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  1. Friday 04/12/2020 19:00 GMT for the wetransfer URL. @digit and @jules want a few days to finalise artwork and notes, I may do some final tweaking.
  2. Went to the uni studio this week for auditioning. digit and I both reckon it's sounding really good. I took some short videos from that listening sesh at the studio, and yes I could upload them provided that digit and everyone is cool with that.
  3. wetransfer for sure, and hopefully here on watmm as well. I had tried with the incomplete replica a few months ago, but it wouldn't upload here. Will try again
  4. ^^ this fri eve / sat / sun is scheduled for v007 mix > sent over to digit for feedback.
  5. Sorry for the delay dudes, we're both on it. I gave it a couple of days off just to let the ears rest and catch up with uni work. Just dealing with the levels in a few tricky areas. Shouldn't take long now,
  6. Hey Karen, you know exactly what to do
  7. Heck, mine arrived today and the sleeve's top edge was scratched and bent. Still in its nylon wrap. Messaged support about it
  8. a melodelay deloday melay Anyway, that's what I thought as well, it's like a melodic shadow
  9. Nice, thanks man. Been at it since yesterday, digit and I have been PMing about mixing. I don't want to tease, all I'll say is: @digit is a dirty dirty boi
  10. ^^ This is so interesting, I had to take a break from mixing just to watch it in its entirety 🍿
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