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  1. Vsauce - Will We Ever Run Out of New Music? screw writing melodies, I need that 5' song generator made out of randomly switching bits. Brute force every single 5'-long audio recording.
  2. Re music theory and analysis - this is from Mark Levine's book "The Jazz Theory Book".
  3. Obligatory Surgeon - Intro (Version II) Time sig is 3/4. Bass drum every 4 16ths, chord mayhem every 3 16ths, they kiss every 12 16ths Chrislo - 2 CV D'o This recycles every 10 beats. RIP Chrislo Haas Chrislo - Hangars D'Orion (from the same record) 4OTF for sure, but the synth parts are full on ketamine/4
  4. [don't mind me, I forgot how to use the internet]
  5. 3/4 == 6/8 mathematically speaking, with the difference being in the grouping: 3/4 is usually perceived as three groups of two like [1+][2+][3+], whereas 6/8 is perceived as two groups of three like [1+a][2+a] (the eighth note speed is the same in both cases). Sometimes it doesn't matter so much which one you choose, some others it's really important like the ewe 12/8 clave: [x.x.xx.x.x.x] People that aren't used to this pattern tend to perceive it in three beats (i.e., 3/4): [x.x.|xx.x|.x.x] but the dancers tap their feet in four, so the correct way to perceive it is like this: [x.x|.xx|.x.|x.x] With 7/4 and 7/8 - and generally time signatures like x/4, x/8, x/16 etc - I think that it's mainly a) which feels more 'natural' to tap along to, and b) a matter of visual convenience when using western notation to write sheet music. Say we have a funk song in 4, at a speed of 110 bpm; usually in that tempo region we think of each pulse as a quarter note, and so we say 4/4. This way, it gives us plenty of subdivision space to write down any 8ths, 16ths. If instead we were to think of its time signature as 4/16, then we'd have to write all the subdivisions as 32nd and 64th notes, and that'd look unreadable on paper.
  6. Eyeless In Gaza - Knives Replace Air
  7. I was just listening to Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia off YT, to see if I could recommend anything for OP's friend. Towards the end that song gets intense with lots of guitar effects. During that last minute or so, I thought I also heard a few analog synth like sounds, so I thought, ah ok "if there's distortion mayhem and some electronicky synth like sounds then surely they could enjoy listening to" and then I realised - I was listening to LP5 earlier and had forgotten it kept playing at the background, so the hidden track past Drane2 kicked in and merged with Dead Kennedys. Do exactly that with your friends.
  8. Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls. French girls, I want you to draw me like Jack's raging bile duct. rickroll
  10. nice. I used python a lot last year for uni I imagine you've got librosa installed as well, yeah? https://librosa.org/
  11. sorry, pasted it in a hurry, it seemed like a recent thread and I thought it'd get populated with meaningful comments..
  12. @auxien https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/qr38c6/can_someone_explain_to_me_why_the_evergrande/
  13. I think OP's question should be phrased the other way round. Why is people so difficult for Autechre to like.
  14. notice how in that video where he showcases the moppetverse, there's not a single ad on display. Relevant:
  15. ^^ oh ffs lol ^^ that harmony change at 3:27 is timeless
  16. For once, an IDM record. One that'll make Pitchfork implode.
  17. no alco today, I had a few IPAs yesterday. Can do a glass tomorrow though - any recommendations? most of the times I go for Bordeaux
  18. I cooked a chonky steak. Bone-in ribeye, 3.5 hours in sous vide bath @ 55C, then grilled and pan-fried whilst I was waiting for the chips. Came out of the bath with a temperature of 50C, but then the grill increased it to 57C. Got a bit worried as I didn't want to take it more than medium-rare but it was incredible. Looks like I'll be eating steak for lunch for the next 3 days..
  19. whaaaaat, I put Scion Arrange & Process about half an hour ago.
  20. Cybotron - Alleys Of Your Mind
  21. IOS

    pendulu hv moda

    I still don't think I've heard it loud enough which is a shame really. Must happen, someone needs to drop it in a massive soundsystem and lots of people need to be there losing their shit.
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