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  1. Tragic news, RIP salvatorin.
  2. great, looking forward to hearing it 🙂
  3. I think those SND chords - at least in the Atavism track you quoted - are more about them being 7ths and 9ths (or higher intervals), and also their shape like inverted or something, that gives them this distinct timbre, rather than relying on some specific FM algorithm or ratio to produce the partials. I hope I'm making sense here
  4. @auxien sounds fantastic!
  5. ^^ Correct yeah, I remember Mark Fell mentioning that in an interview.
  6. Been listening to these: Jim O'Rourke - sleep like it's winter https://jimorourkenwm.bandcamp.com/ Model 500 - Starlight (Intrusion Dub)
  7. omg, everyone should send @neurone audio recordings of their reactions to the replica, so he can play them back in the venue lol really happy to hear it translates well to the venue!! Let's hope covid is gone soon, and we can actually listen to it in your venue 🙂
  8. RIP Sophie, tragic news
  9. Photek as Special Forces: https://www.discogs.com/artist/652-Special-Forces
  10. oh my god, this is epic "IT'S A TRAP!" REWIND
  11. wav flac mp3 cover 1.5GB DOWNLOAD NOW https://we.tl/t-BJrunHJo8a
  12. oh yeah, perfect fit - I'm thinking especially the 15:00 mark when the superlush Nord enters Amazing photo dude
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