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  1. For once, an IDM record. One that'll make Pitchfork implode.
  2. no alco today, I had a few IPAs yesterday. Can do a glass tomorrow though - any recommendations? most of the times I go for Bordeaux
  3. I cooked a chonky steak. Bone-in ribeye, 3.5 hours in sous vide bath @ 55C, then grilled and pan-fried whilst I was waiting for the chips. Came out of the bath with a temperature of 50C, but then the grill increased it to 57C. Got a bit worried as I didn't want to take it more than medium-rare but it was incredible. Looks like I'll be eating steak for lunch for the next 3 days..
  4. whaaaaat, I put Scion Arrange & Process about half an hour ago.
  5. Cybotron - Alleys Of Your Mind
  6. IOS

    pendulu hv moda

    I still don't think I've heard it loud enough which is a shame really. Must happen, someone needs to drop it in a massive soundsystem and lots of people need to be there losing their shit.
  7. ha nice - contrary to my previous post in this thread, I ended up getting a refurbished Macbook Pro 13" with the M1 chip.
  8. Eventually they're gonna merge into one physical form, like Harry Potter when fighting Lord Voldemort
  9. indeed, hard to keep up, keep those reccos coming 🙂 I sort of avoid listening to Io, especially the first track, it balances perfectly between being haunting and childlike. Reminds me a bit of Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd's OST for Mysterious Skin.
  10. What the heck, wasn't expecting an MLO mention here. I'd bought Io looooong time ago. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. correction: in the video I quoted, she says "when they passed MSIs back in 2018, FB's users said it made it less meaningful." Still, that's in agreement to what I said above.
  12. Basically what Frances Haugen said here. They are considered "meaningful social interactions" that are supposed to help a social platform "grow", but in essence they only favour short-termism; they make a social platform more toxic in the longer run. Even FB's users had said "back in 2018 that when they get past 'meaningful social interactions' they make it less meaningful." How is a "50.3k posts" link and an "experienced" badge meaningful to a 100yo like myself. Personally, I'd like to be able to browse/search a topic like "recently purchased/stolen/eaten/read/watched cds/books/films/bananas" much easier. Those topics tend to be a few hundred pages long; maybe on page 250 someone posted something about a book or record that I didn't know of; I'd like to be able to find that quickly without clicking 'prev/next' and scrolling through quotes of quotes of quotes.
  13. Seriously, I thought I was the only one confusing tregaskin with trageskin
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