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  1. Shimon_Shimon


    Nice read. However, I want to see those first 10 minutes now, even if filmed on a potato. Which I'd regret, but I'd still do it. Long live the fighters!
  2. WTF, 53... Very sad news, great artist and curator. RIP
  3. Shimon_Shimon


    If Feyd...lovely Feyd isn't in this part, I wonder what else will be shifted/omitted? Villeneuve paces his films well, so will be interesting to see what he's done. We'll have to wait a decade or two for Chalamet to look all growns up enough to do a Dune Messiah, not that I think we'll get Book Two Muad'Dib conclusion. Only if Piter de Vries is played by Kramer.
  4. Shimon_Shimon


    Okay, that It looks gorgeous. Found the accompanying music a little annoying, I hope it's just in the trailer.
  5. Wow, blast from the past. A rite of passage for any self-respecting nerd. I've played these indie TTRPGs that offer a new and streamlined take on Lovecraft themed stories. Both worth checking out. https://blackarmada.com/lovecraftesque/ https://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/cthulhu-dark/
  6. Marvel Phase 4 details emerge. "Thanks to all the drivers that took a shit in a bag, this was for you."
  7. Shimon_Shimon


    Villeneuve's has had a great track record (IMO) doesn't mean this couldn't fall flat, but I think he'll nail Dune. I came to Arrival late, and have been kicking myself for missing it at the cinema. He's got a great eye for Sci-Fi. My expectations were low for Prometheus, but not low enough. Jesus, that was a terrible experience.
  8. Shimon_Shimon


    Yeah, something like that, a 30/40 day window before it's off to streaming.
  9. This sounds interesting. Premiered at Cannes last week, not general release date yet.
  10. Shimon_Shimon


    I can't remember the last time I was this excited to see a movie at the cinema.
  11. I managed to get a load of washing done earlier today, it was hanging outside over my lunch break. If the gods favour me, it should already be dry. I think this week is looking up, if I can keep this up this momentum I'll only need to schedule in some ironing.
  12. Thank god these people in particular are going to be okay. Light at the end of the tunnel.
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