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  1. Always remember to recycle.
  2. Belly Fondled at Night by the Tender Branching of a Big Ass Mycelium EP
  3. Some recent attempts at fine art. https://www.instagram.com/enw_64/
  4. eczem


    14:00-15:36 of New York 031015. So good... my favorite instance of that scene.
  5. Thanks Aux, I'm glad you enjoyed those. Feels good to finally get them together as a collection. Drillkicker: thanks about the album art. At some point I wanted to come with something interesting for album art, so a few months before A Gray Hill I started dabbling with 2D/3D computer graphics and visual art stuff.
  6. eczem


    Confield, Draft, and Untilted are particularly special to me, and this extends to album art as well.
  7. I picked up different approaches over time. There are a lot of resources out there, and the nice thing about Max is it's super easy to just load up an example file. I think I learned how to make a 1st order markov chain just by using Max's internal search function. I'm still learning things as well; it's been a slow process for me. The earliest thing I recall doing is using random~ and moses~ in Pure Data to sequence midi notes with weighted probability. This was a few years before I ever got a Max license. In a way, I haven't really strayed too far from that approach. I've used 'normal' step sequencers in max, along with probabilistic/algorithmic approaches for both rhythm and melody. Fwiw about 1/2 of my tracks on GeODE were hand-sequenced in Reaper.
  8. Part 2, Long form. No reprieve.:
  9. Thank you 👍 --- Early afternoon jam:
  10. My kind of stuff. I kind of forgot about Emptyset at some point after Collapsed. What a great reminder, this sounds fantastic so far.
  11. A collaboration with my cousin a few months ago. Realtime/liveset performance. Some of it is more straightforward than what I would normally do. Not sure if I'm feeling the project name, but hopefully we can keep building on this down the line.
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