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  1. ^ Which says a lot about how tricky it is to follow discussions in this linear forum format.
  2. Yeah, I ignore it. Curious to hear from the mods the reasons this was left to reach this stage. It won't die all by itself though, users can refer to the thread's posts for quite some time after that if they want to.
  3. Why not lock this thread instead though, as early as possible rather than letting it drag on for 20 pages
  4. No disrespect perceived whatsoever man🙂I placed the word in quotation marks to make it more specific. I forgot to mention that indeed, as you say, we're recreating this by ear, by listening to the original and entering the various parameters into Reaper. This includes drawing the tempo increase; figuring out the pattern changes for MD, MM and MPC (and entering them into Reaper as MIDI Program Change events); imported to Reaper the MPC MIDI sequences (meant for the Nord); now digit draws the Nord live tweaks into Reaper. I'm really typing this so that we all think, if recreating it sounds like a lot of work, imagine how much work B&B put into composing it!!
  5. http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=b5PIeYcZG0g&p=n#/50;60
  6. The Nord "stuff" consists of: sound patches (uploadable to Nord); these patches may include sequences of midi notes internally midi sequences, which are stored in the MPC1K manual tweaking Just sending those sequences (from MPC1K >> Nord) would probably be insufficient because Ae tweak things live. Digit has been working on reconstructing that "stuff" above, especially the "manual tweaking" part. In the process of merging all the machines, we're working on the same Reaper project so everything is locked time-wise.
  7. IOS

    Warp Tapes WAV

    intelligent idm
  8. I briefly spoke to Yasunao Tone during ATP 2003 after his performance, he had told me he was using scotch tape on the cds, whilst munching a filthy hot dog.
  9. ^ Absolutely, will definitely re-upload over the next few days: separate audio files for each track; no post-processing digit & ios reconstruction, raw (no compressor/limiter) digit & ios reconstruction, with a not-so-gentle limiter Over the summer, I'll work into more tweaked versions of the MD, MM & MPC1K tracks. Yep, spot on re kick volumes - SB mentions it himself here:
  10. of course, far from sounding that simple! My example was more to guide you to think about algorithmic composition in simple terms, so that you start wrapping your head round it 🙂 If you haven't already, it could be worth checking the "feed1 bass drum" thread, I've got a post about (what I believe is) the algorithmic process generating the bass drum pattern. For the Quaristice tour, they had 127 patterns on the MD; 127 patterns on the MM; around 12 patches on the MPC that was also controlling the Nord G2. Of course, B&B were controlling various parameters live. A single "passage" (like "IO") in that live set could consist of say 8-12 different MD patterns, and the differences between patterns in one such passage could be very subtle, like an extra snare. Ae had presumably (obviously) spent ages composing, rehearsing, refining prior to the live shows; some patterns were composed in such a way so that they had internally a degree of variation e.g., an LFO would control a reverb decay. So when performed live they'd start with pattern A01, play it X number of times whilst jamming live, then move on to A02 etc. Same thing happens in Max and the tracks you are referring to, only that Max allows you to create your own MD so there's many possibilities.
  11. algorithmic composition can be something as simple as choose two notes on the piano toss a coin if it's heads play the first note you've chosen; otherwise, play the second repeat steps 2-3 16 times It's not necessarily tied to programming on the computer, and you don't need to know everything about the track in advance (quite the contrary really).
  12. Bad Vegan And The Teleportation Machine
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