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  1. Viva Zwei was amazing, golden times for music on tv
  2. Oh man, I missed all the amazing artists from friday (Mark Pritchard, Plaid, Autechre) and today (Clark ) Oneohtrix Point Never is great so far, lovely floating stuff. Anyone recorded the sets/perfomances? Is it possible to listen to the streams somewhere "offline" ?
  3. https://porridgeradio.bandcamp.com/track/eugh
  4. Emotinium II (00:00) - Unknown/Synth Chan (3:14) - Sneaker Acid Intro (5:36) - Sneaker (10:30) - Fossil Funk (16:40) - Capsule In Space (22:28) - Friend Track (Haliphax Mix) (25:00) - Unknown 5/Phaxalot's Intro (32:20) - Legend Of Phaxalot (34:35) - Ceephax Acid (41:50) - Sidney's Sizzler (44:35) - Probey's Poker (47:22) - Prelude In 303 Major (51:55)
  5. My cassette just arrived and (as almost always) it is really great. I just love Celer's drones
  6. Playlist with most of the tracks he played in chronological order dunno if this has ben posted already
  7. Nice playlist, especially since the track order is in chronological order Aphex Twin @ Ceremonia GNP 2019 Timestamped list thanks to u/Greystarmusic 0:00:00-0:03:35 Aphex Twin - Tassels [with efx] 0:02:40-0:05:10 Debmaster - 1av2 0:04:20-0:07:05 The Future Sound Of London - Confirmation Bias 0:06:30-0:09:30 Forces - Frontiers of Freedom 0:08:15-0:11:30 Amit - Red Flag 0:11:08-0:13:23 Lorn - Pause 0:12:48-0:15:00 Lorn - Not Today 0:14:30-0:16:50 Lorn - Sega Sunset 0:15:40-0:19:38 Le Dom - Side Quest 0:18:38-0:20:34 Aphex Twin - Isopropanol [slowed] 0:20:08-0:22:06 Krolik - Target Lockdown 0:22:00-0:23:50 Lorn - All Corrupt Everything 0:22:50-0:26:30 Jako Maron - Maloya Valsé Chok 1 0:25:18-0:28:30 [chopped vocals ???] 0:27:44-0:30:15 Naked - Whip 0:29:27-0:31:20 [heavy beat ???] 0:31:10-0:35:14 Luke Vibert - Spiral Staircase (AFX Remix) 0:33:56-0:37:15 Polygon Window - clissold 101[dat28 otari] 48k 0:36:00-0:38:21 Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat 0:37:23-0:40:15 Aphex Twin - Domino 0:38:31-0:41:30 Aphex Twin - X-rays 0:41:10-0:44:31 Ivvvo - Untitled 0:43:13-0:46:40 Tomás Urquieta - The Curtain Fall 0:46:20-0:50:04 [bass ???] 0:49:15-0:52:39 Lorn - Burdens 0:51:30-0:53:45 [intense ???] 0:53:39-0:56:04 Naked - Disease 0:56:04-0:58:20 Le Dom - Primal 0:58:10-1:04:00 [unreleased, AQXDM] 1:04:00-1:05:24 [big 4/4 kick ???] 1:05:13-1:07:15 Renick Bell - Root of the Light 1:06:25-1:09:55 Overmono - Powder Dry 1:09:23-1:14:30 HVL - Moon Halo 1:14:00-1:19:40 Aphex Twin - Tha (live remix) 1:19:02-1:22:14 Soreab - Daisy Gun (Krolik Remix) 1:21:20-1:24:44 Splurt - The Return VIP (Mega Refix) 1:23:48-1:26:00 Tuli Banyo - Ekhe Rework 1:25:35-1:28:40 Pete Cannon - Feel It 1:28:26-1:31:15 Unknown - Untitled (A1) from GBBL01 1:29:40-END Live modular noise/efx
  8. Instabuy and Pyke iseems definetely underrated as brap23 said .No matter what genre, he makes great tunes. Currently im addicted to his ambient output, especially "Slow Glow Two". https://simonpyke.bandcamp.com/album/slow-glow-two
  9. Shouldn't the reissue of Gramm-Personal Rock get his own thread? Just playing my copy for the first time and it is just awesome.
  10. Test Fforet


    ^ what he/she/it said I was just about to post this suggestion
  11. I love this release, pretty awesome album to listen through at once.
  12. Just finished "Love,Death and Robots" and I really liked most episodes. Some great short stories there and the CGI was impressive in some episodes.
  13. Go to your favourite adio workstation and edit and loop whatever you want. Great Album with lovely bits.
  14. Did anyone get a switch pro controller and/or an 8Bitdo SF/SN30 PRO? At first I wanted to get a Pro, but then I read sth. about issues with the D-Pad being imprecise, which would suck. So maybe the cheaper 8bitdo would be fine?
  15. Is a decent recording available somewhere ?
  16. I was not aware of this album Justt gave it a listen and fuck yes it is really good stuff. Thanks
  17. anyone here into celer? although he just makes boring drones I somehow like listening to celer
  18. This looks like a fun platformer, seems to be released today
  19. Undertale is such a nice RPG, looking forward to my second playthrough
  20. awesome ^ A second "Amiga Railroad Adventures " would be so great
  21. you mean this one? https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/k-y-b-4-g
  22. I really enjoy grischa's output, there is a new mix, afaik with lots of unreleased stuff http://mindwaves-music.com/2018/09/30/mindcast-50-grischa-lichtenberger/
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