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Dostrotime [2024]


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Purchase: Squarepusher.net - Bandcamp

Catalog number is WARPDD366. Album length is 59:09.

Release date: 01 March 2024

Will be available as:

  • Vinyl 2xLP, Coloured Vinyl (Neon Pink vinyl)
  • Vinyl 2xLP (Black vinyl)
  • CD
  • WAV 24bit (24-bit lossless)
  • WAV/FLAC (16-bit lossless)
  • MP3 (320kbps, LAME Encoded)


  1. Arkteon 1 [03:00]
  2. Enbounce [06:30]
  3. Wendorlan [06:19] [Link redirects to music video]
  4. Duneray [06:29]
  5. Kronmec [04:37]
  6. Arkteon 2 [02:33]
  7. Holorform [04:44]
  8. Akkranen [05:29]
  9. Stromcor [05:02]
  10. Domelash [06:18]
  11. Heliobat [03:47]
  12. Arkteon 3 [04:21]
  13. Heliobat (Tokyo Nightfall) [Japanese Bonus Track]

Other tracks:

  1. Wendorlan (Slamstep Remix)
  2. Wendorlan (XY Code S1575F7.VS050)

For me, the lockdown of 2020 will always stand out as a remarkable time partly for the viscerality of its terrors, but also because of its novel, eerie, sublime silence. It afforded me (and no doubt other fortunate loners) a respite from the incessant distractions that can get in the way of important things such as doing nothing – or recording music. The cancellation of all live commitments meant the prospect of a year's worth of itineraries, airport security, hotels and no sleep was erased, and for some time I experienced a simple happiness not familiar in my adulthood. In a way it reminded me of being a child, where one knows big and awful stuff happens on the horizon but the current moment is a blissful sanctuary. Without customary interruptions, time elapsed differently: Dostrotime. I recorded extensively during that unusual period and went on to use some of that material as the basis for the rescheduled live shows of '21 &' 22. These events were remarkable for their tangible atmosphere of jubilation that lockdown was over and this album is indebted to the exhilaration of those shows. It is an attempt to capture the peculiarity of music catalysed by lockdown being part of the celebration of lockdown's demise.

How the album was teased/found:

  Reveal hidden contents

Just saw the mail. Includes a link to an audio called "XY.wav".

EDIT 1: Website has changed.

EDIT 2: Running the WAV file through an oscilloscope brings out what seems likely to be the album/EP title. Courtesy of @exitonly.

EDIT 3: The album is called Dostrotime. Thanks for the info @perunamuusi @logboy.


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1 minute ago, exitonly said:

I uploaded a video of an oscilloscope visualization of this:


Looks like it says 'Dostronm' to me, must be the title of the album/EP.

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1 minute ago, Consul said:

Looks like it says 'Dostronm' to me, must be the title of the album/EP.

gotta be an E or a B at the end tho

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1 hour ago, Nil said:

Trying not to get my hope too high...

If it’s anything like the last one I’d be very happy. 

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  • Consul changed the title to Dostrotime [2024]

Crazy timing, I was just listening to Be Up A Hello on the way home and thinking about how well its held up compared to his last few for me. The retro pixel style has me expecting this will follow the same vein? Super excited for this

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3 hours ago, Nil said:

Trying not to get my hope too high...

Yeah considering how awesome his last album was... Basically Go Plastic 2


The man is a god, f your hope 

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