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  1. Excellent sounds and fun patterns! Jux and iter both look interesting, not tried either. Is it straightforward to use jux with synthesis rather than samples?
  2. Yeah! I started messing with tidal just a couple of months ago now. I like it's immediacy for sequencing compared to Max. I'm still learning and this code is probably garbage lol. This man is clearly in pain lol Thank you! That is one thing I consciously make an effort for, variation anchored to regularity.
  3. //Reaper work, built off the above //Microtonic, Razor //for Mictronic: c5 in tidal is equal to c3 in Utonic //c5 kick, b4 snare, e5 hat //cc1 = snare noise filter Hz //cc2 = kick pitch hush d1 $ stack [ n "c5 c5 ~ ~" # midichan 4, n "b4" #midichan 4, n (sometimes(fast 2)"[e5 e5 e5 e5]*3") #midichan 4, ccv "80 90 70 60 80" # ccn 1 # midichan 4, ccv "27 25 23 27 23" # ccn 2 # midichan 4, n "[e4 e3]*0.25" # midichan 6 ] # s "midi" d1 $ stack [ n "c5 ~ ~ c5? c5? c5" # midichan 4,
  4. A jam-wip for a stale thread.
  5. Love it. Especially like Track 1; it's like Treanor meets Multistability & Atavism
  6. Hugh in starvation mode after fasting for 3 weeks.
  7. Really appreciate being able to attend that, and +1 to @dr lopez for a well-spoken tribute.
  8. This is really strong; I enjoyed every track on here and it's definitely going to get repeat listens Reagent in particular though, what a lush song, has those atmospheric synth washes that I love. The last few minutes are just maximal Could be my favorite t s r o n o release, which is a big deal
  9. I strongly agree with this. Still very much looking forward to this.
  10. I'm not sure if this is still the case: https://get.bandcamp.help/hc/en-us/articles/360007901993-What-s-the-maximum-upload-size-#:~:text=Once you've made a,on the size of albums. At the time, BC did limit me, but I reached out to them and they bumped it up to 600MB for me just to be nice. Not sure if I had surpassed $20 worth of album sales already at that time, I guess not.
  11. Very nice, I believe it. Slightly off topic, but I've been listening to Dreams Are Not Enough a lot lately. It's on the pop side but resonates with me.
  12. I love the fuck out of this release.
  13. I have to admin I'm behind on the Rook archive series as well. Dive-in imminent.
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