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  1. I'm living next to the Switzerland border, a few of my friends went to the Giger museum a few years back, pretty cool from what they told me. Life is super expensive in Switzerland tho'. It's a beautiful country and the state of mind is very different from the hell hole that is France, in the early 2000s smoking weed was pretty much tolerated but I don't know if things are still the same in 2021. Remember seeing Gojira in Nyons in 2004 when they where touring for "The Link" , nice memories.
  2. Just re listened to Chiastic Slide (perfect album for the snowy weather in east of France right now) Fantastic album, I was not ready for this when I discovered Ae in 2003...
  3. Re-issue of the long out of print Virtual Geisha album by Japanese Telecom (aka Dopplereffekt / Der Zyklus) first released in 2001. clone.nl/item67220.html Limited to 100 copies on light purple vinyl on Clone Records bandcamp and Clone.nl store. Remastered and re-issued for the first time since its original release. Essential!!! Virtual Geisha is a further exploration of the culture and technologies from the land of the rising sun by Heinrich Mueller. This time the inspiration is more adult and Manga orientated and even goes a little more 'poppy' with Y.M.O insprired tracks. On Virtual Geisha there's also a first glimpse of the directions he'd take his other projects in the future on tracks like 'Enter Mrs. Suzuki' and 'Japanese Matrix'. While still keeping true to his Detroit Hi-Tech Machine Funk roots with Electro anthems like 'The Making Of Ultraman' and 'Beta Capsule'. The album comes with download code for bandcamp digital release.
  4. My order was shipped a few days ago
  5. Just received a brand new boxset, not checked yet but I wouldn't be surprised if this copy also got the glitch...
  6. Peak oil just added more copies of volume 3 (and also of the Hoavi LP) on bandcamp.
  7. Fav album by the man, super tight beats but still weird at the same time.
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