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  1. I was at the Brixton gig in June. One of the best concerts I've been too. First time seeing them live, and well worth the wait. Brixton setlist leaned towards TDS period; Manchester the previous night had a lot of Fragile. Loved hearing The Perfect Drug live, had my fingers crossed, but was still surprised. Awesome evening, can't wait to to hear them live again. IMG_9507.MOV
  2. Yes, overdue an OM session. Good reminder. The new Lawrence English arrived today. Excellent.
  3. I've been really impressed with every track on Digging Remedy, had to pause on Held for a work call, will listen to Polymer next. Probably an interesting thread to be made on music, mood and memory formation, and impact of depression. If it doesn't already exist here. This is worth digging into (sorry for going off topic) on the restorative effects of music for dementia patients.
  4. v.nice first track. This has also reminded me that I never picked up Polymer or The Digging Remedy. Listening to The Digging Remedy now, with Polymer to follow shortly, this is both shocking and odd state of affairs. I'll put it down to crippling depression around the Polymer release, and probably again for The Digging Remedy. Really enjoying The Digging Remedy.
  5. The Online Safety Bill and the PCSC Act both came into effect this year. Guessing you're referencing the former, but that's just on electronic comms, and makes the UK THE SAFEST PLACE TO BE ONLINE in the world. The latter does restrict freedoms of assembly and protest. The UK is pretty bum on this topic. The two people in the links look pretty annoying, so my usual dismay on this topic is somewhat reduced.
  6. Nice. Will be pre-ordering this. It's been what, 5 years since Take Me Apart, good to have her back with an album proper. On the lead single choice source: https://pitchfork.com/news/kelela-returns-with-video-for-new-song-washed-away-watch/
  7. This sounds pretty good. I can't believe Shelter came out in 2014 - great debut - I missed the other albums.
  8. Nice, Argentina and Japan are especially lush. I loved the 2018 Germany and Nigeria kits.
  9. Repress for 2022, clear vinyl, 700 copies https://boomkat.com/products/we-stay-together-7606fe0c-3a3b-4c5d-8e6d-91eca5cf6200
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