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  1. The entire point of socialism is to democratize the workforce so that the labor owns the company they work for and has a say in its day to day operations. The idea at that point (an idea that has never fully been put into practice) would then spread to other facets of society. It's trying to spread democracy, not hinder it. It is a system that is trying to give the most amount of freedom to each individual. We can pontificate all day as to why it's never succeeded, but suffice to say, the history is complicated. Also, we're talking about socialism, and communism is only one flavor of socialism. I'm not a communist, fyi. Because it's not relevant. That is not how socialism is defined and it is not how we define things in general. My lived experience in America is very different from many others' experiences. It is tangential and not definitive of democracies or republics. Also, socialism is an economic system. How to structure the government is an entirely different subject. Also also, if this dipshit thinks he can just end a discussion by merely saying so then he can fuck right off. The mob doesn't rule what logic & reason is.
  2. Yes you've demonstrated you don't know what socialism is. Please fuck off.
  3. What you're thinking of is a constitutional monarchy. If you think Democracy has nothing to do with Socialism then you need to do some reading, my friend.
  4. Teens these days only care about beards and democratizing their workforce.
  5. Democracy is an essential component of Socialism. You didn't grow up in a socialist country. You grew up in a dictatorship. "Socialist Dictatorship" is like saying I grew up in a "Democratic Monarchy." :::drink fire-water:::
  6. They're like the Stephe Curry of racists. They just keep breaking their old records.
  7. Yeah that first one confuses my eye in an interesting way. Can't tell how far away anything is.
  8. I just use FB to promote music and as an events calendar (pre pandemic). IG is better for promoting music and finding visual artists. I work for a company that has a contract with a big social media company and now my personal account is tied up with their internal shit so I can't even delete it now until I work on a new contract.
  9. Are you having a stroke?
  10. At this time, neither Congress nor the Supreme Court has barred him from running for office again, so he can still run. End of story.
  11. Our point is that it's irrelevant to his question. So speculate all you want, but as of right now Donald J. Trump can run for office again.
  12. Living alone is the dream, man. However, it does get pretty tiring during a pandemic. Sometimes I don't say anything to another human being for like a week.
  13. Trump can run for office again, as of right now. Whether or not the 14th Amendment applies to him, or if sometime in the future Congress chooses to bar him from office, he can still run for 2024 right now. That answers the question that was asked.
  14. The ideology isn't really the important part. Or what they call themselves. It's their actions. If they don't structure their economy and government to benefit the working class, then it isn't socialist. Remember that socialism requires democracy.
  15. It says this in the first article. And says this at the beginning of the second.
  16. Yeah, and the nazis described their party as "national socialists." The Chinese government calls their main party communist. Neither of those are true.d To put it plainly, when you have a figurehead that's calling the shots (especially when those decisions are made against the interest of its people) then that is not communism. It's not even socialism.
  17. He can run for president again. https://www.newsweek.com/will-donald-trump-run-again-president-2024-1569321 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election/trump-2024-president-run-again-b1793138.html
  18. This guy has a few good videos about urban vs suburban planning.
  19. It looks like he's taking a bite but laughs and then realizes that's kind of embarrassing since the mom didn't approve of that behavior.
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