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  1. would really appreciate a pm if you manage a rip, thanks!
  2. night night Amen, you're a hero of the highest order
  3. these links dont work. anyone want to provide new links? Dropbox shut down those links as mentioned above in this thread > quote: for generating excessive traffic There are smaller, remastered versions posted by Phling in the downloads section of all three, if you want all of the original untampered files please DM me as I can't make the links generally available after the dropbox slap.
  4. Thanks for sorting the recordings out and posting them phling, you rock...
  5. check DM! or if anyone can shoot me over the Brighton and London files... On it right now...
  6. Hey Phling, Nice job, thanks for doing this and putting it in the downloads section, do you want to do a similar job on Brighton and RFH, then all my *disappeared* files are available in the right place? If anyone wants the untampered files they can DM me and get them direct.
  7. could make sense for the unmastered versions - anyone had any experience of their policies? There's certainly tons of bootlegs on there, mastered and otherwise I believe, usually in a range of formats. Also there's stuff like the entire Aphex SC dump. OK, thanks for your suggestions, I just want to put them somewhere so they'll be available and I don't have to do admin on them... have suggested watmm to a moderator before and they seemed to think the files were too big, would be fine if someone wanted to remaster them and post them as watmm downloads, other than that I'll most likely see if I can get them up on Archive Org, will post links again when I have them sorted out.
  8. could make sense for the unmastered versions - anyone had any experience of their policies?
  9. Just been informed by Dropbox that my links have been suspended, so downloads won't function, quote: for generating excessive traffic not something I can put attention to at the moment, it's a Pro account, so that means it's gone over 200GB a day, according to their stats... if anyone wants to host these elsewhere or perhaps smaller versions could be submitted to the downloads section send a DM to arrange something...
  10. I was wondering if someone was going to step forward and admit to that! ha...
  11. Have just posted recording of this in the 2016 bootlegs thread
  12. Have just posted recording of this in the 2016 bootlegs thread
  13. Alright here we go, my recordings from the last two nights of the tour below. Neither of these had ideal conditions - was up on the top left hand side for the RFH, so quite some distance from the speakers and surrounded by quite a bit of chat in Manchester, but hope people enjoy them, neither have had any tampering at all - would rather they weren't re-posted on YouTube etc. I generally record these for my own listening and people here... both stunning performances, really hope they do soundboards of these. Zoom H4n, 48KHz, 24 Bit WAV Royal Festival Hall, London: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5upvxul68r3dvh/AE.RFH.25.11.16.wav?dl=0 The Old Granada Studios, Manchester: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m5sf0q2w9kvk56v/AE.MANCHESTER.26.11.16.wav?dl=0
  14. I have one going up as soon as I'm back home, just traveling back from Manchester now... quite a bit of chatting on it unfortunately, but worth having
  15. Will post link in the bootlegs section but will flag it here also
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