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  1. i've moved, so all my stuff including gear has been packed up for a bit. currently getting settled & hooking everything up again so will be working on it again soon. when i left off it was about 80% done.
  2. yeah, you definitely want to use an editor with it. i'm on a mac so i use the mac version of this one: https://synth-voice.sakura.ne.jp/fs1r_editor_english.html that being said, the front panel isn't that bad. you can use it for some basic stuff & it gets faster once you learn how everything is laid out. the knobs can be used to navigate thru the menus & change values. but the synth is so deep that you really need an editor to get a birds-eye view of whats going on & make changes more quickly. ps - the effects in the FS1R are really good. i was surprised because nobody ever talks about them. there is a wide range of built-in effects including distortion, amp simulators, filters, compressor, pitch shifter, bit-reduction, etc. a real diverse range of stuff and they all sound fantastic.
  3. pretty sure no monomachine on oversteps (oversteps = over step sequencers - ie: the elektrons). the FS1R is all over it, tho.
  4. the FS1R was one of my dream synths for years and i was finally able to get one about 4 months ago. it instantly became the best sounding synth i own. it has a super high resolution "hyperreal" sound that i've only previously heard coming from the monomachine. you can make very 'tactile' sounds with it that still sound completely digital & synthetic. you can call up some of the cheesy presets, start changing the fm algorithms & levels, and things can get really weird really quick. tons of room for exploration and happy accidents. there's a bit of a steep learning curve and i've just barely scratched the surface of it, but it's also pretty easy to come up with some wild alien sounds while changing relatively few parameters. i haven't heard anything in software that comes anywhere close to what this thing can do and how good it sounds.
  5. have a listen to a FS1R and you will have the answer to your question.
  6. ha ha. thats the thing, tho. with my tracks i record them just like i mentioned in the post zeff quoted. straight out of the machine, mostly improvised, edit out the boring parts. don't monkey around with them in the daw. it's easier & fun because there is no right or wrong. i can just do whatever i like. with the ae reconstruction there is a right & wrong way. not only that but there is a pre-existing recording to match. it's the opposite of how i've always worked & very difficult & tedious. all i'm doing is monkeying around in the daw. i could do it quicker & just approximate it but then it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the recording. but yeah, i'm probably getting too obsessive with it. anyway - octatrack is awesome. just say no to overbridge.
  7. digit


    ? this is actually the perfect description of this music.
  8. thx. do you mean you copy & paste the soundcloud embed code (the thing that starts with "<iframe... etc etc..", or something else?
  9. ps: anyone else have problems with soundcloud embeds on this forum? i got it to work last time but it just wouldn't work this time. what is the best way to go about this?
  10. ha! impossible to resist exploring. but each one of these jams represents a section of the reconstruction i've completed, so... new jam uploaded! https://soundcloud.com/user-479118506/g-steelnungmralt2
  11. well, one of the benefits of this covid shutdown is that i now have a lot more time to work on completing this reconstruction! while i finish up my work on the main reconstruction, i'm going to start releasing some remixes/jams that i've done with the material while learning how all the patches work & the sequences are arranged. my personal rules for my remixes are: no editing of any patches, samples, or sequences. regarding the nord patches, i am only adjusting what has already been preassigned to be controlled by the bitstream controller in a live situation (so no low-level monkeying with the patches). tempo changes are fair game. i'm trying to explore variations while staying close to the original work that autechre created. i've created a soundcloud for the remixes & i've uploaded my first track: this is the mpc1000 & an absolutely bonkers nord patch. i was basically just trying to figure out how the patch worked & how all the controls interacted. i wasn't sure how to edit this down so i just left it as one long NTS-style jam. also, this soundcloud isn't just for my work necessarily so if anyone else has created or wants to create any mixes of the ae live material, fee free to send them my way and i will upload it to the soundcloud.
  12. sorry for the delay everyone. i'm def still working on the g2 part of the reconstruction. of course i left all of the most difficult parts for the end, and after a while i was just getting really burnt out & dreading every time i had to work on it, so i had to take a break for a bit. i recently acquired an analog 4 & that sidetracked me a bit as well, as that is such a fun synth to explore as opposed to all the tedious editing involved in the g2 reconstruction. ...but not finishing this is just not an option, not with all of the work i have already put into it so far. i'm going to try to have it done by new years.
  13. no. @dub3000 wrote me a custom javascript plug-in for Reaper that solved the issue. that bug was a showstopper for sure, so much thanks to dub! here is what remains to be done: re: the color references, the nord parts are in numerous midi sections across 20 or so tracks in the reaper project. i color coded them so i could tell what was controlling what at any given time. yellow = nord slot a / orange = nord slot b / red = nord slot c / purple = nord slot d
  14. still working on it. would have gotten more done today but instead spent 4 HOURS STRAIGHT trying to track down a midi bug in Reaper that was scrambling the g2's patch cc values every time i stopped / started the transport. literally went thru every single preference & option in the app trying to fix the problem. in the end i wasn't able to fix it & still have no idea what is causing the problem but was able to come up with a temporary workaround. i feel sorry for people who have to work with midi in Reaper. what a mess https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=181729
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