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  1. eczem


    Listened to this on repeat at work one day at work this week. Loved it, especially the timbres, occasional pitch-shifty-ness, and melodic motion (whatever that means). Also.. never edit it down, wobb ;D
  2. Yeah, i dunno man. Maybe I made a hasty judgement. I re-listened to the track, I and would still say that to my ears you've at least closely emulated the AE live sets from the 05/08 (yeah, they're rad) in a lot of aspects. That formant/vocal sound in particular... guess I didn't realize it was a standard monomachine sound? I used to have the machinedrum, and occasionally I would come across a percussion sound that i knew was on Untilted or Quaristice. Still may want to consider how worthwhile it is to put effort into this kind of thing, considering the reaction. I guess context still matters... and I was under the impression that you had performed this live. Speaking for myself, I would feel weird presenting a close autechre emulation as my own work, without some kind of acknowledgement. YMMV, maybe some people would level similar criticism at some of my own music.
  3. A set of my older tracks. Starts with the very first eczem track. All one file. I'll most likely get them on bandcamp at some point. https://we.tl/t-gRRjIuJI47 2h:45m:57s 379 MB ------------------------------- Also, here's a recent track that started out as something for a side project and didn't make it there.
  4. Yeah, totally lush.
  5. My assessment: sounds way to close to the '08 live set; you clearly plugged in the recently released set data into the relevant machines. Your mistake was trying to pass this off as your own work; should have called it what it is, a remix using Autechre source data. It's one thing for autechre to be an influence on your sound (i know I'm probably over-indexed), but this seems a lot like plagiarism.
  6. eczem

    elseq 1-5

    My favorite elseq track definitely shifts as well... it's most often c7b2 i would say
  7. This is a tough one, and probably deserves more thought/memory wracking than I'm giving it right now, but here are some of the standout artists of this decade to me: Autechre, Loscil, Zabutom, Chris Douglas, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mark Fell, Cygnus, Sendai (Ground and Figure), Fennesz (Agora)
  8. WATMM may be dying, but the WATMM is dying thread is eternal. A paradox, perhaps.
  9. Without your space helmet Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult.
  10. It's been my DAW for about 5 years now. The biggest appeal was the price, at the time of purchase. It's current role for me is the recording of audio tracks (Max->Rewire->Reaper, Hardware->Reaper, or just routing my desktop audio into to it) and 'post-production', though I have done full midi compositions in it before as well. Reaper is quite flexible... maybe a bit of a steeper learning curve than some others, but not too bad. Break the shackles of FL , the Bro... the future awaits
  11. eczem

    UltraMix_Vol. 2

    I did this mix, live, a couple of years ago. I had been messing with Traktor for about a month and thought "oh hey, wouldn't it be cool to do a 4 hour live broadcast." No real DJ skill here, There's a 30 minute intermission roughly half way through where i threw on NASA sounds and ate a meal real quick. I found a spreadsheet with the track listing, not sure if this is 100% accurate: Yasunao tone MP3 dev 6 Sleep Research Facility 79S 140E Deep Frieze Skeleton Alone 2814 恢复(track 1) Funkstorung Test Autechre Feed1 Joker Night Life Loscil Red Tide Gabor & Mark Fell u7 OPN Along (Ambience) GAS Narcopop 3 voidesque Structure Itself Third Uncle Violet Drifting Above Psilogod heart of treachery Covenant Go Film Grischa L 002_xx_12B OPN Meet Your Creator SilentHIll3 (Yamaoka) Memory of the Waters Aoki Takamasa RV 07 Sendai Model Unit Cygnus Cybrid Vox Nasdat delarge deepchord ghost track Kangding Ray Onde Mantis Microlith Backwards Untold Little Things Like That Skeleton More Memories Grendel Void Malign Leon Switch Intrepid Surgeon AE splunder Mix Tim Hecker Bijie Dream SilentHIll3 (Yamaoka) Flower Crown of Poppy Squarepusher The Exploding Psychology Ceephax Acid Crew National Grid Sendai Livable Beams Cygnus Nexus Telecoms OPN Zebra Xenakis Persepolis Kraftwerk Numbers Kraftwerk Computer World Glass Candy Computer Love Broadcast You and Me in Time Napolian Rejoice James Ferraro Plastiglomerate & Co Depeche Mode Breathing in Fumes Tears for Fears Start of the Breakdown The Haxan Cloak Excavation (Part 2) D&E Invitro Gridlock Sever Ligeti Artikulation Skinny Puppy Ghostman Vapperor 808* Herva Nasty MF Objekt Ganzfield AE live krems excerpt Skeleton Fade OPN Child Soldier Jlin 1%* Joker 21* Eczem pr0g3.1 FlyLotus Galxy in janaki Autechre tac Lacora Monoloc Lowa Oberman Knocks Lenkmyte FKA Twigs Breathe Subheim Ego ECO Virtual Clear Skies GAS Narko10 Monolake Indigo Aphex Twin CIRKLON 1 Comp GFX Another Day Huerco S. Cubist Camo Rodhad Vivarium SITD Zenit Boards of Canada 84 Pontiac Dream 2814* Guided by Love Loscil Endless Falls Sleep Research Facility Stealth5 Yasunao Tone MP3 dev 7
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