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  1. I can already hear all end in there. Or better, I can see this place in all end.
  2. tragic tragic news, may she rest in peace
  3. Eddie Vedder - Long Nights Kaki King - Doing the Wrong Thing
  4. This has to be @Alcofribas, right?
  5. yep, wtf. All seats seem to be either selected for checkout or already sold. Had to refresh the page a few times to find a couple of seats freed. Edit: Barbie is proper sold out now
  6. you guys remind me of Statler and Waldorf, I even read your posts in those voices and add a 'uhuhuhuhu' at the end. I love it
  7. My fren, play in the key of W Seriously though, thanks for these threads @brian trageskin, haven't got time to check them in practical terms on a DAW right now, but will get back to it. I was thinking it'd be nice to gather some of your harmony-related posts in a google doc or something, then add sound examples and piano roll screenshots etc. I reckon it'd be helpful.
  8. https://tenor.com/view/do-it-now-rorschach-watchmen-gif-13564942
  9. where to even begin Eyeless In Gaza - Others Carpet - Selene The Angels of Light - All Souls' Rising Swans - Eden Prison Anders Ilar - Remember (Ambient Mix) Anodyne - Illusion of Gods (Lackluster Remix)
  10. Cool! Of the three elements - bass pattern, left-panned rubble, centre hi-pitched pattern - I concentrated mostly on the third one to figure out the quarter note pulse (seems like it's around 105bpm). I like how the pulse is maintained throughout (even though you might not be aiming for a constant tempo). It'd be nice to hear the "left-panned rubble" sound mainly in the middle of the stereo image.
  11. Emotional responses to pleasant and unpleasant music correlate with activity in paralimbic brain regions Universal Recognition of Three Basic Emotions in Music These might be relevant. There's plenty of other studies. (I'm trying to forget Music Perception & Cognition bro lol. The examinable material for that module was 99 papers)
  12. Consider the intervals not as they are laid out on a piano, but as they appear in the harmonic series; as we move to higher partials, the intervals become smaller, and dissonance increases. I'm not entirely sure if there's something to be convinced about really.. To my mind, there's a subjective notion about what dissonance is, and there's also a physiological explanation based on how our ears are 'constructed' (basilar membrane etc). Regarding the former, it can vary wildly from one person to another, from an epoch to another, even in the same person at two different times. I read somewhere that the history of western classical music throughout the centuries can be seen as a gradual acceptance of music intervals that were previously seen as dissonant; Mark Levine echoes that same statement here (this is from "The Jazz Theory Book"):
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