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  1. TNG was a bit shaky in the first few seasons (though I love them all) but you really start to get some gems, with the occasional duff episode. Never got into Voyager, though it's still worth watching. DS9 has always been my fave, awesome cast, and great character development. At its best Star Trek is just awesome. They could still do something awesome with it, just need to sort the rights out, and get people that actually like it behind a new show.
  2. Well worth checking out, up to Vol.12 now. I've had quite a few Jeff Mills days during lockdown when I need a musical pick me up. Very happy to finally delete my vinyl rip of Vol.4
  3. Vol.4 was the first Jeff Mills release I picked up on vinyl, worth the price of admission for A1 alone (IMO). I've been enjoying the series starting up again this year, and now Axis are offering offering Vol.4 as a free download (MP3/WAV) from today, until the 26th of December. https://www.axisrecords.com/axis-shop/
  4. Arrived! the tee looks pretty good too.
  5. Awesome news. I nearly picked this up on eBay, as it's on my wantlist. Glad I didn't pull the trigger.
  6. There should be a biopic of the Autechre story, or maybe a series a la Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Start off on the mean streets of Rochdale, bus stop tagging, making tapes... Each series comes with a selection of unreleased tracks from the archives for that time period. I'm thinking, maybe Gary Barlow could play Rob now. Not sure about Sean, maybe Adam Levine? Both have acting experience, and would be able to tap into their vast musical reserves to nail the roles. Still loving PLUS, but no shipping update 😞
  7. I've been picking up the Millsart releases on Axis, but need to check this and the other releases out.
  8. That QR code only takes you to the https://whoisactress.com/ store...Hmmm. I love both 88 and K&D, so anything extra will be welcome.
  9. Awesome artist. Very much looking forward to it arriving. Been listening to Pt.1 and Pt.2 a lot recently.
  10. Interview https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?exchange=532
  11. How to overcome the licencing issues for the remixes, so you can get a box set released? (and would a https://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/sign-a-petition/ be useful in getting this cultural project off of the ground?)
  12. Looks like Ninja Tune have taken 88 down from Bandcamp. No download code came with the tape (at least with my copy)
  13. Just calling out that the crystal fuchsia version was available from Bleep, not about the cassette bundles, lack of clarity on my part 🙂 Bit annoying that they haven't sold the cassette separately, or extend the bundles as you say. I ordered from Ninja Tune, got the clear version and tape. My copy is a tad on the noisy side, which is a bummer. I'd have liked the options of the other copies, before buying.
  14. That's the Bleep exclusive: https://bleep.com/release/202780-actress-karma-desire
  15. So did I, now I want the bloody vinyl. I've not paid any attention to the last lot of Modern Love releases. This is sounding pretty good so far.
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