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  1. Or at least could we just stick to basic bitching about the artwork please?
  2. Dislike? What dislike?! I don't see anyone disliking the new cover.
  3. We Are The Emotional Excrement Makers(TM)
  4. we're being fuckin trolled. Look at this: Now look at this lol possibly because of this:
  5. At this stage, we should start considering that Ae's max system will soon wake up and become a concious AI system. Maybe SIGN is the product of SIGNET, the third member of Autechre that Sean and Rob had mentioned a while back in an interview. The question is, who will it attack first and how?
  6. was thinking that that title might have something to do with M4L. And also, si00 and 1 1 is are quite similar.
  7. Come to think of it, the shape in the cover is almost a circle, AND timbales are circular, and when combined with that vibrant colour palette, it wouldn't be a hyperbole to say that it may as well be a SALSA RECORD
  8. ha, the title prompted me to give that a listen yesterday. Oh no, searching for 'sign' on discogs wasn't a good idea
  9. I tried the warp player yesterday, it wasn't working, I pressed the 'next track' button, still nothing, all of a sudden it switched to an AFX track, and I was like "what the NO STOP". Caught me off guard. If this were to happen whilst I was having an EEG, it'd register a massive mismatch negativity spike. Huge MMN. The biggest MMN.
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