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  1. welcome to the 5 star club.

    i got kicked out btw

  2. dude, what's on your mind?

  3. Happy horrible holidays!

    1. triachus


      holy halliteration hoDel

  4. i heard something about some rephlex thing. whatever it is, congrats!

  5. ok man, i just gave you 5 one star ratings and one 5 star rating. i think i'm just feeling ambiguous today

  6. Please tell me what the right side of history looks like...

    1. usagi


      it looks like my right ass-cheek. and the wrong side looks like my left one.

    2. very honest

      very honest

      its the side with the best propagandists

    3. ambermonke
  7. those 3 stars are simply too many. i tried to lower it, but it didn't work. probably because there are too many shitheads like you around here

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