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  1. thx. do you mean you copy & paste the soundcloud embed code (the thing that starts with "<iframe... etc etc..", or something else?
  2. ps: anyone else have problems with soundcloud embeds on this forum? i got it to work last time but it just wouldn't work this time. what is the best way to go about this?
  3. ha! impossible to resist exploring. but each one of these jams represents a section of the reconstruction i've completed, so... new jam uploaded! https://soundcloud.com/user-479118506/g-steelnungmralt2
  4. well, one of the benefits of this covid shutdown is that i now have a lot more time to work on completing this reconstruction! while i finish up my work on the main reconstruction, i'm going to start releasing some remixes/jams that i've done with the material while learning how all the patches work & the sequences are arranged. my personal rules for my remixes are: no editing of any patches, samples, or sequences. regarding the nord patches, i am only adjusting what has already been preassigned to be controlled by the bitstream controller in a live situation (so no low-level monkeying with the patches). tempo changes are fair game. i'm trying to explore variations while staying close to the original work that autechre created. i've created a soundcloud for the remixes & i've uploaded my first track: this is the mpc1000 & an absolutely bonkers nord patch. i was basically just trying to figure out how the patch worked & how all the controls interacted. i wasn't sure how to edit this down so i just left it as one long NTS-style jam. also, this soundcloud isn't just for my work necessarily so if anyone else has created or wants to create any mixes of the ae live material, fee free to send them my way and i will upload it to the soundcloud.
  5. sorry for the delay everyone. i'm def still working on the g2 part of the reconstruction. of course i left all of the most difficult parts for the end, and after a while i was just getting really burnt out & dreading every time i had to work on it, so i had to take a break for a bit. i recently acquired an analog 4 & that sidetracked me a bit as well, as that is such a fun synth to explore as opposed to all the tedious editing involved in the g2 reconstruction. ...but not finishing this is just not an option, not with all of the work i have already put into it so far. i'm going to try to have it done by new years.
  6. no. @dub3000 wrote me a custom javascript plug-in for Reaper that solved the issue. that bug was a showstopper for sure, so much thanks to dub! here is what remains to be done: re: the color references, the nord parts are in numerous midi sections across 20 or so tracks in the reaper project. i color coded them so i could tell what was controlling what at any given time. yellow = nord slot a / orange = nord slot b / red = nord slot c / purple = nord slot d
  7. still working on it. would have gotten more done today but instead spent 4 HOURS STRAIGHT trying to track down a midi bug in Reaper that was scrambling the g2's patch cc values every time i stopped / started the transport. literally went thru every single preference & option in the app trying to fix the problem. in the end i wasn't able to fix it & still have no idea what is causing the problem but was able to come up with a temporary workaround. i feel sorry for people who have to work with midi in Reaper. what a mess https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=181729
  8. no - everything is locked together already timewise. i am working within the reaper project that IOS created that contains the MD/MM/MPC audio. i've just been writing midi in reaper to control the G2. once that is complete then i will just hit record and it will record all the G2 audio in one pass. i was trying to get that done this weekend but reaper was giving me a lot of problems. hopefully next week it will be done. once my part is done then i will pass it back to IOS and everything will need compression and mastering. that will take some time to get done & get the relative levels right.
  9. made some good progress this weekend. i will have my part done in 2 weeks. 🎹 📅 ⏰
  10. it'll get done, don't worry. i work 10 hour days with an hour commute each way, so weekdays are out. i only have weekends to work on this and if i have errands or other things to get done, then that eats into the time i have available. it's slow going & tedious work but i have the whole set blocked out start to finish in a rough fashion, and now i'm going in working on the finer details, which is the harder part actually. i'm not going to give an eta but i'm closer to the finish than the start, if that makes sense. trust me, no one wants this to be completed more than me!
  11. ok - gotta share this anecdote: i never met Keith, but a girl i went to college with was good friends with him since way back in the day. one time he was visiting her in san francisco and they were driving around town. this was sometime in the mid-nineties. they were driving by this nice hotel and my friend looks over at this guy who was getting out of his car and does a double-take... is that... it is! it was Steve Jobs. my friend says to Keith "hey that's Steve Jobs!" i don't know if Keith even knew who Steve was at the time but Keith looks over, rolls down the passenger window, sticks his whole upper body out and shouts "Oi! Steve!!!" Steve Jobs looks up all startled, sees Keith grinning crazily at him, and spins around - runs into the hotel without a word. rip Keith. haven't heard from anyone with a single bad thing to say about the man & that says a lot about him.
  12. pre-ordered the korg minilogue xd. this is the first time in my life that i've actually bought a synth new! taking a serious look at the microfreak as well, but waiting to see some more reviews once it is released before i make a decision on that one. not planning to get the akai force but i can see how that would fill a longstanding need for some people. the true 'ableton live in a box' that the octatrack was made out to be by some. definitely the future of the whole mpc line. with those 3 units being the first time i've been excited about hardware in a long time, i can't really complain too much about this namm.
  13. this would be a question for IOS, as most of the work on this is his. i am just recreating the nord g2 parts.
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