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  1. Nice! I was missing BOYZ, Bass and Tone and 13. Thanks for uploading. I'm sure Unseen_Werk 1 will turn up.
  2. New album on Rush Hour arriving in May. Only one track up so far, and sounding good. From the Far Future Pt. 3 was a stonking LP, so happy to be getting another so soon.
  3. Very nice track. Pre-ordered. I spotted Rojus and Music for the Uninvited as I was tidying records yesterday, totally missed his move to Ninja Tune and the last album.
  4. I watched The Assistant this evening, great little film. Excellent sound design, very much front and present. Only added Black Bear to my list recently, looking forward to watching it. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) - Young lady escapes a cult... Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) - A bit of a push, but the soundtrack and visuals are great. Raw (2016) - great bit of body horror, vegan veterinary student...
  5. 100%. VOD are great, but I'm not sure this will ever get listened to on Vinyl. A CD reissue package would have been better. Let's see if I'll be as resolute when I see some pictures.
  6. 10 years? Feels like yesterday. Fantastic singer. One of the bands I always remember the day I bought each album.
  7. I'd really like to watch this, need to just see how. Bloody HBOmax though. Good series, interesting take over the usual format. Woeful policing, pretty shocking how the police presented and treated the majority of the victims.
  8. I need to pick this up, it's been on my bandcamp list, but have yet to pull the trigger. A good reminder to check the album out. I really liked EP2. I really liked this album, but it dropped off of rotation. Need to get this back on again, I love all of her albums, she's very much in the insta buy category. Nice list, will take a listen to your playlist today. Soccer Mommy is on by want list, really liked the actress remix of Crawling Under My Skin. The Avery + Cortini is an awesome album, picked up a really cheap copy recently, as I made the mistake of only getting
  9. Norman Records are great. They seem to genuinely love a wide range of music. A nice and diverse selection of genres. Bonus points for not having any prattling reviews like some sites... So much good music and new artists discovered this year, been spending a lot of time with the below. Not all 2020, but so what. Autechre - SIGN / PLUS Tiombé Lockhart - The Aquarius Years Actress - Karma + Desire Terrence Dixon - FTFF3 Kate NV - Room for the Moon Cinder Well - No Summer MJ Guider - Sour Cherry Bell Jessy Lanza - All the Time Millsart - Eve
  10. Had a crush on Lucinda Dickey after that film, shout out for Ninja III: The Domination Might have to watch Breakin' this weekend.
  11. Damn, I watched Chaka Kahn "I Feel For You" vid yesterday. Wondered what he was doing. R.I.P.
  12. Good thread. Cappadonna's contribution to Winter Warz has gotta be up there for me.
  13. Bill Burr wasn't as jarring as I expected him to be, and I'd have to agree with you @realthanks he was great in that scene. I've disliked Star Wars for a long time, but have been pleasantly surprised by the Mandalorian. Only started watching it 3 weeks ago, so late to the party, but it's been great fun so far.
  14. Couldn't agree more. One of the classic 90's album, captures a moment in time, and vibe, perfectly. It's their most accomplished album. I would have picked this myself, the drumming across Reggatta de Blanc is... Copeland gets bonus points for writing the Equalizer theme too.
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