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  1. Enjoyed this a lot! it's going to get lots more listens from me. I think ringlike is one of my favorite tsrono tracks of all time.
  2. A rich, deep, and playful album that we're proud to release. Out now on https://threeop.bandcamp.com/music
  3. OUT NOW 🙂 releases July 8th, 2022 Deli Kuvveti is a Laptop soundsmith, texture miner, and noisenik based in Seattle, Washington. After hearing Even After released on Active Listeners Club, I was drawn in deeply to his body of work, including self-released Under a Blue Moon & Corridors, and recently `Machines have their own agenda` on EVEL. Naturally, I was super stoked when he reached out to us with Erato. Erato is Kuvveti's latest sonic collection of delicious textural bubble baths. Swathed in synthetic scrapes, resonant plucks, derezed slurps, swirling feedback, and drone haze (it's a sonic buffet really): Erato is immersive, atmospheric, contemplative, and in a serious way, moving. Nil and I think at times Erato evokes a more abstract Fennesz - Venice; it's nuanced, layered, uninhibited, and often full of warmth… and for me, it has a certain temporal transportative quality (timebending or time travelling or both?) that is enduring and continually amazes me. Deli Kuvveti told us he utilizes Max/MSP for his FM Synthesis based goodness, rhythmic patterning, spatialization, and rich textural tapestries. Sound palletes are structured, enmeshed, and interrelated in either Max or Ableton. Droney, shimmering, even soothing passages collide with playful kindred spirits dancing to digital elf forest songs. Whimsical. Wonderful. - E Written and produced by @DeliKuvveti Mastering by @Nil Artwork by @oscillik
  4. This has been getting repeated listens from me. It's ear candy, in the good way
  5. Check out this excellent video for newDwns by 0F.digital collaborator Patricia Summers:
  6. This was a particularly moving album to me. The teaser can't quite do it justice as the nuances and the album progression really builds the impact, like Nil describes.
  7. Terrible. Rest In Peace. ❤️
  8. eczem

    draft 7.30

    Interesting. Draft is usually my favorite AE album, and I don't feel this way about it at all. I do have this exact complaint, however, about another one of my favorite albums from that era, Gridlock - Formless. I still love it in a way, but hard to not notice the dated sounds. Funny enough, I even compared it to Draft, saying Draft holds up better. Not sure what possessed me to write this tbh.
  9. Here's the entire αlive video playlist.
  10. We at 3OP are actively reviewing our thermal management policy upon release day. In the meantime, please enjoy this stellar recording.
  11. @modeyhas absolutely thrown down the gauntlet with this release. legit hot
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