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  1. Finally arrived. This will be taking up a lot of playtime over a lot of other recent purchases. Awesome collection of tracks.
  2. I deleted facebook 10 years ago. I was never a big user anyway, all felt rather vulgar. I did sign up to Insta recently to follow some bands/small companies. I wouldn't have been able to snag some contact mics from LOM if I'd relied on their newsletter. Don't use it to post, or engage with friends. LinkedIn is probably the closest I get, but I only use that as a contact book for work, never post anything. I do use Slack to keep up to date with friends, arrange meet ups or video calls while in lockdown. A curated space, rather than using a social media site. Keep numbers small, and o
  3. Cacocallia (kak o KAL ee uh) The state of being ugly but sexy. Will be bring this one back, Lobcock (LOB cock) A stupid clumsy person
  4. Album dropped today. Just downloaded and will be taking a listen, been looking forward to this.
  5. Only one thing can protect you 100% of the time from a charge
  6. There's some great music in this thread, but gotta say Camille is amazing. And Le Fil is a great album. I didn't know there was a bonus tracks/reissue. She's awesome live too.
  7. Ordered from Boomkat, so digitals made available today. Was hoping vinyl would arrive today, looks like tomorrow 😞
  8. Only on track 4 at the moment (Don't Know How) and I'm really enjoying it, this track in particular. If the album continues to be this good, I can see this being one of his best for me.
  9. There's a Xerrox Vol. 4 streaming event on the 17th and 25th of this Month. Info/tickets in the description of the video.
  10. So maybe he was right to ask?
  11. The UK has lost one of its best "gaffers" We only have Boris representing us now on the world stage. https://www.irishexaminer.com/world/arid-40262198.html
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