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  1. I'm into it. I sounds quite unique to me, within the Monolake world.
  2. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who checked this out, and many thanks for the positive feedback. Also, thought I'd mention there are 4 CDs remaining 🙂
  3. Sounding incredible!
  4. https://thehardtimes.net/opinion/opinion-biden-can-kiss-my-fat-ass-if-he-thinks-he-can-tax-the-400000-i-dont-have-yet/?fbclid=IwAR0Wi4KbdkIfJqa0H2cJXr_g3XB-65aZqYqBui2ITPrpW6nQDXk1Ob0mK18
  5. Have I mentioned I was there? I was there. Great memories. I promise I wasn't the "this doesn't sound like Autechre" guy though Thanks for all the hard work dudes
  6. Same! Gotta say, first listen to 2. N)2 23:24 was pure bliss for me.
  7. Listening to "Sept/20/57" right now, it's really good.
  8. Chris will be releasing again on October 2nd, the next Bandcamp Friday, per Bandcamp message. I highly recommend this man's discography: https://amhain.bandcamp.com/ I especially loved Anam Dubh Marbhtach from March
  9. This was my album of the day today. Still great
  10. traffic_kng is quite lush he's crossed the event horizon of the great music hole
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