonored 2).
  5. I hadn't, but watched it now. Indeed, it is.
  6. "Goldene Acht" is one of my favourite track of this year. Overall this album is more laidback, if I dare to say, than his other LPs. Anyway, georgeous stuff, as usual.
  7. Maybe I'm going there, after triangulating the delta.
  8. Of course I did, they are not total let downs. Maybe Spirits is the one I feel the most in between. I meant PTA is the last one which sounds strong all the way, and with a plenty of solid singles.
  9. Finally listened to them lately (Transient), and picked up that one too. This should come in the post
  10. I don't know in which state were the tapes/recordings, but the remasters he did around 2004/2005 for the first Black Sabbath albums were not flawless...
  11. The Millenium Falcon looks amazing. A few weeks back I started to glance through Brickset, even creating a profile and starting to add my sets. When the cellar will finally be put in order, I'll need to make a little inventory of all those things.
  12. His Closer EP on Tectonic and DJ-Kicks were good but nothing near to his MO/F&F era.
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