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  1. official video for si00 released!
  2. to be honest it never once occured to me to ask for money for this. it was super generous of ae to make their tour patches available for download. what an incredibile gift that was! it just wouldn't feel right to me to ask money for something that was made from this gift that was given for free. a ton of work did go into this but as far as i'm concerned this one is by the fans, for the fans!
  3. just messaged the WeTransfer link to IOS. I just sent it to him because this is currently in the form of a Reaper project and it still needs to be eq'd / mixed / compressed and i know IOS is going to take care of that. right now there is some fluctuation in the levels of certain parts relative to other parts and the whole thing sounds a bit flat compared to the bootleg as it is has no compression or limiting of any kind on it currently. once it gets mixed & mastered it will be ready to go.
  4. as of 9:59pm PST, on 10/16/20 ... I T I S D O N E !!! 1.3GB currently uploading to WeTransfer.
  5. making good progress! figuring out robs nord tricks piece by piece. everything is finished with final audio recorded except for 2 sections which total about 10 minutes. of course i left the hardest sections for last. 😬 i'm in california, so i have until midnight PST time 10/16 !!
  6. while listening to the stream, the watmm new post notification "BLOINK!" sound went perfectly with the album lol
  7. yeah that track could have gone on for another 20 minutes no problem.
  8. solid album right from first listen. that first track made the biggest impression on me first time around. currently downloading zip! thanks sam & ron.
  9. this album is all about big wide open spaces, chorus fx, lush reverb, vast aquatic ambience ... interesting to listen to in the context of a pandemic lockdown.
  10. this will sound incredible lossless. amazing textures
  11. i can kinda see what designers republic was talking about - this is a very bright vibrant colorful sounding album.
  12. flep the dolphin on vocals here.
  13. damn this track is really good. love the fm ocean sounds
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