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  1. I've had a quick look at some of them. Zeal is pretty much chromatic. In At Last, they are in the key of Eb minor { Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb, Cb, Db } for the first 3 chords, but on the 4th chord Cb becomes C (so apparently we're in the key of Bb minor). Unbank is in E minor i.e. { E, F#, G, A, B, C, D }, so that one is more straightforward.
  2. also "statistical and universal" at 0:13, and "simply dismiss" at 1:04
  3. but.. but Autechre have perfected it to the point where it sounds like it's not even generative anymore ugh
  4. Come on Friday!! Why is it still Monday damn it
  5. beat me to it, I typed it and then thought about the four different kinds of dynamic range processing.
  6. I've got a very old and smelly pair of Sennheiser HD650, a pair of Dynaudio BM5A MKII, and a brand new pair of Sennheiser HD650. I've never had the BM5As set to anything above -20.0 dBFS as they're effin loud - except a couple of months ago, when something happened to my audio interface and it reset its master output gain to 0 dBFS. I put Gabor Lazar's Unfold on, and after the first BOOMWOBWOBCLAP I managed to react quickly and switch it off. I think I heard someone from outside saying "what was that?!" expander
  7. that robotic voice / bassline, yeah? Indeed it sounds like the one from surripere
  8. He said Rob can do some breakdancing, right? Fucking hell, imagine writing an electro track so good that it'd get Rob to get down and boogie.
  9. Getting Legend of 1900 vibes "And fuck jazz, too" haha
  10. nah, it happened around 5 times maybe. Some cretin was smoking a joint towards the end and a couple of stewards were walking up and down the stairs trying to figure out where it was coming from.
  11. Yep, *that* feedback. However, I reckon it was deliberate. Like a "fuck you and your flash photography"
  12. 20220705_223324.mp4 20220705_223705.mp4
  13. EDIT: for some reason, they are displayed here in reverse order, oh well
  14. Right I'm already here at the acroyearpolis, as you can see there's a cornfield too. Cicadas are all over the place tuned to the song of acid mwan idle.
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