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  1. lol couldn't be more to the point
  2. Sean has been spinning records for 10 hours just today. He played 6 hours Thu, 12 hours Fri, and 12 and a half Sat. Someone posted this in the ethercalc spreadsheet for Saturday's stream: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/6c6059e8645830801446bb4e3a65751120200322112048/ff122f yesterdays stream
  3. I'm definitely keen, just mad busy with a few things. I haven't forgotten what I mentioned a few pages earlier about investing in a Nord G2, and also working on more replicas from different bootlegs. @danshoebridge go for it 🙂 Any way I can help, PM me
  4. @goonstock https://mixcloud.com/iostream
  5. Keith Carlock - Vic Firth Performance Spotlight
  6. @xox you up for more Fax Records nostalgia? from Various - Ambient Cookbook II Air (= Pete Namlook) - Clearing Your Head
  7. Definitely sounds like a bass drum + snare drum combo.
  8. @xox thanks for linking the Jochem Paap track, hadn't heard of it or maybe I did long time ago and couldn't remember it. Freaking nostalgia made me visit http://music.hyperreal.org/labels/fax/ - still there as it was.. 20 years ago?! Sadly without Pete Namlook. Also prompted me to relisten to Slag Boom Van Loon - Pedals 😄
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