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  1. Listening to this the second time through now. It's seriously dope. Echoing what the homies above have said, I'm thinking this is your best yet, and it has a strength of consistency and coherence as an album/collection. Really nice mix of minimalism, experimentation, crisp beats and grooves, rad timbres, and some more classic/nostalgic sounds. OUTER in particular gives me the chills when that behemoth of a patch comes in. So good. Top notch/next level, dude.
  2. Yesss Mozex! #prayerworks #collabalbumwhen
  3. gave this one a little extension: https://soundcloud.com/eczem/1-rm123-1/s-QqsG9
  4. Yeah... lushest since Venice. It was love on first listen.
  5. I feel like with just one or two tiny misunderstandings being cleared up and/or some court proceedings we could all be blessed with the Collab album.
  6. Love this one man, seriously. Deep yet soft mood and atmosphere. In other news, it just occurred to me that I hadn't checked out your Bandcamp... some great stuff on there!
  7. Got my NTS shirt today, and I have shitily modeled it for you.
  8. Pretty sure everyone is loving it. We all just want that last missing puzzle piece.
  9. Sounding great from the clips I just heard. Will be grabbing this
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