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  1. It's out and it's pretty good !
  2. I started reading Electronic Music and Sound Design vol.1 and I find it way better for beginner than the step sequencing book (more for intermediate users I guess)
  3. Berserk will have a proper ending (thanks to Kouji Mori and Miura's team)
  4. LP is finally available from Hardwax.
  5. New track from the album, this one is very promising !
  6. Yes ! one of the best ! And also Jexus since it's just killer sounds and zero gas inducing bullshit !
  7. He mentioned Portal a few times and also Baring Teeth (He played tracks from both bands during one of the mixlr thing in spring 2020)
  8. His podcast was great, so many great guests... RIP
  9. Yeah I asked a few questions about a possible upcoming live show in france and he talked about Paris GRM, guess he was talking about a possible show at IRCAM ? I hate Paris but I would certainly go ! edit : My bad, INA GRM is still a thing, nothing to do with IRCAM.
  10. also, Sean's hiking and arc'teryx jackets collection confirmed.
  11. Yeah look like he's living here now...
  12. That impersonation of the electronic old head talking about OPN was priceless.
  13. so they're still using hardware ?
  14. the hype train lol
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