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  1. I'm definitely keen, just mad busy with a few things. I haven't forgotten what I mentioned a few pages earlier about investing in a Nord G2, and also working on more replicas from different bootlegs. @danshoebridge go for it 🙂 Any way I can help, PM me
  2. @goonstock https://mixcloud.com/iostream
  3. Keith Carlock - Vic Firth Performance Spotlight
  4. @xox you up for more Fax Records nostalgia? from Various - Ambient Cookbook II Air (= Pete Namlook) - Clearing Your Head
  5. Definitely sounds like a bass drum + snare drum combo.
  6. @xox thanks for linking the Jochem Paap track, hadn't heard of it or maybe I did long time ago and couldn't remember it. Freaking nostalgia made me visit http://music.hyperreal.org/labels/fax/ - still there as it was.. 20 years ago?! Sadly without Pete Namlook. Also prompted me to relisten to Slag Boom Van Loon - Pedals 😄
  7. Nick & Leon Nights presents: ScrapeTheLoos EP
  8. @dub3000 Yep, I'm aware of that behaviour as well as its cause. But have we/you concluded that it's deliberate? Curious to find out as I've noticed you filed a bug report at reaper.fm about this exact same issue.
  10. @digit That's almost definitely recorded (intentionally or otherwise) CC values, found in MIDI regions earlier in the Reaper project. Check by using Reaper's MIDI editor's in Event List mode, for CC/NRPN values that you didn't intend to have in your region.
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