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  1. My man Gérard is still going strong.
  2. sounds like a Cyndi Lauper track produced by Sam and Rand, nice one.
  3. Just listened to it and it’s really good, first track is fire, will defo buy the LP later this year !
  4. Rian Treanor's "Obstacle Scattering EP" arrives in a flurry of disorienting rhythmic bursts and de-purposed rave hallmarks. The four-track EP follows the Yorkshire producer's acclaimed "File Under UK Metaplasm", an album that welded elements from the UK's sprawling dance music history with genre-breaking sounds from further afield. Here, Rian goes straight for the jugular with four tracks assembled specifically for the dancefloor. Playing with "the idea of sound being an obstacle that you have to get your body around," each track on the EP presents a suite of complications for adventurous r
  5. I'm fascinated by this thing, always loved Monome devices but since I can't code guess this is not for me (But I'm pretty tempted to get a grid and arc now that I started learning Max/Msp)
  6. also : and
  7. While we're on the topic of DMC vid
  8. Top stuff as usual. Also, received Oscillation 1 and 2 yesterday and it's really good IMHO @dr lopez curious about what you don't like in the 2 releases
  9. This is good.
  10. lol at the old TGV video, shout out to la SNCF !
  11. Gescom tonight !
  12. still hard to believe, remember discovering him in the early 2000's thanks to the many french underground hip hop pages, mainly hiphopcore, then buying every CDs I found ( Vaudeville Villain was a personal fav ) Then he released Madvillainy and of course it blowed my mind... This is truly saddening...
  13. fucking hell ! can't believe it, horrible news... RIP
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