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  1. Definitely one of my favorite releases of his as well. Very lush, lots of nuance. An album that grows and reveals itself over time. I'm super impressed with what Bill did here, super proud of Nil's mastering, and I'm proud of our collaboration with him in releasing Fluidity.
  2. Yeah, we're super excited for this. It's such a lush release, might be my favorite of his as well. Can't wait for you all to hear it.
  3. *** OUT NOW *** https://williamfields.bandcamp.com/album/fluidity https://threeop.bandcamp.com/music William Fields uses his very own software composition tools to create some of the most compelling computer music you’ll hear. Quite the opposite of a click-bait gimmick, his FieldOS allows him to perform live breath-takingly human yet intricate improvisations. From the tip of his fingers to our hard drives, he can bang a stunning 5 minute piece of proper sonic wizardry... in 5 minutes. This belies the countless hours of development put into his compositional system. Fluidity is a rather unique entry to Fields' discography. While I consider myself a proper fanboy of his output, I've never heard William venture into such luxuriant, at times serene, at times tectonic territories. The technical virtuosity never gets in the way of a delicate, rich, introspective listening experience. While each tune explores its own singular logic, Fluidity offers a deep, engaging ethereal narrative : approaching this 7 tracker as a whole is extremely rewarding. Numerous images come to mind as the music tells its stories : what will yours be ? We at 3OP are delighted to share Fluidity with you. The music is stellar, we know you’ll listen to Fluidity in repeat, just like we’ve been. n. credits releases October 8, 2021 Written and performed by William Fields Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by DEN www.instagram.com/__den.project/ Preview / Megamix:
  4. Just wanted to say that I love what you guys did on this and the re-listenability is very high. Been on my regular rotation for a while now. Bangin tracks!
  5. Was hoping someone would bother to convert that, heh. Massive thanks @d-a-m-o . We are proud to have this one as 3OP001, and are quite excited for what's coming soon!
  6. Just had a chance to listen to Computer Series: this is a seriously excellent release. Love it!
  7. Yeah, and I think our approach to the writing and swapping of the files was enhanced this time around. Thanks for the kind words everyone 🍻
  8. Available now: https://corealter.bandcamp.com/album/m-realizable
  9. Such a great release. Lush music, excellent mastering, beautiful album art. Right up there with my very favorite Melted_Self releases.
  10. Awesome. Saw Gary here in San Diego a few years back in support of Savage, was great.
  11. Really stellar release Nil, I loved every second of it. Well worth the wait.
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