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  1. Lush mix Aux, thoroughly enjoyed this. Some great tracks and great artists here. A nice atmospheric and celestial thematic thread (to my ears) binds the tracks together well.
  2. Great mix Gh0st, as usual. It captures the current climate well and was pretty moving at points.
  3. I've listened to this a few times now, and I love it. Got a long drive tomorrow and it's gonna get another spin. Favorite track so far is a tie between LIKE DAISIES and DUAL SKY PEARLS;every track on the album is awesome though. One can tell that a lot of time, effort and craftsmanship went into the nuances, details, spatial balance, and mix/production. It's a dense album, but in a good way. Well done man.
  4. Quality release. I unequivocally prefer it to the Myst soundtrack. Has some elements that i like that are reminiscent of R+7, but more constrained thematically.
  5. I recorded them to my talkboy and yes, xeroxed the cover art
  6. Not sure why Monolake doesn't get more love. I dig it, especially Cinemascope. I should probably check out his latest stuff
  7. eczem


    Yeah, really nice to hear clarity in the low-end for these. Very nuanced, subtle, ethereal sets. Enjoying the fuck out of these. Not sure on a favorite yet: Zagreb early contender. Also, going into full obnoxious audiophile mode today:
  8. Always remember to recycle.
  9. Belly Fondled at Night by the Tender Branching of a Big Ass Mycelium EP
  10. Some recent attempts at fine art. https://www.instagram.com/enw_64/
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