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  1. And just like that, cwmbrancity become everything he fought against.
  2. Old Bean and the Shadow Cabal EP when?
  3. eczem

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    yeah, don't give us dermatitis boys a flare up ffs
  4. Amazing work on Purity and Poetic Intervention, m8.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, seriously. @ Spi & Stick, damn... humbled and definitely inspires me to keep going. @ Aux & Darrei: thanks, I'm never sure about mixing and mastering, and tbh I don't really get the science of it very well. It's been trial and error over the years and I try, as much as possible to listen to my mixes across different speakers. I love texture, and have a very minimilast approach to EQ... so i do worry about ear fatigue for the listener. Still working on it but good to get positive feedback. @Jaderpansen: I appreciate the kind words and that bit of constructive criticism. It's precisely something I'm interested in developing at the moment... I want more flexibility and dynamics on the macro level and more breathing room at the micro level. @ Manju ❤️
  6. Greetings! I released a pair of EPs recently: https://eczem.bandcamp.com/album/vormaks --- https://eczem.bandcamp.com/album/veliform These collections are cut from the same sonic cloth, and are from overlapping sessions: shared tools, synth patches, sequencers, etc... Most of them have a very realtime and live-jam core to them... and most of them are more static than I would like, structurally. Hopefully they are still interesting, at least for timbre and texture. Vormaks, in particular, works best with gapless play. Here are some download codes: Vormaks: Veliform: Thanks for listening, - E
  7. Thank you dudes, I appreciate your listening and the kind words. A couple of related "in the pocket" jams:
  8. Whoops, guess i made the playlist public but not the tracks. Should be good now.
  9. Listening to this the second time through now. It's seriously dope. Echoing what the homies above have said, I'm thinking this is your best yet, and it has a strength of consistency and coherence as an album/collection. Really nice mix of minimalism, experimentation, crisp beats and grooves, rad timbres, and some more classic/nostalgic sounds. OUTER in particular gives me the chills when that behemoth of a patch comes in. So good. Top notch/next level, dude.
  10. Yesss Mozex! #prayerworks #collabalbumwhen
  11. gave this one a little extension: https://soundcloud.com/eczem/1-rm123-1/s-QqsG9
  12. Yeah... lushest since Venice. It was love on first listen.
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